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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Miso Soup

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

A cryptic story (but an easy one!)

The mother-in-law, who passed away a year ago, was a very warm, kind and elegant lady. She was even nice to her daughter-in-law.

But the father-in-law, in contrast, was quite mean and stubborn.
He bombarded the daugther-in-law with constant nagging although she always did her best to serve him.

He especially had issues with miso soup**.
Father-in-law: "This is nowhere near the excellency of my wife's miso soup.  You really are a dimwit who can never learn to cook properly!"
Thus he screeched at her on daily basis.

One day the daughter-in-law got so pissed off that she sprayed a tiny bit of insecticide on his soup bowl.
The father-in-law, after taking a sip from the bowl, said,
"This is it! This is the taste! My wife's miso soup!"

** Miso soup (pictured top) : a delicious traditional Japanese soup made from miso. Miso is a type of seasoning of which the chief ingredient is soybeans (wiki). Some people drink it everyday, and some families pass down its own secret recipe from generation to generation. It's full of goodness!


  1. Did the mother-in-law wanted to murder her husband too? :O

  2. Oh, he became immune to the insecticide and even acquired a taste for it! (≧∀≦) How odd.

    This is a bit sad, it reminds me of my own grandmother and grandfather. Luckily my grandfather is nice to me - though I'd never do something horrible like that even if he was mean! (oAo)"
    Speaking of Miso soup, I've yet to try it but am very keen to! (^^)

  3. Oh no! The husband must be so horrible for the wife to think to poison him too! :(

  4. LOL that means the wife also hate her husband! xDD

  5. It's been a while since I can finally read your blog again, Saya. Thank you for your posts :)

    Btw, how could the father-in-law stay alive with all the insecticide in his soups? My, my :O

  6. funny how the mother-in-law died before the father-in-law.

  7. hmm..maybe the father-in-law is a cheater or something for the mother-in-law to hate her husband that much and put insecticide in his miso soup everytime she cooks it but the irony is the mother-in-law passed away earlier than the husband who eats miso soup with insecticide in it and that is weird..

    anyway i like eating "sinigang na bangus sa miso" this is a recipe for it if anyone wants to try it but i don't know the cost in other country.

    this link has a picture of it cooked

    oh and remember don't put insecticide in it or else...><

  8. the real mother of the girl tried to kill him! OuO it was VERY VERY VERY easy OuO I love your cryptic stories *0* wanna have more!

  9. Hehe. I would have simply told him to cook the miso soup himself if mine was so bad.

    I've heard a story quite similar to this before, in English, but I cannot quite recall how it went. I think it involved a 'Just Dessert' pun, though.

  10. Hey Saya, I've been reading your blog for quite a long time now. It's good to see that you're back! :)

  11. why the wife never used the full can?

    may be a lot faster

  12. Uhh.... I guess he's immortal then?

  13. Might be, when the grandma were not so healthy... might be she forgot which one had pesticide, and drank the wrong one, bam! she died!

    off course the grandpa always got his toxic miso soup... now lets try HN3 sugestion, we add full bottle! lol

    Might taste very weird tho

  14. @Anon: Yep, I think so!

    @Princess: No doubt your grandfather would never dream of doing horrible things to a sweet girl like you! XD
    There are many variations of miso soup. The typical ones have bean curd and seaweed. You can go to a Japanese restaurant to try it! But make sure you go to a good restaurant! I went to so many lousy Japanese restaurants in England that serve food that tastes not even remotely like Japanese food! lol

    @serene: I know! XD

    @Time Waits: exactly! XD

    @caramichi: oh? what's happened to you, dear? Did I scare you away? XD

    The father-in-law is invincible!

    @cerisecherry: kinda ironic, don't you think?? XD

    @ryuu: I don't think I ever noticed the irony of the story, until you and cerisecherry pointed it out for me!

    oh that soup sounds very delicious! An exiotic version of miso soup! I want to try the recipe now! :D

    @basher miyamoto: the real mother of the girl, you say? That's a new and interesting interpretation!
    Don't worry I'll be posting more of these! Just you wait! ;)

  15. @Noroi: That's cool! You haven't posted comments before? I sort of remember someone called Noroi posting me a comment a long time ago.. I'm probably having a confused memory!

    Or are you the same Noroi from "Cooking Idol Noroi-chan"? lol

    Thank for dropping in! ;)

    @HN3: Revenge is sweeter if you do it in a slow way! lol

    @diobrago: yeah he may be a vampire! or a zombie! XD

    @Toyboxed: When are you planning to come out of that toy box of yours?

    Haha, that's possible! Poor lady!

    I'm enjoying getting different interpretations from people! :D

  16. Looks like someone has gotten used to consuming insecticide unknowingly.

  17. This if funny in a dark way i love your cryptic stories most of them brighten my day your another pewdiepie in my life

  18. You don't scare me away ;) I was just a little bit busy, that's all Q_Q

  19. I really love your cryptic stories! Haha. This is quite funny for me! XD

  20. *falls over laughing* No one likes that father-in-law! even his own wife wanted to poison him! XD Maybe she wanted to poison him by degrees and passed away before she could finish? Now the daughter-in-law will have to continue the job.

  21. oh either the woman hated him aswell before the daughter in law came, or she just took sides and yeah..XD wow

  22. @Saya
    I once linked you to story about a doll with growing hair that is currently residing in a temple close to Sapporo that I visited 2 years ago, but that's been quite a long time ago :P

  23. @spinning totem: you know during summer I use this organic insecticide which is all made of essentail oils, and who knows the ladies in the story use this type of insecticide too XD

    @sesshomaru inyokai: well at least I'm making someone happy XD Thank you dear.

    @caramichi: Oh I'm glad to hear it! lol
    Now it's time for you to relax and read horror stories! XD

    @Aforably Dead + Unicorn:
    Isn't it just? XD I LOLd heard myself.

    @Tani: I only hope the daughter-in-law doesn't die before she can finish her job! lol

    @Niya: that's right hon! :D

    @Noroi: I thought so! Boy, am I pround of my memory! lol

  24. Did my comment end up in the spam box, or is it simply nowhere to be found? XD (Perhaps the 10-Day Dream girl took it away. That would be creepy.)

  25. @Diogo: I'm sorry dear. Somehow I can't find your comment anywhere. Did you post a comment here or at the 10day dream story? I hope I didn't delete it by mistake.

  26. I demand more cryptic stories saya!

    Saya in Malaysian language means "I/Me" :) i like your name :)

  27. I think by "insecticide", did they mean bug spray or something? I mean yeah it's toxic but I think the family only put in a very little bit to make the father in law sick, or just for their own satisfaction, like spitting in food.

    A big twist would be: the chemicals in the insecticide poisoned his brain, making him more irritable over time! Mischief has its own rewards, mwahahaha!

  28. @Rozaline: you "demand"? My god, you sound like some terrorist or kidnapper LOL

    Yeah I know what it means in your language. You'd be surprised to know how many people have already told me that. But thanks :D

    @Steeple: you sound evil with your laugh! XD

  29. Yeah, I was joking with that. X3 In a lot of Western scary/ghost stories, a moral is often included like that, so I was joking around by turning the end of the story around, haha.

  30. Miso soup is like a little bowl full of magic, although now every time I eat it I'm going to think of this story! heh

  31. @Kelly: Oops, I'm sorry, dear! I hope I haven't ruined your pleasure of drinking miso soup! XD

  32. Yummy! Nothing tastes better than a pesticide-sprinkled miso soup in the morning!! :) lol, that is hilariously macabre,but i liked it! I was wondering, is Miso soup tasty? In Greece, there arent many restaurants with Asian delicacies, therefore i am familiar with very few things other than noodles, sushi or ramen!

  33. maybe the mother-in-law died early because she is drinking this soup way back her childhood days...

    the "insecticide recipe" is passed from generation to generation, the wife just re-discovered it by accident...

    I'm very curious about the taste of this soup...I'm thinking of making this soup since I can sometimes see a miso paste in our local market...can you please share to us your recipe...Miss Saya?

  34. To Ian - I've never thought of it that way. That's quite an interesting interpretation.

    Also, first time commenter here (from Canada!) though I've been following this blog for a long time already. Thank you so much for the translations, Saya! I enjoy your blog very much! I often find myself retelling these stories to my friends. It's great entertainment. (⌒▽⌒)☆ Thanks again!

  35. @Tia: Oh! Japanese cuisine in Greece must be tasty! I tasted Japanese food in Britain, and it tasted AWFUL (I mean no offence. My apologies, British readers.) There are many variations of miso soup. I like the one called けんちん汁(kenchin-jiru), which has some root vegetable (like carrot and radish), bean curd and pork. This soup really warms you up when the weather is cold during winter.

    Miso soup in general is very nutritious, because miso is made from soy bean, and drinking it often keeps your skin beautiful and blemish free! If you want to try it, make sure you go to a good restaurant! :D

    @Beluga: Thank you, dear. How wonderful to have a reader from Canada! I've just read a novel called Disappearing Moon Cafe by Sky Lee and it was pleasure to get to know about Canadian history (although it was painful in some places). Canada is such a beautiful country. My mother has been there and absolutely loved it.
    It's a real pleasure to hear from you, thank you for being my blog reader! ;)


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