Saturday, 15 December 2012

True Genius

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

Marie the French doll, who always comes back by herself no matter where or how many times I dump her ―
During my student years I often put her in pawn to pay my drinking bills.


Diogo said...

Moral of the story: if you can't get rid of your ghost, turn it into an endless source of money. XD

Anonymous said...

@Diogo: But only if it has a physical form!

diobrago said...

Lol I thought you haven't finished the story Saya XD
Anyway, he/she IS a true genius.

Time Waits for No One said...

Marie the French doll, who always comes back by herself no matter where or how many times I dump her ―

eh? its sounds very similar to one of Gakkou no Kaidan episode :3

LOL but i'm the one who'll never dump my beautiful dolls :3

HN3 said...

finally a good use for those dolls, now i kinda apprciatte them, but not much, they are still creepy

Niya Koroko said...

kinda reminds me of the mary legend aside that she doesn't call to tell you where she is and is coming over

Jonathan said...

Hahaha very funny, as always....PROFIT!
by the way, I have this, hope you like it :D

I have this porcelain doll called Mary, she said that those Japanese students (two girls, of which one is a psychic, and three boys, of which one is still just a child, that's what she said) didn't want to play with her, one of them (a girl - with her little brother, she said) even tried to abandon her in a shrine. She said she just want to play, but everyone just left.
She got fed up after the girl dropped her handkerchief, then she met this talking black cat before she went to look for a new owner.

Somehow she ended up at my place, she said she want to play, so I let her, I have many games anyway, and she can always look for more in the internet.
But if only I knew it wasn't a good idea....

PLEASE HELP ME! Now there's a cursed talking doll playing COD, Battlefield, WoW, every single online games I have ever known, non-stop and she's swearing all the time during multiplayer. I don't know if a cursed doll can be much worse than a 12 years-old or a lifeless gamer on xbox live.

I know that she just want to play, and she is a cursed lifeless doll, but please can somebody tell her to get a life? Thanks.

P.S. She also keeps saying that someone made a movie about her without her consent, can anyone confirm it please?

♡Princess Pon♡ said...

Aww what a sweet doll, always coming back to her owner ♡
and all the things you could get away with (`▽´)wehehehe~

I think this is the shortest story I read here lol.

SAYA said...

@Diogo: Isn't it great? We can all learn something from this XD

@diobrago: Who knows he may be still using her to earn money lol

@Time Waits: it's a famous story that's why people will find the twist at the end surprising and funny. :)
I bet you're the only person who, if you've accidently lost your doll, would be glad to see it come back by itself!

@HN3: haha! But at least we now have one possible solution if ever a creepy doll like that comes into our hands!

@Niya: Yeah as I said in the comment to Time Waits, it's adding a twist to the famous story.

@Jonathan: What? You have a cursed doll that not only talks to you but plays online games??

Take it to a church or a shrine where you can purify it, dear. I wish you good luck!

SAYA said...

@Princess: Yeah this must be the shortest story I've ever translated so far! Really funny, isn't it? :D

Clair de lune said...

Succesfully made me laugh... :D
i'll wait another story

ryuu said...

hahaha..short and funny(.^_^.)

Tani M said...

It's very funny!
Very resourceful person with a sense of humour, to put his/her cursed doll yo a use. XD

SAYA said...

@Clair de lune: your name remind me of Debussy, dear. I'm glad I was able to put a smile on your face! :D

@ryuu and Tani: it's always my pleasure to see you two here. :D

Steeple said...

Pfff! Funny ghost stories are my favorite. Gotta give the person credit for making the most of their situation!

SAYA said...

@Steeple: at least there's another person on earth who enjoys reading these funny ghost stories as much as I do! XD

Anonymous said...

I just hope that the doll doesn't get angry being abandoned all the time D:

Kuri said...

I just thought that Marie was a french person who looked like a doll (beautiful) and he sold her off to people so they could do stuff with her and his drinking bills would be payed. Then Marie would come back and they'd just repeat the, what is going on in my head..