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Friday, 18 January 2013

Notice from Saya

18th January 2013:

Still busy (but much less so than before). But I updated an article which I already translated and had it ready two weeks ago.
Please wait for my replies!

BUT actually, I might start replying to a few comments today...(beginning with the older ones)

16th January 2013:

Sorry, I'm still kinda busy so I'll start replying to your comments after 18th or 19th January.


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I may not be able to update or reply to your comments until around 16th January.
I'll let you know if the plan changes.


  1. Hey Saya, it's my first time around here and I must say there are some videos/stories that really scare the living shit out of you, haha. Congratulations for running such an amazing blog. I would also like to ask you what books would you recommend me some books about urban legends or scary stuff?, thanks so much for helping me out!

  2. Hi Saya-san!

    Wish you the GOOD luck in your exams! Do not fear what is going to be tested, because you know all of it! take strength and confidence in what you know!

    I will wait until you return ^_^

  3. Hi Saya-san!

    Wish you all the GOOD luck with your exams! Don't have any fear or hesitation because you already know everything that is on the exam! Instead take strength and confidence in your knowledge and leave your exam room happy!

  4. hello,hello,dear Saya...!first of all you need to know how much i love your blog...ive been stalking it for a while now but always without leaving any comments lol
    so,anyways,im not good at jabber so i'll go to the point...see,ive become addicted to japanese legends and horror stories(needless to say this addiction is thanks to you lol)and ive found out about satoru-kun's legend/game,you probably heard about it,apparently is i was wondering if you could look for stories of people who tried the game(i think you'll have more luck than me since i looked for stories but didnt find any in english...)
    and another thing...!if you find more stories about ancient japanese rituals,please post them 八(^□^*) i love to read japan's history,specially when it comes to the rituals and spell they used to do...
    i hope i dont annoy you with my request o(╥﹏╥)o
    and i hope you dont feel like i'm pestering you...i'd hate to know i pester you ヽ(´□`。)ノ sorry for bothering you with all this but you own the only blog that focuses on interesting japanese scary stories and such...
    anyways,i love your blog and therefore i love you never stop posting creepy things,dear Saya...!hope to hear from you soon and good luck with everything ♡^▽^♡

  5. okidoki Saya! i will wait for your next story take care! (.^_^.)

  6. dear saya,
    Good luck with your exams and I hope to see you return with good new(Aka you passed the tests)You can do it!
    Other then that..hope to see you soon1

  7. Hi! I'm back. =D

    I've been here since January, 11th, but I read your post and decided against bothering you.

    I spent 7 days in Japan. It was truly amazing, and I had such a fantastic experience I wish I could have stayed longer. XD

    I hope everything is alright with you!

  8. Hello Saya,

    I'm from Malaysia and I love to read your amazing blog. It scares me sometimes but I can't stop reading your post from one to another.

    Have a good day and I'll wait for your next post... :-)

  9. @Diego Canizo: Hi! How's it going? Hmm I don't know any books I can recommend to you. If I find anything I'll let you know on the blog! Thank you for commenting!

    @Argent: Hi Argent! Thank you for wishing me luck! But who told you I was having exams? LOL I was actually writing a few essays, and it took me a long time, what with all the research I had to do. But yesterday I finally submitted my last essay and it's now all fine and finished! Now I'm all ready to take a little breather.:D

    @Shiki: Hi, Shiki! Satoru-kun is a famous urban legend and a few people have already asked me to write about it. Yeah I'll think about it, dear. Rituals are my favourite too and I'll certainly be posting more of those. Thank you for being interested in the things I post! :)

  10. @ryuu: Hey! Thank you, ryuu. You're very nice as always. You take care of youself too!

    @Niya Kokoro: What's with everyone thinking I was taking exams? XD
    But thank you for wishing me good luck anyway. I was writing a couple of essays and it was hell. But it's all done now and I'm ready to have a holiday! :D

    @Diogo: Awwww Diogo, I'm sorry I wasn't here when you went to Japan. But I'm really glad you enjoyed your stay in Japan. Did the food suit your taste? Were people nice to you? It must have been cold, right?

    We just had a large snowfall in Japan, the largest in years! I wish I was there because we didn't have that much amount of snow in our area for ages.... But I guess I shouldn't be so flippant, because there have been casualities and deaths because of it.

    Anyway, sorry to digress! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of your holiday, to your heart's content!

    @AKMAL_ALIF: Cool, there have been a lot of Malaysian people coming in to read my blog! Have a good day, Akmal, thank you for dropping in to leave a comment! :D

  11. I stayed in Osaka throughout the whole trip, and unfortunately, I couldn't see any snow while I was there, which is truly a pity, because I've never seen snow in person. XD In the same vein, while it was indeed a bit cold, it was nothing that a jacket couldn't solve. Luckily, I had taken one with me, because I knew in advance that it was going to be cold in Japan. A couple of days into my trip, I bought an extra jacket from UNIQLO, some cheap winter clothes from G.U. (both stores sell great, cheap clothes!), and I was good to go.

    The food was absolutely amazing. So much in fact that I really miss it! The fish and the seafood were really memorable, and I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the formidable taste of the breaded pork cutlets I had. Now I'm craving Japanese food. XD

    As for the people, they couldn't possibly have been nicer. Sadly, I was only able to stay for a week and I really wish I could have stayed longer, but that short period of time was enough to convince me that the Japanese operate on an entirely different level from us Westerners when it comes to social behavior. That's not to say one society is better than the other, only that there are some major, fundamental cultural differences. This is a discussion that I could really go in depth on, but that would make my comment enormous! All I'm going to add is that this was the first time I've ever been in a completely different cultural setting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that I've actually been there and spent some time there, I can honestly say that I love Japan for what it really is. Combine my experiences with the moments I was able to spend with a Japanese friend of mine, and it all adds up to a trip I'll never forget.

    I'm seriously considering visiting Japan again next year, so if the opportunity presents itself, I'd be delighted to meet you!

  12. @Diogo: Wow you went to Osaka?? That's a wonderfully lively place. I myself have never been there, unfortunately! lol But they have really good food over there! They speak cool dialect too.

    If you want to see snow, you should go to Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island of Japan. In winter they have the famous snow festival, where they display lots of pretty beautiful ice sculptures. Or you could go to Shirakawa-go or Shirakawa Village, a world heritage, where they have a breathtaking landscape in winter (look it up on Wikipedia or just google the name to find pictures.)

    It's nice to travel from time to time and immerse yourself in a culture that is totally different from yours, isn't it? I've lived in three different countries now, and what I feel about cultural differences is that, while you need to respect them, you also need to look beneath them to see each individual. We're all human-beings after all.. When I talk to foreginers I'm always surprised that we have much more in common than I have previously thought. With love and patience it is always possible to overcome culturual differences and move towards a greater mutual understanding. That's what I think.

    Sure! I'd love to meet you! :D
    Let me know when you next got to Japan. (Summer is best, because I have a longer holiday.) I'll give you my contact info then!


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