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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Please Do Not Ever Try This

Please do NOT copy this article without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

WARNING: By the look of it, this thing is probably cursed, so I labelled it under the "curse" category, just to be on the safe side.
Read it at your own risk.


The ritual below is very dangerous so please make sure you observe everything written in the instruction if you ever try it.
Also remember if you try it you will be doing so at your own risk.
If after reading this instruction you begin to feel cold or feel heaviness on your shoulders, you must NOT try it at all.

1) After midnight (around 2 to 3am) before you go to sleep, lie down and look at the four corners of the ceiling one by one, slowly and anticlockwise, starting from the corner that is closest to the north.
2) You must do it three times "slowly, anticlockwise."
3) Then cross your arms on your chest and chant "On-beiro-kya-mashironi-sowaka**" three times.
4) Still keeping your arms crossed, imagine a long and black haired woman in white kimono, covered in blood and with her hair down, slowly coming closer to you.
5) When she arrives in front of you, stop imagining.
6) Uncross your arms, turn off all lights to leave the room as dark as possible, and go to sleep.
7) You will see a woman in white kimono covered in blood, in your dream.

Even if the woman comes close to you, you must not speak to her.
She might ask your name but you must not tell her.
If she starts muttering something into your right ear, shake her off by waving your right hand.
That should wake you up.
If after you have woken up you look around and see no black shadow of the woman lurking in any of the four corners of your room, then you are safe.


** This mantra sounds like a mantra of Shingon Buddhism (Wiki).

The image is a painting by Fuyuko Matsui, a Japanese artist. 





Grace said...

Kowaii... I wonder,did anyone have tried this? What will happen If I answer her? Or if I didn't shake my hands? Will I die?
Just for sure. Not like I'l try this. I'm a scaredycat so... I'll never try ANY rituals written here... LOL

Anyway,this is 2nd comment here. And also,I've finished read this blog in3days! LOL

Rodeon Asgardos said...

Sound interesting ^^

i think i will doing this one

Prisilia Felicia said...

Oh my! Another creepy ritual, miss Saya!! Just by looking at the pic already giving me creep...I don't even dare to look at the mantra hahaha T____T

@Rodeon Asgardos are you really going to do that? O_O;; it seems like it's really dangerous....however I'm kind of curious about what will happen afterwards,maybe you can share?._.

Dethyl said...

Hmm... interesting, I'm considering trying this one out.

The picture by the side of the story looks a lot like a mix between my elder sister and my ex-girlfriend. So, if I had to visualise someone, it would be either one of them!

I'll post again if I do decide to try it out.

Thanks for another creepy ritual, Saya!

Francis Walter_97 said...

Saya san i miss you..
lol luckily i didn't feel anything after reading this..
and i wouldn't try this ritual..
i might have gone to the mental hospital ifi try that...
thanks saya for updating the blog..

Rodeon Asgardos said...

@Prisilia Felicia : Yeah maybe.
dont worry, i've doing something like this before and the "Dead Curse" never happened to me xD

playing with "Astral World" is have a lot fun

Grace said...

@rodeon asgardos you'll try this?! Can you share some experiences after you try this? I really wanna know! It must be interesting! Nee,Saya-san?

Rodeon Asgardos said...

@Grace of course i will share it! if i didnt see the black shadow lurking after i wake up xD..

Arigatou for your post Saya-san ^^

Petzie said...

Thankfully I don't feel anything heavy on my shoulder after reading this. And I will surely not try this ritual. But I am wondering why is this ritual so dangerous... is she a guardian of the underworld that can escort us to hell when we call her or will she not leave and thats what makes her so scary.. hmmm i hope anyone who want to try it consider the risk and think twice. Thank you for sharing this saya-san.

-Your new fan from Indonesia who just start reading your blog a week ago.

HN3 said...

i feel weird from staring at the picture, she has a name or something?

man i hope its because i eat too much.

Yuuko Seijuurou said...

You're so cool! I love reading something creepy like this. I think I will become your fan from now. Well, I think I shouldn't try this but...I don't know if I can't stop myself.

Medicine Melancholy said...

Very interesting ritual... Like always, thank you very much for bringing this for us, Saya-san! And don't worry if you're busy and having little time to spend around here, you're really a wonderful admin nonetheless (you even go through the trouble of reading&replying to our comments, I reckon you're the only one who does that. And thank you for your words and replying to my other comm, truly made me happy ^w^!), and as I've said, your work is amazing and I (and I believe any other reader of your's like me) truly appreciate it.
As for this ritual/curse... Really liked it and got me curious. The onmyouji-sounding mantra especially intrigues me! Makes me wonder if it could be related to the kujikiri or not, and also, what kind of being could the woman be. Not really much to lose, I may try it anytime :), if I do I'll post back what happened!

Snarfle said...

Wow. I just had to leave a comment because I've never been affected by things like this, but when I was reading the instructions my shoulders started to feel chilled, even though the room is completely warm and I was comfortable a few minutes ago...creepy stuff.

Grace said...

@rodeon asgardos I hope you didn't see it! Be careful!●△●

@petzie you didn't feel anything? I feel my right shoulder heavier after read this●﹏● Yes! I agree with you! Anyone who want to try this must be very careful!

tracy carrillo said...

After reading this my headphones started to shocked my ears (it hurt like hell) then i quickly took out my head scared:/

arshvein said...

Instant Bookmark! ^^ I just found your blog, Saya, and i can say i like those a lot! Keep up posting new stories and translations! Those are really nice, creepy, scary, and some stories are really plausible, that's the magnet of your stories here ^^ Thanks for sharing those things!

*another Indonesian fan, just read this yesterday and instantly clicked with it. xp*litygenc

Sam Winchester said...

This is an interesting ritual, but if you must try it-out of curiosity-I'd take some safety measures. Bring salt with you or an object made of iron.

A normal method of getting rid of ghosts for good is by salting and burning their remains. I wonder though.. How do you get rid of something you manifest mentally? Good luck.

Matahari Kemalaman said...

... Okay

*deppressed* dunno but I feel someone watching me, aaaah forgive mee ghoooost ;w;) ,

why I read thiiiis!!!

LoL kidding , yeah I'm scared but this is interesting ritual, hope this ritual worked at indonesia..

... Wait, I never want try this Σ( ̄□ ̄; )

Prisilia Felicia said...

@Rodeon Asgardos This kind of ritual is addicting once you've done it, yeah? Once you've solved your curiosity I think it makes you want for more thrilling experience....Anyway wishing you a bunch of good lucks!! :)

Genbugan said...

Oh former joy, Aya posted another curse~

I don't want to know where you get those.

But am I so glad to know that everything is at reach here.

Genbugan said...

Also, just wanted to mention one last thing.

I wish we could talk about these, once.
Just once would be enough, Saya.

Anonymous said...

I think someone was making a Supernatural reference, lolol. ^^^

Vylot said...

What if you do see the woman in your room after you wake up?

♡Princess Pon♡ said...

The picture is scary... and she isn't even covered in blood!!
This seems like a ritual I could easily do... but it is says it's very dangerous - (o>_<o)"
Inviting dangerous presences into your home, worst of all your own bedroom is always a very bad idea!!!

I must say though when I read the title and then ritual I was a bit confused why it is so dangerous. Perhaps it has something to do with who the lady is/was...

Black Bunny said...

The pic is soooooooo scary..l don't know if I can sleep tonight (10.45pm right now)

riisisisi said...

@Snarfle wow hey, the same happened to me! now i'm really creeped out.... :'DD and it's 02:30 am here too.... brrr.

Adorably Dead said...

But what do you do if she's in your room? 0_0

Just realized it's 3am...never going to sleep. lol.

Saya Yomino said...

@Adorably Dead: I hope you slept alright yesterday!! I bet you were sleeping soundly while I was away, but now the nightmare has begun again....XD

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the story saya-san!! now i'm scared to sleep.... i mean i've read this before but the painting is creeping me out. how about you saya? where did you find this pic from? btw i haven't slept in three days because i always think she's there. great to know you're back on here!! :)

Saya Yomino said...

@Kira: Thank you very much for your support, dear. The painting is done by a Japanese artist, and you can find a link to the info about her at the end of this post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks saya! I didn't even know it was there.. Maybe I read too fast or I wasn't paying any attention at all but yeah.. can't wait till you post more I'm a subscriber till the end!!!

Miss Huda said...

Ohooohh??!! It sounds interesting. Maybe I'll let my brother do it for me /what a scardy cat little sister/kekeke

:: Your post always make me wonder the comeout afterward. But I'm not brave enough to do it. Honestly, I never read your post when I'm alone -.-' #always having my brother with me.

Kelly said...

Ahhh I started to feel a heaviness while reading this and was starting to feel scared when I remembered I took sleeping medicine that's making me feel heavy... Still, you never know. ;)

Also Saya do you ever read or listen to other creepypasta? I discovered some really good creepypasta readings while your blog was down and this one reminded me of you. It's creepy in an almost silly way, but it made me afraid of Mickey Mouse!

It's so wonderful to have you back, I hope all is well. <3

Saya Yomino said...

@Kelly: I do sometimes read other creepypasta but have never listened one. So thank you for the cool vid!

Take care and thank you for your lovely message!:D

Sari said...

Sadly, looks like I was prohibited to try this ritual... my head feels blank and floaty after read the whole instruction, especially the mantra part. I felt this way before when visiting some places which have a negative aura according the locals there.

Maybe the ritual is indeed curse? X(((

dake2345 said...

this is real saya i am to srced to try this

BuGNee said...

really ??

The Waffler said...

she is still there