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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Lighter

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

Having turned off light, I lay down and started smoking when I dropped my lighter on the floor.
For a while I fumbled around in the dark for it but couldn't find it anywhere so I turned on the light again.
I then found my lighter, placed standing up on the table.


  1. There is someone inside the person's house. :O

  2. pretty obscure, obviously...

    something going on inside the room, what ever the reason the lighter shouldn't be on top the table hmmm...

  3. Hehe, sweet and short. And scary. Sometimes it takes so little to have a cool effect!

    Cheers, Doc

  4. Pretty scary, if you ask me.

  5. Oh. Love this. Short and creepy xD

  6. well...on the bright side...

    that "someone" is not hostile

  7. There is Something or someone in his house :O

    anyway,this my 3rd day here. I accidentally find this blog when I search for "One Man Hide And Seek Alone". Eversince I fall in love with your blog. Somehow I was scared but couldn't stop reading... And at last I've reach the post from 2010 :O the one that posted near mother's day :O

    Sorry for my bad English!(I just 13 thought.. LOL)

  8. Short, but send it shiver down my spine.

    Also I've been visiting this blog several times but it's the first time I commented on this blog lol
    I'm really glad I found this blog, I always a fan of mystery/horror stories although I don't have the courage to try it myself haha
    Looking forward the updates, Saya-san! 次もお楽しみに!

  9. I like the fact that people are saying "someone" instead of "something", now.
    It's definitely more convenient.

  10. SCARY SCARY SCARY 。・゚゚・(>д<; )・゚゚・。 gaaaah alone in the dark

    LoL I'm glad, I'm assuming the lighter have possesed and walking to the table #slapped

    Its my second comment (´・ω・`) hhe I know you're busy Onee-san ! Don't push yourself ok (╭ ̄3 ̄)╭♡

  11. I really do like your short stories like this one. Short but still creepy. I'll collect them anh translate them.

  12. @Doc Sanchez: Hi! It's good to hear you like it! I can't help but get used to these stories as I translate them, and after a while I'm no longer sure whether they are really scary or not! So it's reassuring to get positive feedbacks! hehe :D

    Thank you Doc Sanchez, take care!

    @unicorn: Thank you!

    @Grace: Cool, a new reader :D Welcome to my blog!

    Your English is great, considering your young age. Keep up the good work! :D

    But I get worried how my blog might influence the mind of very young people such as yourself. Be careful and don't scare yourself too much!

    @Ai: Thank you Ai, for taking your time to comment! I hope my blog is adding some spice to your life! :D
    Take care!

    @Genbugan: Is that so?? In what way is that convinient?

    @Matahari: Oh you've got a cool name Matahari.

    Is this your second comment? I'm sorry if I missed your first comment. Sometimes there are too many comments that I cannot keep track of them.

    Thank you for your kind words though, and you take care of youself too, dear!

    @conbocuoi: oh you asked me if you could translate my stories before, didn't you? Well, good luck!

  13. looks like a certain someone

    doesn't like to be a second hand smoker...

    so he decided to give the smoker a little scare

  14. What a nice ghost ^^
    ((is really scared but fooling around to not to))


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