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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Late-Night Snack

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I heard this from my friend.

He was studying hard in his room, preparing for an upcoming exam, when around 2 in the night there were knockings on the door, and he heard his mother saying:
"Honey, I brought you some food. Open the door." (The door was locked.)
But he didn't want to take a break just yet, so he told her:
"Can you leave it there?"
Soon he heard her patter down the stairs.

And then around three, he again heard her knocking on the door.
She said, "Honey, I brought you some snack. Open the door."
But my friend answered, "I don't want any snack."
His mother went,
"Shut up! Just open the door!! Open it!! Open it, damn it!!!!"
She suddenly went berserk and started yelling at the top of her lungs.

He was shocked and nearly opened the door, but felt something was wrong and stopped himself.
Then this time she began to plead in a teary voice,
" the.....door........"    
However, after about 10 minutes:
He heard her click her tongue and patter down the stairs.

Immediately after that he remembered that his parents were both away at his grandparents' place for the night.
He said he didn't know what would have happened to him if he'd let her in at the time.


  1. I have amassed quite a collection of "scary mother stories" on this blog now.

  2. mostly in scenario like these, if the protagonist/narrator did actually opened the door, death would be the most common, don't you think so?

    but then again, who would open a door in a night as late as 3 o'clock at night and this supposedly "mom" of his going berserk and becoming sad like a roller coaster ride. something definitely off and not right.

  3. Really creepy! Loved it...although reading it at night is not the best thing to do i feel like someone is at my door....

  4. make me think ... what if this scenario happen to me ...? what if i forgot to lock the door..? what if i forgot that my parent wasn't at home...? what if i too curious to see who was it T.T

  5. The scary part is that that "thing", whatever it was imposing as its mother wasnt even outside his house, but inside instead! :/ The chill-o-meter has gone over the roof with this one! :P

  6. luckily i never study untill late at night...

  7. Ohh it's scary...another great story!!! reminds me of that American urban legend where a girl heard knockings on the door, when she peeked from the door peephole she saw her father's face but something kept her from opening it, eventually the knocking stopped in the morning, and when she got out from her house what she witnessed was her father's head, chopped off and a note with 'Clever Girl' written :s

    Anyway the moral of the story is don't forget to lock EVERY door when you're home alone (or even when your family is still at home too? Because you'll never know who is going to be the bad guy hahaha)

  8. Saya!! I am so glad you're back ~ ^^ you dont know how much ive suffered when you were gone lol i seriously googled every scary blog i could find but they can't compare to yours~~=] i just found out yesterday that you're back :) thank you so much <3

  9. Why the supernatural things can never break a door?

    And yeah, seems like moms are pretty scary for the japanese, this makes me appreciate mine more.

    Even if she doesnt bring me snacks xD

    1. Perhaps opening the door represents inviting the spirit/creature in... Like how you have to invite a vampire in.

  10. Thank God i never study that late hahaha. I'm a very heavy sleeper so i probably wouldn't hear the knocking hahaha. I would probably shout : bitch have you lost your mind? It's 2 in da morning hahahaha. Anyways Saya have u ever experienced something really creepy? Or like do u have the ability to see the unseen hahaha? My mum has the ability to see the unseen. As for myself i can sense if there is "something" and sometimes i will get dreams from "them", it's a way for "them" to let me know and trying to communicate.

  11. *shocked* D~~~dont be like that~~~~~im reading it in 2.00 in night~~~~~~~NOOOOOOO DOONTTTTTTT~~~~~im not hungry X0~~~i can imagine it happen to me now *swoony >~<

  12. Oh god D: I don't have a Door in my bedroom TnT I will die TnT well... hope you remember me saya... I WILL again tall you If I can translate some of your stories :3 can I?

  13. @Ragnarok: Death standing at the door would be cool, but I like the story this way better. I think it's because it leaves a lot to the imagination. And you're right, I for one would never open the door if my mum was going berserk like that, even if she were the real mum! lol

    @noori: The story like this sounds so realistic that it makes you think it could also happen to you, doesn't it? Take care and don't visit my blog when it's too late at night! :D

    @Danee: No worries, dear! I think the key here is be cheerful and bright, and that will ward off evil spirits!

    @Tia: Yeah it makes me think what the narrator of this story did afterwards. I bet he couldn't go out of the room at all until someone came back, not even to the bathroom! But I'm glad you found it scary, because that's what I'm here for! XD

    @BlueRio: It's the early bird that catches the worm, so you're doing everything right, hon. I've been sleeping late and getting up late recently, and it's doing me no good.

    @Prisilia Felicia: There's something about knockings at night that scares people, isn't there? You get to hear lots of stories like that. For example you have Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem "Raven." There must be some symbolic meaning to it.

    @Anonymous (28 May): I'm posting all these new stories to compensate for your suffering now! :D haha So I hope you'll forgive me. I'm flattered to hear that you love my blog that much. Thank you for your comment and support! ;)

    @HN3: I'm sure your lovely mother would never go berserk and shout at you!! :D But she must be a good cook, right? My mouth starts to water just by imagining those tasty Mexican dishes!

    @nathan king: well, Nathan, I'm glad you value your health over studying! haha It's good to hear you're sleeping soudnly.

    I think I've seen some ghosts before, but my psychic power isn't that great. My own mother, like yours, says she can see ghosts. It's interesting that you mention about dreams and say that ghosts try to communicate with us through
    dreams. I think that is what happens in some of the dream stories I posted on this blog.

    @Aleischa: you Okay? haha
    I hope you didn't sleep too badly after reading this. Don't read it before going to bed, it really can disrupt your sleep. :D

    @basher: I think I remember you asking me before whether you could translate my stories or not? Since I gave you permission before, I have not intention of taking back my words. Yes, please go ahead and do it. But I'm not allowing any more people to do the job at the moment. Anyway thank you for asking me first!


  14. I have seen ghosts many times, I remember when I was like 11 years old I was in front of my bedroom and I was playing with my big brother, and then I felt a sudden chill and it's weird cuz the weather in Jakarta as you may know its very hot. So after that feeling, I heard my parent's bedroom door slammed very hard and we got shocked, and somehow I'm the one who ran and check it out, and you know what? I saw a little girl wearing like a 60's white dress, she looked at me and her stare was so blank and i always remember her pale blue skin, she smiled at me and she ran down the stairs. Now weird thing is my mum was downstairs in the kitchen. And it happened in the afternoon. After I saw her I just cried out loud scared outta my pants hahaha

  15. My mother always didn't allowed me to eat snacks when its near exam.It will be totaly weird and creepy if my mother brought me some snack when I'm studying in late night.........Hahahahaha I will never eat snack again hahahaha I'm just kidding actually hahahaha.......I'm scared.....

  16. Things like this are always interesting. Those creatures are always outside, and i think they can open the door (or enter if there are no doors), but they just need to be allowed to go inside, so they don't need to spend much hassle of breaking through. The power of words for entering our personal space is quite big.

    Anyway, nice story Saya. And seems you posted with your google plus account ^^

  17. Well....actually i cant go to bed easily~~~sure i have problem to sleep (im insomnia =-=a)~~~but....but its too scary !!!! when i want something good of funny to make me better this night, and im ended up to look this~~~~still cant imagine and in the door someone was says "Please~~~~~open~~~the~~~door~~~", okay~~~~im in danger >0<

  18. She is pretty capable of doing it, but nah its like seeing a unicorn.

    Somday i will get homemade food for you, i promise!!

  19. So, greetings, this is the bastard you angry mob have been yelling at. First of all, I'm surprised that Saya filtered my words beyond meaning. I never was rude THAT rude to her at all (at least, not to have her call me a BASTARD), but, of course, you can't know that since you haven't read my words, just what she have said about me. Although I'm not here to convince you people I'm not that kind of bastard, I think it would be wise to bring some light into this misunderstanding. Yes, I DID say she was selfish, and yes, I DID say that I would reproduce/translate these stories (just like she did), BUT, I NEVER said I would take credit for that. I am a translator myself (from english and dutch language), so, although I don't believe in copyright (see:, I DO believe in credit people for the work they do.

    The least I could expect of someone I have a "quarrel" with, is to be just. In this case, it would have been nice to have Saya have pasted my exact words, and not just a bunch of insults. So, in honour of the truth, I leave you both comments send to Saya:

    1) FIRST comment


    This is a great blog, I really enjoy reading your entries... However, I have a few to things to comment about your negativity towards sharing this stories: First of all, I don't understand why anyone should ask you permission to copy and paste this stories elsewhere, if these aren't your stories to begin with. Did you ask permission to translate these stories to the original japanese authors? I don't mean to disrepect you or anything, but I just don't get it; and I it's a bit contradicting to take someone else's work, translate it, and then don't let anyone do THE SAME THING.
    I totally understand the huge work it is to translate a foreign language text to your own native one, I do it too. But the main reason I do it for, is to share it with the world so that anyone can enjoy it.
    I'm sure that other people have the same question, so it would be great to read an answer.

    2) SECOND comment

    Hey, I left you a comment a few weeks ago about the strange habit of yours, translating someone's elses work and the claiming it YOUR property... I hope'd you could explain this, but it seems that you just can't.

    I'm just letting you know that i'll be translating this stories to my native language anyway. Although I will say that they are not written by me, I'm not sure if i'll credit you for translating them to english. I always credit the original authors and translators, but in your case, you didn't credit the original authors, so I won't reward your selfishness.


    - Nicolas

    Now, I can understand that people don't agree with me upon this, but at least I respect the diversity of culture and the free sharing of information. As I said before, I am a translator/creator of my own, and I do know the difficulties of translating of one language to another. And that is precisely the most beautiful reason I have to offer my work free of constraints, and encouraging other people to take what I did, reproduce it, and translating it to another language as long as it they don't do it for profit. So when a person takes another's work, translates them freely, but doesn't offer the same freedom to everybody else, it just doesn't make sense to me, and speaks to me as plain selfishness. I also take it very personally, because I release my own creative writing free of copyright, and sometimes free of authorship; so, if I see my creative work translated in english, but killing the liberty of spreading somewhere else, it would piss me off. I'm sorry, but the words "Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission." are just swastikas to my eyes.

  20. (...continued from previous comment)

    Saya said herself that one of the reasons to give this blog a pause is that we live on a capitalist society; and I have to say, copyright and constraint of freedom is one the main pillars a capitalist society is build upon. More reasons to leave this kind of thinking behind and start to share our works freely.
    Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if Saya doesn't publish this message, or doesn't make the same publicity stunt with it as he did with her own statements. But I would appreciate if she did, it would be nothing but an act of justice to actually to paste this as a new post, so you people could read my own words to judge for yourself, something that apparently very few people are capable of doing.

    I said it before, but I insist: I enjoy this blog, I thought of it as a treasure when I found it, and respect Saya as a translator and thank her for work, but I do NOT agree with her on her policy. That said, I won't throw insults to her nor the people that have said to "fuck myself" (or other stuff I won't waste my time to read), I'm used to see this kind of behaviour between people for matters of less importance and I know I should know better than judge people's lives from just some words written on the internet.
    So, I'm really, REALLY sorry to know that Saya took my words this way, but I always speak my mind, and really believe in the destruction of this of "censorship philosophy". Saya, you are free to ban me to from reading your blog (my email is, I am told that google has a function to ban specific google accounts). But if not, I still be translating some of the content here to share with friends of followers of my work BUT with crediting this blog as reference.

    You now have the tools to ban me, and/or to publish my own words. That is what freedom really means.

    - Nicolas

  21. @nathan king: wow that's amazing and interesting that you were able to see the ghost so clearly. And children's ghosts gotta be the scariest things. But the little girl you saw seems like a cute ghost, who meant no harm to you. She probably wanted to play with you or something.

    @Rika: Oh, your mum sounds strict! I suppose eating too much food numbs the brain and won't help you to study well.

    @arshvein: Yeah it's the first time that I'm utilizing Google+ and I have no idea what I'm supposed to with it. lol I just put it on the side bar coz I thought it would make it easier for people to follow me. I feel bad when people check my blog expecting some updates and there are none. They can visit me when they definitely know that there are updates, so that they won't be wasting their time.

    @Aleischa: Oh dear. You can try drinking some warm milk before going to bed, to help you sleep, sweetie. And NOT coming to this blog at night would help too. haha
    Don't get too scared and take it easy. I hope you can cure your insomnia.

    @HN3: I thought so. I just had an intuition that your mother must be a good cook. haha

    But you will cook some Mexican food for me?? I guess that's one more reason for me to visit your country then! :D I should start learning how to cook Japanese cuisine too, so I can repay you in kind!!

  22. @Saya me though, stories involving deaths are boring because death is the end of it all but if you were talking about physical transformation or something like that, would be more interesting in my opinion.

  23. @Ragnarok: I agree with you, Ragnarok. It's boring to have a clear cut ending that ends with death.
    Physical transformation.. you mean, like..idk, like what?

    Anyway I'm always happy to have different opinions about a story, so thank you!

  24. awesome as always saya !
    im also amased by the fact that im reading your blog again !
    thanks you for sharing , i got kinda depressed went back then i try to check your web and it said it was only for invited users :c

    Long live Saya Chan !

  25. @Hidekichin: And Long Live Hidekichin!!! :D

    Sorry for making you depressed, but now I'm back! I hope you enjoy reading the new posts! Thanks a bunch again for your comment!!

  26. it always feel so good when u awnser XD

    dont thank me×.× u are the one doing the hard work
    I just really appreciate your job C:
    Thank u ;3

  27. @Saya i don't know..a man transforming into a monster, wolf etc? but then again, that would it make it into a non-horror movie/story then (._.)

    but yeah, like i said...having obvious stories that ends in death, as the reader guess it, is boring though i am Not saying your stories are bad in any way, because they are awesome!

    anyways, thats what i think.

  28. @Hidekichin: well, that's good to hear :D
    I appreciate you coming here! ;)

    @Ragnarok: I see. Everyone finds different things scary, so that's totally cool! :)

    @Time Waits: I see you've got a new profile picture. Cool!

  29. but i never lock my door....
    IM DOOMED!!!

  30. Hi! Thanks again Miss Saya for opening up your blog again, i am shock that i couldn't read your stories anymore, and lose hope. But when i try to open up your blog again, bam! i am so happy!

    Continue on madam! I love your stories, but hey, where is My Master Series? i just like that kind of stories!

    Chin Up Miss Saya! Keep happy so you could stay in a good mood and publish more stories for me to read lol

  31. Yay! Then i will start to learn cookin, i only know how to make one.

  32. Lol not sure if this Nicolas missed the point or he's just being ignorant hahah funny guy. Anyway thanks for making my nights awesome again Saya!;)

  33. The story is interesting enough to make me paranoid and lock all my doors..haha. I have an apartment where it's nature all around and only a few people could enter the area. The quietness and isolation makes the place seem haunted for outsiders that I heard a few stories similar to this one but with darker endings.

  34. @Joshua: I remember there's a best-seller self-help book called "7 good habits of highly effective people." They should add, LOCK YOUR BEDROOM'S DOOR AT NIGHT as the 8th. haha

    @Toyboxed: hiya! Long time no see. I'm glad you managed to find your way to here again!

    I added a new episode to My Master Series recently. It's called "Aruku" you should be able to read it.

    Thanks a bunch for your support, and take care!! :D

    @HN3: Good! I'll be waiting! :D

    @Blebo: I think he's a confused man. I thought I'd respond to his last message, but you know what? I'll just ignore it. I'm not dragging myself into that again. I just want to concentrated on what I enjoy doing. He's had his say, so he should be satisfied!

    Anyway glad you like the story!! :D

    @anne cruz: oh! sounds like you live in a nice place!
    At least the story is making you extra cautious about the security of your house! When I used to live alone, there were times when I forgot to lock the front door and just went to bed like that. How dumb! haha

  35. that was really creepy! i mean, I do study in the middle of the night and I don't know what will happen if this will happen to me.agjtgjmhaemupwmpgjtgmamtgktndaitm. glad that he didn't open the door! whew

  36. SAYA!!!! OMG I miss you and your blog so much!! A very big support from Malaysia!

  37. There was one manga I read when I was in high school, which the protagonist has been drown with his own mom.At the very end moment, he wanted to live ( he was only 5 ?! or sth ) and struggled hard to get away from his mom's eyes.Obviously , his mom dead but until he became a grown man, he can never forget those eyes filled of animosity and hatred his mom had on her face.So I guess by putting on a disguise as one of your family members or relatives, the ''thing'' could have made you off guards and reckless a bit in order to approach you easily yeah

    But the scariest part of this story is that I did get knock on the door stimes at nights. I always ignored and assumed that I misheard or just pretended to do sth else instead of guessing where or what is it

    Hey,look on the bright side, what if that was a cheeky but lonely spirit who likes to pull prank on others yeah. You know, in case he/she or whatever it is desperately want a company...

  38. I would have to tie my sheets to get out the window. I'd be afraid to leave ever.

  39. Ahhh wow that's so creepy. o.o Thankfully he was smart enough not to open it! I myself wouldn't have either, it's nice to see you again Saya!

  40. Holy furry kitties... This is creepier than expected because two hours ago there was a weird knock in my front door, and I swear I heard a woman screaming outside (my parents heard nothing, and there was no one there...). Lol I really should not visit your blog after getting weird knocks in the middle of the night.

  41. @lynn: Hi! Thank you for your support! Sorry I seemed to have missed your message! :D

    @Nanami Lee: It's great to see you again too, Nanami! :D

    @Sadae: What? A woman screaming outside your front door? That's creepy even if it wasn't a ghost XD

  42. It could be his mother's doppelganger... D':

  43. haha.......glad it didnt happen to me T.T oh god.....lucky guy probably locked door,but i cant lock mine >< I am screwed xD

  44. I agree with LaRod. I think in this case inviting the spirit/entity in would have been like giving a vampire permission to enter the property.

    Or worse. In cases of possession, a lot of people report a request to be let in from the entity. Also, the offer of food is normally a bad sign where this is concerned.

  45. Hello again Saya-san :)
    Thank to you for posting this so I can tell my dad the reason I dont want to study at late night/kidding/kekekeke

    :: I felt relieved and I'm glad I'm not a kinda person sho study late. I prefer sleep over study XD

    If it happen to me while I'm in sleeping mode, I might yelling back yet cursing her (shouting even louder) for disturbing my precoius sleep. Hahha

  46. The funny thing is my mims a brain injury surivor. I know as a fact that it would be impossible for jer to do tjis, she cant even talk beyond a 2 year olds speach. I know i would cry because i can not recall the sound of her voice from before the accident that made her this way. Id probably sob and tank it for giving me her voice again, even if in the end it was sad.

    Gess im strange, i can recall her crying pleading face from a break up with a bf, but not her voice.



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