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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Girl from the Next Town

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(This is a cryptic story)

For two years this girl from the next town had been chasing after me.
She was someone I knew from highschool. I liked her personality but didn't like her looks very much so I kept refusing her advances, gently but firmly.

At the time my work wasn't going well, and to make things worse, my mum suddenly died in an accident.
I couldn't bear to have people around me who might look at me with pity, so I didn't tell anyone about mum's death and locked myself up in the house, depressed beyond hope.

During the night of the same day that mum died, I got a call from the girl.
"I've heard that your mother passed away..."
"I didn't tell you this before, but my mother died too....It was yesterday. She fell from the stairs in my house..."
".....I guess we're in the same boat."

I felt like I was saved by her words. I knew she would understand what I was going through.
Until then I'd thought I didn't want sympathy from anyone. But deep down I needed some shoulders to cry on.
All my pent-up emotions burst forth and I broke down in uncontrollable fits of tears; she stayed on the line and cried with me too.
From then on my feelings towards her changed and before I knew I fell in love with her.

So that's the story of how my wife and I started dating!


  1. I can't publish or respond to your comments until this evening.

  2. Dont worry, its night here so i wouldnt notice.

    Now thats love, kill his own mother to gain simpaty.

  3. She killed her mom so the boy would love her?

  4. no worries Saya, take your time. Meanwhile, guessing the cryptic : the storyteller didn't tell anyone about his mother's passing, but that girl knew right away. Why? Probably because she killed his mother AFTER her mother died, so he can feel sympathized (is that a word? -_-) by the girl and open up to her. No one know for sure, but it's likely that she killed her mother too to set up this mad, elaborate plan to get the storyteller to love her.

    But it's just a guess. XD

  5. oh and thanks for the update saya!

  6. the girl killed her mom so she can have the same situation with the boy. or what i can't imagine anything ><

  7. that girl probably the one who killed that boy's mother..

  8. The girl killed the boy's mother after her mother died so they at least have reason to be together ?????? This is creepy since the girl acting all nice to the boys and OMG she succeed to married him.
    But idk tho lol first time posting suggestion without any earlier comment it might bw wrong sorry ;-;

  9. Hmm.. Let me guess..
    The girl killed her own mom just for get the boy attention.. Am i right?
    p.s. : sorry for my broken english. n this is the first time i comment at ur blog.
    I love reading ur story Ms. Saya !!

  10. She killed his mother, and then, to have something in common, pushed her own down the stairs. omg.

  11. So she not only killed his mom but she also killed her own mom, I'm only saying that because he made it clear he didn't tell anyone about his mom's "accidental" death. Wow, good story, its kinda creepy because I can see this happening for real.

  12. She called on the night of the same day his mom died, even though he didn't tell anyone and locked himself in his room instead. It is true that bad news gets around fast, so she could have heard it through the grapevine, a friend of his mom's or on the radio, or seen something about the accident on TV depending on what it was, but that's still very suspicious.

    The story doesn't tell us how his mom died, so it might be hiding a crucial piece of info from the reader. If her accident also involves falling down the stais, then we've got a double murder suspect. She's definitely got the motive, as some lunatics would do literally anything to attract the object of their infatuation.

    As a judge or juror, I obviously couldn't find her guilty, but as a police detective, I'd definitely ask her a few questions. XD

  13. ...the girl had pushed her mother down the stairs, right?

  14. This..
    Isn't that girl.. His sister?
    Silent reader here Saya!
    This should be my first time commenting!~ ^^

    I might be a lil too late, but.. I am so glad you are back!

  15. i don't understand... someone please? :3

  16. is he schizophrenic? haha.. i don't get this one :(

  17. Omg did she like pushed her mother down? Anyways hiiii Saya, I am somewhat a new reader of yours. I love your blog by the way and your English is even better than mine eveen though I am taught English since young.

    Oh, this is my first time commenting X:

  18. ooo i see. Maybe the girl lied about her mother died, so that she can get close to the narrator. Or she did kill her mother to be able to tell that.

  19. so.. the future wife using her mother's death to become close with her future husband? she's killing her own mom? D:

  20. yes! another update! xD ooh.. a cryptic story... it's quite hard to decipher this...but the cause of death of the guy's mom wasn't mention. and it sounds fishy..i have this feeling that the girl might killed the guy's they could so-called understand each other. this is just an assumption of

  21. The wife killed the guy's mom.

    The guy said that he didn't tell anyone else about his mom's death, so how would the girl have known?

    Wow, what a desperate girl she was.

  22. The girl was involved with the man's mother death (presumably murder).
    And then the girl pushed her own mother off the stair--killing her in the process--just to get his sympathy.

    It's really scary to marry such a woman AND still doesn't know about it.
    Well, at least they love each other now... (it's still messed up though).

  23. I see a double homicide! Wow, desperation is the mother of ingenuity.

  24. Are they siblings? O_o
    and the girl murdered her mother, which is also the boy's mother, presumably by pushing her over the stairs.
    The boy's mother was killed in 'accident' right?

    And now he married that psycho. Oh god.

  25. Sup, boys and girls! Thank you very much for your comments!

    As I always say, there are no right or wrong with cryptic stories. Every theory you come up with is legitimate.

    Don't ever feel embarrassed about your theory and be free to use your imagination! :D


    Having said that, I'm gonna give you ONE answer to the story that I've heard on the internet.

    "I didn't tell anyone about mum's death"
    - but the girl knew. Why? Because she was the one who killed his mother.
    Also, he doesn't tell us in what way his mother died. He just says that she "suddenly died in an accident." Which sounds very suspicious.

    So some people think that the girl first killed his mother, then killed her own mother, so that she can catch him in her trap!

  26. @HN3: Oh! So maybe you're sleeping right now! :D
    Ahhh if that's called love, I don't want it! XD

    @Dave: I think so, dear!

    @arshvein: Thanks arshvein! :D I'll take it easy with this blog, because if I don't I might end up not wanting to update again! haha

    It's a great guess, dear. :)

    @Ragnarok: haha, my pleasure, dear. I hope I managed to creep you out this time! :D

    @Tri Rahyuni: Many people think so, too! :)

    @Streakhaven: I never thought of that! A great theory!

    @BlueRio: I think so! :)

    @ForthKun: Again, a great theory!

    @Anon (4 June 2013 13:47): Yeah, just imagine! It's creepy how he managed not to notice the discrepancy ( he never told anyone about mum's death, yet the girl knew). Don't be sorry, sweetie, I always welcome any kinds of theory!

    @Anon (4 June 2013 14:10): Oh, thank you very much for leaving a comment! It's always nice to have a newcomer! :D Your English is just fine! Be proud and happy!

    @Maria Karla: Yeah, the girl is pretty screwed up, isn't she! XD

    @Diogo: I expected nothing less from the future shining star of the law industry! You illuminated the story better than I did! Case closed! XD

    I'd never dream of hurting someone to make him get attracted to me. I guess I'm not the femme fatale type, haha. If I love someone, what's most important for me is that he is happy, and not whether he's with me or not.

    @StrikerUnnie: Yeah, I think that's what happened!! :)

  27. @sunflowerbloom: Hi, welcome sunflowerbloom! I thought I heard from you before, but that must have been someone else who had a similar name to yours.

    That's a great theory. A several people before you also thought they might be siblings. This idea never entered my mind, but I think it's quite good. So you're all thinking that these two had the same mother, right?

    I'm glad to read your comment too! Thank you! :D

    @Yann Hazwani: That's possible too, dear. He might have been suffering from some sort of mental illness.

    @嵐♥News S: Hiya!! Very nice to meet you! Thank you very much for complimenting my English! Thanks to you readers it's improving everyday! It motivates me to do better when I have an audience. Are you a fan of 嵐 and News? They're cute boys. I hope I'll see you around again! :D

    @Anon (4 June 2013 17:21): You sound shocked! But who wouldn't? haha

    @unicorn: I think you're spot-on, dear. Creepy, isn't it!

    @Anon (4 June 2013 17:48): Things that love make us do! XD But in her case it's too twisted to be called love.

    @Ai: Spot-on, as far as the most popular theory goes! :D

    I rather think that, at this point, it'd be better for him not to find out the truth! What a horrible happy-ever-after! XD

    @anne cruz: Imagine being on the receiving end of such a desperate love!! Scary!

    @Hasumi: That's very possible, dear! If they are siblings - that would make the story even creepier! :D


  28. Definitely not a story to tell to their children... i wonder what kind of children if they plan to have one?!

    well we never really know what lies deep inside people heart...

  29. @Toyboxed: I wouldn't want such a psycho for my mum! XD If you get loved by someone like that, I guess there's no escaping it!

  30. Pretty scary is it Saya! Lets hope people still thinking using their common sense XD

  31. Saya-san Hello~
    I've always read your blog I hesitated before joining But I Finally did it :DD !
    Anyway~ At first I thought that they were siblings O.O ... but the theory that she killed her Mother and His Mother just to get his love and attention seems to be quite close to the key of the mystery ~
    I love this blog's Cryptic Stories >w< ! Good Job Saya-san~ ^^

  32. @GreedyTengu: Sorry, I just found your comment in the Spam box!

    Yeah, this story is kinda realistic :D
    I'm glad you found it creepy, that's the best compliment you can give me!

    @Anon (4 June 2013 17:12 - 1st one):
    I found your message in the Spam box too, so that's why my reply was late!

    Idk but I guess she killed the mother for real, because if she hadn't the narrator would've found it out by now!

    Thank you both for you comments!!

  33. @Saya

    .....Maybe im always asleep O-O.....

    Nah im not that lazy....or a bear xD

    And agree, thats the love that kills

  34. FallingBlackCat5 June 2013 at 01:21

    The girl clearly said "in *my* house", so if the theory about the mothers being the same person is true, then doesn't that mean she was committing the crime in the guy's house? Because she identifies the house as hers, she thinks it's okay to get in without telling anyone =O

  35. This story is stalker-level creepy! Actually, at first i thought an incest related story going like this: The girl was given for adoption by the boy's mother and didn't know until recently. She was given to a household at the next town. However, when she met the boy, not knowing he was her brother, fell in love with him and after stalking him she figured that they were siblings.... So to gain his sympathy and get him to like her back, she proceeded to kill their mother and make the move on her brother, which explains why she said "my mother also died yesterday...". Plus, demented people who become obsessed with others, dont discriminate between meanings like blood relation. Anyways, after reading it again, i figured that was not the case, but still felt no relief since killing family over a stranger is something not commendable... Its shameful really :( Stalker stories always get me creeped out to the bone, cause i know that unfortunately there are people out there, who think and act this way, and not very few are the cases where people get psychologically victimized by stalkers.

    PS: So sorry i ended this long comment on a sad note, Saya! This was nontheless a truly interesting and riveting story! ;)

  36. So...either she killed her own mom to gain his simpathy...or...they are brother and sister...I think the moms died with one day of difference, right? But they both died in accidents.

  37. Future shining star of the law industry? Well, thank you, those are very kind words! XD I'll certainly do everything I can to excel and stand out in my career. That said, "strive to be the best, be the best, but don't ever convince yourself that you're the best, or you'll lose all motivation to become even better" are words I go by. Ambitious as I might be, I'm fully aware that there will always be something that needs to be improved, but that won't keep me from striving for perfection, even though it can never be reached.

    But I digress. I'm quite glad you're not the femme fatale type! I would hate to wake up one day and find you with a knife looming over me. That would be scarier than Saya in Underworld. XD

  38. I always love reading these stories, Saya, especially the cryptic ones. Thank you so much for translating and posting them!

  39. @Bay's Daddy: haha Love makes us do extreme things! When you enter the world of love, you discard common sense!

    @RainbowHana Han: BUT WHY DID YOU HESITATE? Naughty, naughty person!

    haha, only joking :) You don't have to join, the membership is there to help people so that they can follow my blog more easily. But of course, it's always nice to know who is reading my blog. Every one of you is an interesting person, and it's such a pleasure to get to know you! :D

  40. The girl just murdered her mother right after she heard abt the guy's mother passed away. Uwaghhh, the love is too strong! but hey, at least he got a happy ending with the girl :D.....let's just hope she won't murder the guy..

  41. @HN3: No it's good that you read all these stories on my blog, yet still manage to sleep! XD

    You're not lazy if you sleep all the time! It means just you need rest! Heck, I'd be sleeping all day if it were left to my own devices! XD

    @FallingBlackCat: You have a very analytical mind, dear! If the girl killed the mother in the guy's house - jeez, how scary can it get? O_o

    @Tia: You may be right about them being siblings though! She might be lying about when she killed her mother.. or is this reading into it too much? :D The girl calls on the same day as when the guy's mother dies, and the girl says her own mother died "yesterday" - so it seems they can't be the same mother, but you never know!
    I think your theory is good too.

    I've heard of several true stories about innocent girls getting killed by stalkers :( In Japan, there's law to punish stalkers now, but I wonder how effective it is.

    Don't be sorry! It's great to hear your opinion and discuss thing! :D Thank you for that!!

    @Sadae: Yes, dear, both theories seem possible! :D

    @Diogo: You sound very excited about your future, and that's most important! I hope you experience a lot of joy in your career! When you need a rest, come back here and chill out! (If you can chill out by reading ghost stories, that is XD)

    "I love you so much that I'll go all the way to Brazil to kill you, and make me mine forever!" No, not my thing! XD

    @Zoe: Hello, dear! Thank you very much for your comment, it's very sweet of you! It makes me happy to hear you love the stories I translated. :D Take care!


  42. @Petzie: I too hope they'll continue to live happily together! But you never know what this kind of person would do! D:

  43. OMG. This may not be related to the story and u can even not publish this haha, but i want to let you know that i am very grateful that you re-opened your blog to the public, because i wasn't able to access your blog in the last few months :'D Thank you <3

  44. @Subaiii: Hello! It's great to hear from a new reader!! (I think it must be the first time you comment, isn't it?) I was a bit fed up with people and I closed down the blog, but I'm really happy now because I know there are a lot of people who are nice and who support my blog. So I really appreciate your message! :D I hope you're enjoying my new posts! See you around and take care! <3

  45. Again, thank you, I appreciate your encouragement. I'll always come back here to read some ghost stories; they are my favorite, after all! XD Granted, it's hard to do much "chilling" when I watch a cursed video or read a cursed story, but that's part of the fun! Who needs sleep anyway? (Well, everybody does, but that's beside the point)

    Also, even if that were your thing, it wouldn't quite work, would it? I couldn't be yours forever if I was dead! XD All you would have is my cold body and an ensuing life or death sentence. And I wouldn't be alive to represent you in court!

  46. This is some Kathy Bates in Misery type stuff. Oy vay.

  47. looks like i'm a little late but nonetheless i will share my oppinion
    i think 'So that's the story of how my wife and i started dating!' could be a clue
    so maybe they somehow already married.
    the writer don't agree on their marriage or the likes?
    so to win his heart she push her husband's mother on the stairs, killing her. since she is also her mother-in-law she also proclaim her as her own mother.
    she explain her mother 'fell from the stair in my house' while writer said his mother 'suddenly died in an accident'.
    so it could mean the same thing for all I know.
    so yeah, they got closer because of it. Happy end for her lol.

  48. She killed both her mother and the boy's mother. He says he couldn't bring himself to tell anyone, so how did she know his mom had died? ;)


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