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Monday, 10 June 2013

A Young Man and His Mobile

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A young man was messing with his mobile on the train.
Next to him sat an old woman who said to him,
"I use a medical device so could you please turn your phone off."

The young man replied, "I'm just reading a mail," and kept on messing with it.
An office worker who was standing nearby said, "You know, you may be just reading now but another mail might arrive while you're reading. So turn it off."

At this point the young man barked angrily, "Hey, what's your problem!!?"

He looked really pissed off. The office worker was in trouble! (The young man was very well-built.)
Every onlooker was holding their breath when the young man held up his mobile in front of the office worker and burst out,
"Look!! The last mail that came was 4 months ago! Since then nobody's sent me one single mail! Who would send me a mail now!!? I also know nobody I can send a mail to!!!"

That shut us up.
But then there was among us one gruff-looking young woman, who walked up to him.
Without a word, she snatched his mobile out of his hand, pushed some buttons on it, and thrust it back into his hand.
While the dumbfounded young man looked on, the woman took out her own mobile and started using it too.
Then after a few seconds the young man's mobile beeped.
The young man's eyes went wide and his eyelids fluttered busily as he stared at the mobile.
I could just feel it - everyone was crying in their hearts. The young man was crying too.
Never before had I felt so acutely that this world goes round by love.

The old woman died.


  1. nice. a sarcastic story, but if it's really real, that young woman would be in a big trouble -__- she advertently caused the medical device failure by texting that young man. but that young man is at the wrong too, by not turning his mobile down. It's a story with nice lesson. ^^

  2. ..................dafuq was that?

  3. i don't even... what ? captain please ?

  4. the last sentence made me laugh soooo hard! gyahahhahahhaha

    i thought they're crying because of a different thing!! gyahahhahaha

    thank you so much saya! I like this story a lot!!! And please, don't use your mobiles anymore, guys! ahahahhaha

    ....still laughing!

  5. Had to read the first comment to get it. *doh* :p

    Awww, it's sad but funny, lol.

  6. I wonder what were the contents of his last mail, from four months ago. If it's a Nigerian 419 scam, that makes the story all the more tragic. XD

    "Look!! The last mail that came was 4 months ago! And it was a Nigerian guy asking for money!"

  7. so to prove the point, the woman killed the old lady by sending him a mail/test-message. Genius.

  8. I'm very glad you are posting stories again! I enjoy them very much.

  9. hahaha the story is bizarrely funny! I forgot about the whole thing about the old woman for a while!!

  10. Wow people actually found it. My first reaction was "THAT BITCH!"

  11. Wow! Nobody paid attention to the poor old woman with the heart pacer! Goodness gracious, that story was funny as hell! :P I personally laughed the death off as it seems even the author didn't pay attention to it as well! The fact that the old woman's tragic end was only described in the end of the story, in the smallest line! :P What are the odds! Everybody was crying for the anti-social technology newb over there, and over here there's a lady dying cause of him and that dumb girl who ''helped him''! lmao :P :D Very nice story Saya-chan once again!

  12. That's a funny story xD ! but what the hell was he doing looking at mails that arrived ages ago OAO;; ..

  13. But yet i still felt that something is missing guys, but thanks a lot because all of your comment i can digest it easily...

    the missing part is i think that for 4 month, young man phone setting is wrong, that's why the young woman fix it and test it, and you know the rest :p lol

  14. I was like: "What the hell was that?" I didn't get it at first but thanks to the first I get it bcs of his comment. this is quite amusing, and a little dark,maybe? thank you for another story saya!

  15. Well, I don't know what to think about this one. It's sad the old woman died, and I think it's also sad the young man had no one who would contact him. Still, there was no reason for the old woman to die.

  16. Oh no.
    Such dark humor. T A T

    But I find a part really strange when the young men mentioned that his 'last mail came was 4 months ago' and he 'does not know anybody he can send a mail too'.
    He could have sent an (reply)email to that sender who sent him the mail.

    The story definitely has something more to it (that I cant seem to figure out) > A <

    I cant wait for your updates!~:3

  17. HI Saya!

    First, hello!
    Btw, I wanna share this link to you as I've read your last story here. Don't worry, it was written differently though! ^_^

    It's ok if you won't post this. Just you knowing this is fine.
    link btw:
    to 4chan

  18. Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
    I'm sorry for the long wait! I've read all your comments and appreciate them all.

    @arshvein: Your sharp intellect saved me from having to explain it to everyone. :D Thank you dear. No offense, but I'm a bit surprised that there are people who don't get it the first time they read it. But I supposed because of the way the story is organized, the implication contained within the outcome does not seem so obvious to some people.

    @HN3 & Danee: I hope you too got it after reading other people's comments!

    @Petzie: I love girls with a good sense of humour, dear. :D haha

    I'm sure they were crying because they were impressed about the young woman's kind act, but the tragic thing is that, amid all the drama, they forgot all about the poor old woman!

    @Adorably Dead: You're not the only one, dear. haha No problem. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @Diogo Valverde: A Nigerian scam, eh? That would make the story even sadder! XD

    @Ragnarok: I never thought to look at what she did in that way! If that is the truth, the woman is pretty evil! XD

    @ido: Thank you dear. I'm glad to have you again among us too!

    @Prisilia: I know! XD I thought the story would end on a nice note, but the last sentence ruined it all! haha It's pretty funny in a weird way.

    @Leonslaught: Have mercy on her! She meant no harm! XD

    @Tia: I wondered what would people think of me labeling this story as "funny," but I'm glad I'm not the only one who found a twisted kind of humour in this! XD
    Yes, the girl's heroic act all came to naught at the end. What a shame! XD

    @RainbowHana: That's true. That's a pretty weird thing to do in itself!

    @toyboxed: Good old Toyboxed, always coming up with a new theory!
    It still doesn't absolve her of the mess she caused, of course! It's such a bad timing to do it! XD

    @unicorn: haha in my underworld you find nothing straightforwardly funny, dear!

    @Sadae: Don't be too sad, dear! To tell you the truth, I don't think this story happened in the real life.

    @sunflowerbloom: Maybe he split up with all his previous friends!

    But sure, there might be something more to the story. It'd be good if someone here can come up with other theories. :D

    @Divine: cool, thanks for the link!


  19. First time "stalk" your blog. .
    Nicely but the story makes my mind twisted and makes me smile after :D


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