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Friday, 7 June 2013

Mysterious Notes

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(This is a thread from 2chan)

287 name:Reserve Army Posting Day:03/05/10 11:28
I can't tell anyone about this for fear they'll think I'm mental, but...
Sometimes I get messages from (what I'm guessing as) "the other me," and they're getting creepier.

The first time it happened was 5 years ago.
I had been glued to TV when I noticed there was a note lying in front of me on the table.
"This is a test," it said.
It was written in my own handwriting, no doubt about it, but I couldn't remember writing it at all.
The same sort of thing happens once every half a year.

The next note said:
"What does this mean? I want to record the state I am in.
If I see what I've written it might help jog my memory, so I'll write it down."

The next:
"When was the last time I was here? Strange, it seems the time freezes while I am not here."

The next:
"I have no memory of what happened before coming here, so I haven't got a clue. I guess the only thing I can do is to make the other me notice."

The next:
"Oi, you! Don't you dare ignore me! I'm going to drag you to this side no matter what it takes."

And this is the one that arrived today:
"Is it possible you have no memory of this side? In that case.....try writing a reply for a start."

This is how it goes with these strange notes. They arrive at the most unexpected moments.
Actually I have more notes like this, but they are mostly meaningless. What I've written above are the most coherent ones.

It's not like I have memory lapses or people around me notice me saying or doing things out of my character.
Is this the onset of some mental illness?
I'm debating whether I should respond to it or not.

Anyway, I can't predict when the next note will appear, so I don't know where to put my reply....
Do you have any ideas?

288 name:Anonymous behind you...:03/05/10 11:34*1
Why don't you take an empty box or something, label it "REPLY" and put a note in it?

289 name:287:03/05/10 11:39
Great idea....well, actually, no.
If someone in my family saw me doing that they'd think I'd gone crazy....
These notes appear when I'm not looking, mostly after I've been wrapped up in doing some activity; I snap out it, and there it is, in front of me.
Freaks me out a bit.

290 name:287:03/05/10 11:42

Of course it'd freak me out more if we started a conversation by exchanging notes though
Seriously lol

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293 name:Anonymous behind you...: 03/05/10 12:02
Dear 287

Today, you will have a visit from Six-Black*2
He will ask you many questions, and make sure you answer "yes" to every one of those questions except to the last one.

While he chats about everyday mundane things, he will subtly and cleverly weave questions into them, so be careful and do not end up saying "no" by mistake.
You can correct your answer, but it would make him suspicious.

To the last question, you will need to answer "Shige-chan."*3
You will do well to remember that "Shige" is written "重" in Chinese character, in case he asks for it.

If you were too uptight you would make things worse, so please relax and take it easy.
But you MUST follow all the instructions given above.

If you have a question I will answer you only once. You have 30 minutes starting from now.

294 name:287:03/05/10 12:06
Alright, then. I'll ask you only one thing.
What is the meaning of the last question?

296 name:Anonymous behind you...:03/05/10 12:18
Dear 287

Before the last question, he will say "now I will come to the last question," so you will know it.
I cannot tell you the exact contents of the question, but as you can easily deduce from "the answer," it is going to be something related to a person's name.

Well, then. Take care and goodbye.

P.S. If you really are 287 himself, you are more intelligent than I predicted, in my humble opinion. I am sure you will be fine.

365 name:Anonymous behind you...:03/05/12 07:27
I'm 287 but WTF??

374 name:287:03/05/13 09:19

OMG he came.
A weird person really did come to my place.

Yesterday, about half past six in the morning, I heard the front doorbell ring. I opened the door thinking it must be my neighbour, but instead I was greeted by a tiny old man carrying a large red bag.
For some reason he was standing with downcast eyes so I couldn't see his face properly, but because of his white goatee and voice I guessed that he was an old guy.

I thought he was just a random beggar and was about to shut the door in his face, when he suddenly asked me, "do you live here, sir?"
I was caught off guard and didn't answer straight away. Then he started to lift his head up ever so slowly.  
I felt something inexplicably creepy about it and answered, "yes." Just then I remembered what >>293 posted.
As soon as I answered, he put his head back to its original position. Then he fell silent....
I started to feel uncomfortable and tried to shut the door, but he asked me again:
" ************? " (I couldn't make out what he said)
He silently started to lift his head up.... I got freaked out and quickly answered, "yes." The old guy bowed his head down.
"Is this side the west....."  Bang!! I shut the door.

It seemed like he hang around in front of my house for a while but after some minutes he was gone.

This is all that happened but it was creepy as hell.
I was going to post about this immediately after it happened and that's why I posted >>365, but there was something wrong with my computer and the connection got cut off.
I couldn't reconnect it until it was time for work.
Really, what was that all about?

*1 Anonymous behind you: On 2chan if you don't enter your name in the name field it automatically comes out as "Anonymous." Each board uses a distinctive variation on the standard "Anonymous," and as you can see this particular board uses "Anonymous behind you."
*2 Six-Black : "六黒" in the original text, where 六 means six, and 黒 means black. I have no idea how this word is supposed to be pronounced or what it means. I read someone's speculation that it might be a homonym of 喪黒, where 喪 means "mourning." If the word is pronounced as "mukuro", then  it could be  a homonym of 躯 (body) or 骸 (dead body).

*3 Shige-chan :  しげ (重) ちゃん in the origianl text.  "Shige" is a person's name, and "chan" is a suffix you put after a name as an indication of endearment towards that person.

(I accidentally deleted this post once, and had to rewrite the whole thing. It took me ages. (T T) )


  1. Gah! He should have kept answering. What if Six-Black doesn't leave him alone now? 0_0 Or worse! What if Shige was the creepy note writer and Six-Black was going to take his creepy butt away for the poster?

    Did you translate this from 2chan? I hope the OP comes back and tells more for you to translate.

  2. How weird! I really have no idea what that guy was or what was happening to him. I don't think the notes were from himself though. Its almost as if it was another person from another dimension.

  3. What's up with 2chan and ghosts? Is 2chan haunted? Is there a chance I'll start having strange personal experiences if I begin to post there? XD I'm learning Japanese, so perhaps I should make a few posts there and see what happens.

  4. this is the 2nd reason why i'd like to study japanese... people there really can give creepy stories... my first reason is anime, but now i guess this is what i really long for... nice post again from you saya!

  5. What if that is not him but something else.Something that tries to lure him for unknown purpose.Or maybe it like one of your past post.Something about a man dreaming a version of himself telling him that he had lived enough and time to switch.Hm,what if this man is experiencing something similar.The other him lure him to answer then replace him.
    Interesting story as always,thank you for your posts Saya.

  6. This is really unusual... omg. he should have relaxed and didn't freak out. I'm afraid of what will happen to him. and this is came from 2chan, saya, do you always visit 2chan? I want to visit it too. but I can't read japanese.huhu. Is this thread is recent? i wonder if OP will post again!

  7. I have been a long time follower of this blog, ghost reading. Commenting for the first time just to say I love your blog! I checked it religiously and I was saddened when you disappeared but now I'm so excited to see you are back! :) Thank you for giving me something wonderful to read!!

  8. thank you so much, miss Saya, for all the translation!! I understand it's a really hard work (especially if you have to painstakingly type it all over again...)
    I agree that he should have kept answering...because usually what's not finished yet is the problem...:S

  9. well , he need to go back, open the door and continue the conversation with the man, and he need to act normal plus relax, act like nothing happen and just said the wind blow the door.... lets hope the mr. here have a good sense of humor :p

  10. This thread made me wonder...What if the user "Anonymous behind you..." was the alternate self of user 287 and told him these things because he was the one who triggered the visit from the peculiar old-man in the first place? I mean, supposing alternate realities and parallel universes exist, in combination with the fact that his alter-ego already has a way of crossing objects to our universe, wouldn't that make sense as a valid explanation? I mean, if you can cross over notes with ease, couldn't you as well cross over people? However, i still wonder about the bizarre nature of the man... He has a truly strange way of behaving and honestly i shudder to the thought that this "man" (supposing he is human) might not be a man at all! i mean, he asks a question and has some sort of "time trigger" where he starts to raise his eyes to see 287... What would happen if he didn't answer in time? And what would happen if he had successfully answered all of them? Would he be transfered to the parralel universe? Would he swap places with his alter-ego? Oh, all these questions!! :P Anyways, i want to say a huge thank you, Saya, for this great post once again! Really engrossing post, this one! I have tried to enter 2chan before, but my lack of proper japanese knowledge prevents me from venturing deeper in the post threads! :P I am still in the first levels of learning japanese and i do it on my own, so it is really hard, especially when i try to learn kanji! :) But i digress, bottom line, i wish i could search 2chan myself, i have googled weird stories from 2chan countless times but have found near to nothing! :)

  11. What if it was actually him from the future who gave his present self the notes? Hmm...

  12. what if the other him/her made a gamble with this six black entity and gave the main character tips so that nothing bad happens. in short the other him/her sort of cheated but the results were not as the other him/her predicted since the main character freaked out and now we don't know what happened to the main character...

  13. oh yeah this made me think of the game persona 4 because of the word "other me" but i think there's no connection to it idk. i just checked the date and it was this year 2013 when six black came right?

  14. @Adorably Dead: I think these posts were posted back in 2003. I found this thread in a 2chan archive. I haven't heard of any follow-ups. Maybe something did happen to OP and he had no chance to post anymore!

    @Anon: Indeed it looks like he is someone from another dimension!

    @Diogo: Yes, you can try and see for yourself XD That's cool you're learning Japanese! I hope you're enjoying it!

    @ForthKun: Good luck with your study of Japanese! :D Watching anime is a good way of learning Japanese, I'm sure.

    @Chester Ho: It's interesting you mention the other story in connection to this post. Thank you dear!

    @unicorn: I don't visit 2chan but I do visit places that archive 2chan threads. The dates on the posts say 2003, so it's a long time ago and I don't know if there are any follow-ups!

    @Monica Soto: Hello! How very nice to hear from you! I'm happy that you like the stories on my blog. I hope they're not giving you nightmares! :D Thank you for commenting!!

    @Prisilia: Having to type it all again really was a pain! (T T) I thank you for your encouragement! I think this story is good and I really wanted to show it to you people, so I'm glad I didn't give up! (I nearly did)

  15. I agree with Tia's theory of "Anonymous behind you..." being 287's other self. The old man is really creepy, specially because he does not look at 287 in the eye...I don't trust people who don't look at me while speaking to me!

  16. @toyboxed: He should have done that! But it's too late now!

    @Tia: I like your theory, dear! Maybe "the other self" was trying to communicate with the OP by using the 2chan thread!

    I'm very impressed that you're learning Japanese on your own without an instructor! Kanji is certainly difficult, even for Japanese people! But from what I know, you're very talented language-wise, so I think you'll have no problems learning Kanji too! :D

    @Mimi: Thank you, Mimi! Is your profile picture an image of "Tomie"? Scary!

    @spinning totem: maybe! But would the future self send such scary notes to the past self? Idk!

    @ryuu: The order of the date shown on the posts is "Year/Month/Day" so I think they were posted in 2003. I know it's confusing because I myself use "D/M/Y" order.

    (I hope I haven't missed anyone. If I have, please let me know!)

  17. Ah, this is one pretty weird story. :o With the note writing, maybe it had been like notes from the future if that makes sense. ^^; When the poster said "the other me" I instantly thought of a Doppelganger. Haha. XD This reminds me kinda like my best friend's situation where she would write these little notes when she was a child that would say something like, "Hello, how are you?" and she actually got a response but the handwriting wasn't hers with drawings of cats is what I think she mentioned. o.o

  18. OMG Saya!! : D I'm so glad that you're back. I missed you and you stories so much Dx It really sucks that idiots tried to copy your work: o I hope it won't happen again :3

  19. @Nanami: That was one weird experience you friend had! Strange things can happen around children!

    @Anon (10 June): Thank you dear.Yeah I hate those people who steal my works. Why don't they translate the stories themselves? They want to enjoy the fruits without the hard work. Anyway, thank you for your support! :D

    1. Uurg i hate them too xc but you're welcome and keep up the awesome work : 3

  20. I wonder.. what will ever happen if the old man looked at him face-on.

    Since this is somewhat, (I presume) related to death god?
    Since he mentioned "bringing him to the other world".
    I dont think 287 will see something pleasant.

    This story doesn't sounds creepy, but it does gets creepier when you think about what will happen to that guy (287).

    Saya, Im thankful you always take time to reply to people's comments. You are a kind person. (:
    Take care and be well!

  21. @sunflowerbloom: A death god! That would be creepy!

    I wonder too what happened to the guy! I fear something bad happened to him...

    No problemo! It's always my pleasure to get a comment, especially from someone as sweet as you! :D If the comments are made at the newest posts, I always try to respond to them. I don't want the readers to feel disappointed!

    You take care of yourself too. Be happy! :D

  22. Ahh yes indeed! It sounded pretty weird when she told me, I remember when my mom used to work in this old flower shop that got demolished, I always heard voices on the top of the external stair case to the roof. o.o I was like, seven years old. Children indeed do have strange experiences!

  23. Hello Saya-san! I think Six-Black might be a play on words, six being pronounced as 'roku' and black being 'kuro.' If you switched the syllables around on 'kuro,' it would end up being 'roku,' and vice versa. Food for thought.

  24. @Anon (18 June): Cool, thanks for your theory! :D

  25. This blog is part of my reasons to keep on living

  26. @uttoktu: If that's so, it gives me one more reason to keep on updating! :D Take care, uttoktu.

  27. Maybe the guy has multi personality disorder?


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