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Friday, 21 June 2013

Notice from Saya

Dear All,

I'm EXTREMELY busy right now.
Therefore, I don't think I can update until (probably) 29th June.
Thank you for all your comments and I promise I'll respond to them as soon as I'm free.


I'll let you know if the situation changes.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe and good luck!

HN3 said...

Its ok saya, we will wait
*sits down to wait*

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do just don't disappear again! <3

GreedyTengu said...

Not to sound like a dick, but take your time and in your absense let your fans submit stories of their own to lighten the load off your shoulders. It is only fair since you have worked hard translating and submittng stories, if not then we would understand. You are like that last scary story site that stays updated, I've been coming here for a long time and I appreciate all that you have done. So hopefully this isnt goodbye, this see ya later.

Subaiii said...

Stay healthy Saya and don't overdo with whatever it is that you are busy with. :)

Anonymous said...

@GreedyTengu why did you think that it would make you sound like a dick :P
PS: dicks don't talk :D

Time Waits for No One said...

its ok!

we'll wait!! :3 :3

Mixzsy Ezura said...

Aww it's alright :3 we're not rushing you to update so take your time :D

Min said...

Take your time, as much as you need and also take care about you, will you? ^-^
We'll wait.

WhisperingDark said...

We all get really busy sometimes :)

I hope you don't mind, but I have recommended you on my blog. I have not copied any of your work, just simply linked your page. :) No need to check it out as you're busy, but if you want to:

Tia said...

Fine by me, feel free to take as much time as you need to empty your plate, we'll still be here! ;) Take care!

Petzie said...

Okay Saya, take your time, reality world is cruel, they consume our time almost significatly lol.

Never mind, I'll wait patiently and wish you all the luck in the world with your things. God bless! *sits down nicely*

LaRod Williams said...

Hello everyone this is my second post here and I remembered a scary occurence that happened to me and a friend of my mother's. We were about to watch a Chucky movie (The Bride of Chucky to be precise) The first odd thing that happened was that when I went downstairs to use the restroom I could hear my mother's friend (let's call him James) calling my name. I went upstairs and asked him what was wrong and he asked me if I was playing on the stairs because he had heard footsteps going up and down the steps... What happened next seriously scared me. While we were watching the scene where the lady in the bathtub was killed the tv suddenly changed to 666 and static just played. (This is actually 100% true :/ ) Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed my tale. (Also sorry Saya if I should'nt have posted this here...)

Doc Sanchez said...

Hey Saya, I wish you all the best for your busy time! But also take your time to recreate and have some relaxing evenings!

Cheers, Doc

Marvic Sajonia said...

I miss you saya >.< did that scare you... heheh.. i thought i'd pay you back for scaring us for a long time now with your stories.. xD.. i hope you're doing fine :').. take care saya ^^

rupice said...

No problem waiting,i like the stories you are posting here after you translate them,important is that you be good and healthy:)
(take care)

Yakson House said...

good safe! best of luck =)

Hidekichin! said...

I may be as busy as U so i totally understand :)
Good luck saya !!

Diego Canizo said...

Take your time, we'll be waiting patiently for your return! n_n

Adorably Dead said...

Two more days then, woohoo! lol. I shall be counting the hours until your return my dear bloggerette. :p

William said...

Ms. Saya, it is wonderful to see you posting again (even if I did manage to catch you in passing...). I've missed you so.

Anonymous said...

@Anon (22 June 2013 02:36): Thanks a lot!

@HN3: Sorry for the long wait!

@Rupsha: I've come back!

@GreedyTengu: Thanks for the concern! I'm glad to be back!

@Subaiii: I have a long holiday ahead of me. I'm just gonna chill out for the next couple of weeks.
Thanks! :D

@Time Waits: Thanks for the wait!

@Mixzsy Ezura: Thank you! It's a relief to hear that. I too don't want to rush, because if I rush I might end up not wanting to update.

@Min: Thank you, dear! I appreciate your support!

@WhisperingDark: No, I don't mind at all. Thank you for not copying my works. You're a great person. :D

@Tia: Thank you, lovely Tia. I always appreciate comments from you!

@Petzie: God bless you too, my friend. Sorry you had to wait for such a long time!

@LaRod: The number of Beast, eh? Interesting! Thank you for sharing your story. I never watched Chucky, I knew of it as a child but was too scared to ever watch it. Dolls scare me like no other.

@Doc Sanchez: Hi, Doc! Don't worry, I will do nothing but relax for the next few weeks! It's great to have the time to do the things I like. I've been watching documentaries on Roman history on youtube all day today. haha I love ancient Roman history.

Anyway, you take care too.:D

@Marvic Sajonia: And I missed you too! haha XD You're paying me back already with your lovely presence. Thank you and take care!

@rupice: Thank you for being nice! I'm going home this week and that means I'll be eating and sleeping properly for some weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

@Yakson: Thank you, my beautiful lady. :D

@Hidekichin: Thank you! I hope you're doing fine with your things too!

@Diego: Thanks a lot! I hope I was able to compensate the long wait by the new story!

@Adorably Dead: I hope I was able to meet your expectations with the new story! Thank you! ;D

@William: Dear William, I'm sorry you missed me! It's wonderful to be able to share these stories with you again too!