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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Resident Evil Clown 4

It's not actually Ronald who is being evil in it, actually. LOL

This is just a daft video which contains absolutely NO scary moments.
(Please don't expect anything impressive. Nothing really happens.)

I just needed a new addition to the "I'm Lovin' It" category!

But his hairstyle...? LOL
(Pay attention to his ringtone too)


  1. Ronald Kennedy is promoting fast food in foreign countries, and eventually trying to get rid the villager so he could build his fast food industry LOL

  2. I refreshed the page and the video thumbnail turned into that creepy man's face from 1STPAI. T_T I'm so scared of that face now...

  3. Clowns. Why do you do this to me, Saya? :'(

  4. @toyboxed: I think he's already accomplished most of that task XD
    Have you ever heard of a country that has not felt the divine presence of Ronald McDonald? (perhaps Bhutan hasn't, but apart from that)

    @Mimi: is that true? XD That man's face creeps me out too. haha

    @Leonslaught: Methinks Ronald looks rather sexy in this harido. XD You shouldn't be afraid!

  5. You dont like hamburguer? THEN YOU EAT MISSILE BASTARD!!!!!

  6. @HN3: Oh! Poor clown is hated everywhere! XD

    @Rangarok: Hahaha sorry I have disappointed you!

  7. no problem, ill just wait for the next update :D

  8. I think nope, every place already covered if they send an agent like ronald here, who dares to stand against the mighty ronald carrying unlimited ammunition bazooka, its going to be extra crispy :p

  9. @toyboxed: Spot on! That's how you build a fast food empire.

  10. @Adorably Dead: Yeah ROFL

    @toyboxed: Hahah you're right. If I saw him coming my way like that, I'd just run! XD

  11. Oh, Leon, what have they done to you?


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