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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Friend's Visit

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I'm quite into ghost stories and I often tell my friends the stories found on 2 channel and other such places on the internet.
But I was sort of running out of stories to tell. lol

Then I bumped into a friend who is famous for knowing a lot of ghost stories.
We hadn't seen each other for a long time, and moreover, while we chatted it started raining hard, so I invited him to my house.

My friend stayed in my house for about half an hour.
After he'd done telling me ghost stories, he got up and said he had other appointments so he had to leave.
I went downstairs with him to see him out, but then he said,
"It looks like your girlfriend is pretty cross with me, huh?"
"??" I didn't understand what he meant. I wasn't going out with anyone at the time.
I said, what do you mean? lol  and he said that, when he came into the room, he saw a woman standing in the kitchen, who looked at him with an annoyed expression.
And he also often saw her come into the room while he was telling me those ghost stories.

Well, I'm living alone and there's no way there can be someone in the room beside me. 
I was a bit creeped out, but because my friend just went home without saying anything more, I thought he was just trying to scare me.

I went back home and saw no one there, as I'd expected. lol
But for a while after that I couldn't help but be in a funny mood.
Then after some time had passed, the same friend came over again.

So I said, "what's up?"
"I've come to see you," he said, so I said,
"But you just saw me."
"What? Oh... So he came to your place too?"
I prodded him to tell me more, and he said for sometime now he'd had friends and acquaintances telling him that they saw a ghost that looked just like him.
It seemed that the ghost wasn't a bad ghost and it never appeared more than once to the same person, so he said there was nothing to worry about.  But still it's kinda weird........


  1. How creepy! It's like he had a doppelganger!

    And I was so happy to see you started updating again! Definitely helped my horror fix.

    大好きです! (私の日本語が下手です。D=)

  2. @JazzytheMan: not only that, but the doppelganger told the narrator something weird about a girl ghost too, which makes the story even scarier in my opinion. ありがとう。あなたの日本語は上手だと思いますよ。^^

  3. hmm, so looks like the doppelganger *probably* didn't know that he is the doppelganger, and he went to visit 'his' friends with ghost stories.. that was interesting, maybe that's a memory imprint of that person that created a doppelganger, and the doppel can see things normal people can't, like that girl in the kitchen (or maybe that's just one way of telling ghost stories lol).

    But that's just a theory, and it's inexplicable indeed ^^

  4. My first comment, since I'm embarrassed that I haven't said anything even after I have truly enjoyed your stories Saya-san :)

    I was sad when I wasn't able to access your blog for a while, but now I can read more of your enjoyable stories :D

    Thank you for giving us good stories every time ^_^

  5. The friend who has doppelganger seems so relaxed. Lol.
    The scariest part was about the woman in the kitchen. Moreover, the one who told about the woman ghost was a ghost him self :S i wonder if the woman ghost was pissed when she saw another ghost visiting the house.

    It's been long time since the last time i dropped comment. Currently i'm doing my theses, but i definitely always read your new post everytime you have an update. Thankyou for always giving a great story in the middle of this bustling and hectic life :D

  6. he experience the 'ghost story' himself

  7. lol creepy if i was him i'm sure that i'll have fever for 1month...
    btw great story saya..

  8. hello saya, this is my 1st time commenting here. i really love your blog especially because i'm a fan of horror & japanese culture. i thought i would never read your blog again after you closed down a few month ago, but now you're back. thanks for updating again.

    wow, this story was scary. i wonder if that doppelganger telling the truth about that woman who appeared in his house..that was scary for me.

  9. So it's a story about a ghost talking about another ghost hahaha
    even though the person don't feel anything wrong after the meeting with his friend's doppelganger, but, still he is living with an unseen woman...
    or the friend was just lying about the doppelganger? Because he is running out of ghost stories to tell too so he made his own.....argh so many mysteries! But that's the best part about your stories^___^

  10. I'm thinking the friend had a twin who died...

  11. That was such a wonderful story! i honestly liked it a lot, inexplicable posts always get me. But even though the spirit doppelganger of the narrator's friend was benevolent, i still wonder about the nature of the woman... Theory time! So the woman was the ghost of an old tenant renting that apartment a long time ago. Then, she suddenly died through means unknown, and not aware of her current condition (which is pretty accurately a mean case of the deads :P )she returned to her house as usual and continues to go by like this, not knowing that she's deceased. That's why she was "pretty cross" with the narrator's friend... I think any sane person (or spirit in this case) would freak out a little seeing someone in her house, acting like he don't care ! :P And since she is a spirit not knowing she's dead, she possibly might have thought of the 2 friends as ghosts.
    Thanks again Saya for this lovely post!

    PS: People of the blog, i'm so sorry to be a storybuster, but i love sharing theories! :P

  12. I still shocked at the fact that his friend which is a ghost could possibly think that the woman ghost is his girlfriend. I mean, is she that beautiful or something?

    and something seems odd... Do you guys realize that the teller said something about "couldn't help but being in a fun mood"? Keeps me wonder, is that doppel made him happy OR the woman ghost feels happy that makes him happy too OR made him happy before his death....

  13. Hey saya-chan! I always read your stories and I really enjoy it! by the way do you know a manga called 'Shuuen no Shiori'? Many Japanese urban legends are featured there, some of your stories too! Just read it if you have time in the future (well if you want). Thanks for your stories up until now!~

  14. hmmm...
    maybe the ghost girl is angry because
    she thought the doppelganger will steal her victim

  15. @arshvein: Thank you for always coming up with an interesting theory, arshvein. :D
    By the sound of it, the narrator isn't a very bright person, and it's funny that he hasn't really thought about why the doppel mentioned about the girl ghost.

    @Kevin-kun: Wonderful! Thank you for leaving a comment! I'm absolutely delighted every time a reader leaves a comment.

    Yes, sorry for that temporary closure last time. I was originally not coming back, but now I'm glad I'm back!

    Thank you very much for your kind words and support! :D

    @Hasumi: Hasumi, dear, good luck with your thesis. I'll have to do mine next year! I hope this blog can help you de-stress! Take care and be happy! :D

    @Danee: Yep, that's right! :D

    @BlueRio: Oh, in that case I hope nothing like this ever happens to you! XD I'm glad you like the story!

    @norsue: I'm delighted to have you among us, dear. Thank you for commenting. If you're a fan of horror and Japanese culture, this is certainly the place for you to be.

    I also wonder if that doppel was telling the truth or not. It is scary!

    @Prisilia: I'm not satisfied with ordinary horror stories, so I always end up translating weird ones... Sorry I always confuse you people! XD But it's encouraging to hear from others that they like such stories too! Thank you!

    @Sadae: That's possible! :D

    @Tia: A lot of people here enjoy reading the comments as well as reading the posts, so I'm sure a lot of people are welcoming your theories, dear. :D

    So you say that the woman was the original tenant of the house, and was annoyed to see strangers in her house, which would have been a natural reaction. If that is true, I hope nothing bad happens to the narrator!

    Thank you always Tia, for your interesting theories!

    @Petzie: Maybe she is beautiful! XD

    Yes, he was in a "funny" mood but the "funny" here doesn't mean "humourous," but it's used in the sense of "strange." So in other words, he was feeling strange afterwards. Sorry that it's a bit ambiguous!

    THANK YOU EVERYONE, for your lovely comments! It gives me energy to update more.

  16. @Henny Aryani: Hiya! Nice to meet you and thank you for leaving a comment! I never read Shuuen no Shiori, but that sounds interesting. I'll read it when I have a chance. Thank you for that! ;)

    @ian wili: That's possible! LOL

  17. hahaha this sounds kinda funny to me :D

  18. @ForthKun: good! I'm always glad to put a smile on someone's face. :D haha

  19. Oooh! Doppelganger, perhaps? Maybe an alternate universe version of the friend who doesn't realize he's wandering between dimensions? So he goes to his friend's (the narrator) house, but in his dimension, the house actually belongs to a woman who cannot understand what he is doing there. Maybe because he is 'between' universes he doesn't look quite 'solid' so she thinks he's a ghost and doesn't try to interact with him other than glaring because it's an inconvenience for her? O.O
    Or maybe it's the ghost of the narrator's friend from the future, but he doesn't know he's dead! And he can see the woman because she is a ghost like him and she is angry because she does not appreciate another ghost in her haunting ground! So many theories!!

  20. I've lurked on your blog for years and I'm so happy to see you back! (*^▽^*) You're my favourite blog! I just love ghosts and paranormal stories and the ones from Japan are the best! So spooky! I can only read your blog in the daytime though. At night it's too scary and I can't get to sleep! Please keep up the awesome work!

  21. @Tani: Thanks a lot of the cool theories, Tani! I enjoy reading them! :D

    @Moxie: Thank you, Moxie! I think it's very wise of you that you read my blog only in the daytime. haha Take care and stay cool! :D

  22. ohhhh. so this a creepy story. I must SO I guess that the friend is a ghost too and he saw another ghost in the I'm glad that you're back Saya! :)

  23. gusta, it could be a mythical being who kinda pretended to be the friend just to play a trick, Shapeshifters are miscchief makers after all

  24. Thx a lot dear :D good luck on your theses next year!

  25. I'm kind of glad it was a harmless ghost. I remember hearing stories about how doppelgangers are supposed to haunt someone who is either about to die, or someone who is easily possessed (in a bad way).

    It also reminds me of a story my brother told me about his friend who's been haunted by a doppelganger lately. The whole family knew about it by then. One day the doppelganger appeared in front of the friend's aunt, and the aunt just smiled and called up the kid on her cellphone. "Len, dear, I know you're at school right now, but I'm at home, and your doppelganger is in front of me. He looks exactly like you." Would have been funny if it wasn't so weird.

    I've been following your blog for a while now, and I guess it's high time I thanked you for bringing these stories to those of us who can't understand Japanese! Thank you for your time and generosity! =) I'll definitely be popping back in for the next update~

  26. And I'll be his friend too. #its scary me anyway.

    Well Saya-san, I've been following your blog almost a year, I thought. It'll always be a great blog of horror path, so far. #and ofcourse, I'll always been a scaredcat of horror things XD

  27. I've been thinking that maybe the second one was the doppelganger and the first one was actually the real friend. That would be scary too.

    @unicorn: Yeah it's a ghost story with a little twist. I like it :D Thanks unicorn, I'm glad I'm back too!

    @Niya: A Shapeshifter like a vampire!

    @Hasumi: You're sweet. Thank you, dear.

    @DonAbad: Wikipedia says: "Recent scientific experimentation has duplicated several doppelgänger effects when electrical stimulation was applied to the left temporoparietal junction of the brain of a patient." And I heard that some people with brain tumors have seen their doppelganger?? So maybe it's not too far-fetched to say a doppelganger is something that haunts someone who's about to die!

    Oh, that aunt of your brother's friend sounds so calm! XD

    I thank you too that you took the time to post a comment here, my friend. I just think it's a shame that great stories can get lost because many people don't know how to read the language in which they are written. I kind of see myself as doing the same job as Lafcadio Hearn (The famous guy who recorded lots of Japanese legends and ghost stories.)

    @Miss Huda: It's great to hear from you, dear. I'm sorry I had to close the blog down for a few months. I'm actually a scaredy cat myself too, although I don't sound like it XD Anyway thank you for your comment!

  28. "And I heard that some people with brain tumors have seen their doppelganger?? So maybe it's not too far-fetched to say a doppelganger is something that haunts someone who's about to die!"

    Oh, wow...You know what, I never thought of it that way. That actually makes a lot of sense. o.O

    And yeah, the aunt was calm, but only because she'd gotten used to it by then, and from what I understand, the whatever-it-was wasn't doing any harm. The poor kid freaked out, though, and he moved to another relative's house. I hope "it" hasn't followed him there. XD

    And Lafcadio Hearn! I'm familiar with that guy. I was able to download a free copy of his "Kwaidan" from Project Gutenberg. Freaky stories - but lovely all the same. =D

    See you next update! ^^

  29. I would think that his friend was playing a prank. I did that once when talk to my friend via video and asked him who is that over there.

  30. I think the lady ghost is jealous of all the attention that the male ghost is getting. She should put herself out there more. lol.

  31. when i left home alone, i'm not reading your posts so i won't be too scared to be home alone. one of my friend, she's reading your blog too, tell me this story in a different way. i don't know why, seems like she understand it differently.

    she said, 'there's a guy live in his house all alone, just like you. and there's a friend comes to his house told the ghost stories. then after he sends his friend off, the same person come again, told that a person who came before him was a ghost which looks like him. later the writer founds out EVERYONE that came to his house turns out to be ghosts.'

    because that time i was home alone, she really scared me to death. i don't know she just want to scare me, or she doesn't understand the story. the way she told me the story differently just interesting and i want to share with you saya.

  32. Hi Saya! I saw your blog a few days ago and couldn't help reading everything b'cos i'm really into ghost stories! Thank you for the stories and I hope you'll keep posting more! :D

  33. Could it be.. a Doppelganger?! Wow, he saw his Doppelganger, that's pretty freaky. o.o This story gave me the chills lol, I would be speechless if I saw my friend's double lol.

  34. Or you know...your friend could have just been screwing with you lol..


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