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Sunday, 14 July 2013

House for Free

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[Kansai] Giveaways 3 [Free] *1

925 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 08:52:44 ID:oKOysTpy0
Does anyone want a house in North ward, Kobe?*2
But there are three conditions:
  1. You must receive it for sure *3
  2. Don't leave the house empty for more than three consecutive days
  3. Live in it until you die
 If you can keep these three conditions I will let you have it together with the land *4

927 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 09:36:33 ID:9nxs32dV0
>>925 all for free?
Does it have a garage?

930 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 10:46:17 ID:WJyJIS9g0
Such freaky conditions....
What kind of property is that?

936 :925:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:22:20 ID:oKOysTpy0
The house was renovated 20 years ago
but there's a well in the woods in the backyard, and the well sort of belongs to my grandparents, so my grandmother asked me not to let anyone touch it (it's fenced in, just in case)
If there's anyone here who can live in it until his death and who doesn't go on long trips, I can hand it over to him right away.
So if you think you're the person who can fulfil all the conditions, please come forward. It'd be a great help.
I don't want to give away too much info about the location, but it's somewhere in Tanigami. *5

938 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:25:25 ID:oKOysTpy0
Everything  is for free, but I don't want to keep ties with the locals,
so I'm not going to give you my contact details after that, *6
but I hope you'll be understanding about it because after all you'll be getting it for free

There's no garage, but it has a huge empty garden so you can park your car there

940 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:27:20 ID:4NXlvumj0
Please tell us all the downsides

945 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:43:40 ID:U9k3b5CrO
I can just imagine a body being dumped there inside the well
What would happen to the ownership of the land and house?

946 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:44:33 ID:wj6ZBA3K0
Oh I see it now

He kills his grandparents, dump their bodies in the well, and hand the land over to someone else, in the hope of obstructing the police investigation
It might be tricky for the police to perform an investigation on the land that belongs to someone who is not the suspect

954 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:56:42 ID:oKOysTpy0
Nothing like that is happening. There are no downsides either
Something comes from the mountain at night, it's just so scary  it's heartrending
I for one never want to see it again

*1 This is the thread's title. "Kansai (関西)" refers to the western region of Japan.
*2 Kobe : a seaside town in the Kansai region (Wiki) . "Ward" is an area within a city.
*3 I think he means that you mustn't say "I'll have it" and then disappear or not live in it. 
*4 In Japanese law, the ownership of the land and house can be separate.
*5 Tanigami (谷上): a place in the North ward, Kobe.
*6 after that: I think he means "after I hand the house over to you."Japanese can be so ambiguous!


  1. Geez. Is that all? That was Well, The conditions are really I wouldn't take it even it's free! hahaha. Nice update Saya :D

  2. a question : the story ends with just that? no other response in 2ch after that last remark? Or someone actually got the house? The open-ending is really nice, it opens to many perspectives actually. Not many ppl can give away a house to someone else, with land deeds, like that. And the conditions are really weird, it's like the house cannot be left untended, because of something will come from the mountain at night and (my prediction) will occupy the house if no one is there for a long time.

    Interesting really.

  3. Beware free things! Nothing good can come of it! Even though I want a house right now, I wouldn't go for this one even if it does have a big garden. Plus wells are hella scary!

  4. This mad me tjink of another japanise story about the moutans. A boy and his father are up tjere and they see something and they have to run from it. And it doe this compleibg dance, bit once it sees you your doomed. Im not sure if you posted that here saya, or where i heard it from.


  5. Reallllyy suspicious!! Imagine that something coming from the mountain to the house every night, scare you to death, and still, you can't leave from that house....
    And the well part is suspicious too

  6. Oh god, I would never take that xD

    Nothing good Ever comes from wells. Nothing.

  7. Ah. i can link this with one of your story i think, the one called jagi if i am not wrong...

    hmmm, may be you can be some sort of sacrifice for the mountain thing that took time about three day, then the land and/or property owner could enjoy it without disturbance anyomore

    1. Thank you that was the story i ws thinking of! I couldnt place it but i rememberd it.

  8. That was a great post by all means! I love the fact that the speculation possibilities are endless! There's room for so many theories when it comes to the entity of the well, as well as why this person wants to get rid of the house... I would suspect that the grandparents of the OP were some sort of guardians to the well, which in turn acts as a gate for "Something" of controversial and gruesome nature. From my experience with the game series Fatal Frame (:p), i could bet that there could be some kind of rituals so as to keep the creature (or creatures?) in place, but that, my friends, is just a theory and not hinted whatsoever :). If that was the case, i suppose it was the turn of the OP to take this grave "duty" upon his shoulders, but was terrified of the consequences of failing and wanted to replace his post with someone more "up for the task". I guess the guarding of that thing, whatever it is, comes with strange occurences in the premises which have scared poor OP out of his wits and now wants to sever every bond he has with that place.
    BUT, as always, these are simply speculations of a vividly wild imagination. Therefore, it could also be possible that the dude is a friggin murderer and just wants to evade the law! :P
    It still however is unbelievable what diamonds one can stumble upon in 2chan! Oh man, i wish i was better in Japanese!! :) An excellent post, Saya chan, thank you!

  9. Japanesse Big foot comes from the mountain!

    Well, a terrible monster can be a very big disadvantage even for a free house

  10. Wow, this was a really good story. I this reminds me of the one you posted a year or two ago, about the uncle and the son that went camping and int he mountain they see this monster, and then they piss on it or something lol.

  11. I basically think the answers are within is post in 2chan...

    1. The well is suspicious as hell
    2. Why did he mentioned his grandma and grandpa? Hmm.. suspicious?
    3. Something went down from the mountain, might be a monster or a guardian, but why does he said that the house can not left empty for more than 3 days? I mean, couldnt we just hire someone to keep the lights on when we leave for a trip so it'll feel like someone is in there?
    4. The garden is also suspicious. No garage yet a big garden? Hmm...

    And I think this house is FIT for a shut-in in japan...

  12. I'm the current owner of the house in that story...
    There's nothing wrong in that house...
    *no expression*

  13. ahhhh!!!! all i think about is something just barreling down the moutain making a lot of noise :< very nerve wrecking. i should not be reading these stories around the witching hour. who knows what kind of spirits might be listening to these stories xD;;;;;

  14. ....Yeah no, even if I wanted to live in japan I'd never accept a free house with those sketchy conditions.

    Maybe the mountain hag comes out at night? YOu know the one that eats travelers.
    And comes scratching at the door.

    and wont trouble come to the previous owner of the house, usually when something like this goes around the house is either cursed or the residents are targets of said being that haunts the nearby area which could mean that even if he gives the house away the person still could become a targer

  15. In all honesty...

    "He kills his grandparents, dump their bodies in the well, and ... [etc]"

    ...I think "Anonymous" hit the nail on the head. If I'd been the OP I would've tried to make it sound more, um, legit. "I'm moving to another country, so I can't keep this house! Rush sale! 60% off the original price." XD

    Unless he was double-bluffing and there is, in fact, something horrid living up there in the mountains. In which case, he, uh, still shouldn't have made it sound so suspicious...? o__O Paranormal or not, pretty shady either way! The non-paranormal possibilities sound a lot creepier, actually!

  16. @unicorn: well, dear, you shouldn't expect anything clear cut in the stories I publish! lol

    @arshvein: I found this thread in a 2chan archive, and unfortunately this is all I've got!

    @Moxie: There's no such thing as a free lunch, as the wise, old saying goes! :D

    @Dest: Oh yeah, the story you mentioned is "Jashi." I never made connection between the two stories though. Interesting!

    @Prisilia: The weirdest part is that the OP says "it's heartrending" and it's hard to imagine what he saw that made him use the word "heartrending."

    @Visser: I've heard so many spooky tales relating to wells. I've just happened to watch an episode from the TV series "Cold Case" where the victim is found dead in a well.

    @toyboxed: That's "Jashi" you're talking about, dear.
    You could be right, a sacrifice or two may change the situation.

    @Tia: I was so expecting everyone to say something like "is that all?" so it's great you find it interesting, Tia. lol

    I know of another story where a creature is kept inside an area by a ritual and it can't get out of that area. So your speculation may not be so far off the mark!

    You're right, 2chan is full of gems. You can be sure that you will be reading more stories from there not in the far future! :D

    @HN3: If it were a Bigfoot the owner of the house could make a profit out of it by taking pictures or videos of it! XD

    @Petzie: You summarized it very well, dear.

    I wouldn't mind taking the house actually, as I like being a shut-in from time to time XD

    @Christian: YOU ARE LYING!! I can tell from your expressionless expression. XD

    @Kamen: My dear friend...I beg you, DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU. I'm not going to tell you why. lol

    @Niya: Are you sure? Kobe is a fashionable city, and living there might possibly be quite expensive. You might regret passing up the offer! XD

    Ah, man-eating hags appear in folktales of all cultures across time and space, don't they? You get Yamanba of Japan, Baba Yaga of Russia, the evil witch in Hansel and Gretel, to name but a few.
    It is no surprise that they appear in forests and mountains, when you consider how nature is connected with the archetypal principle of the Great Mother.

    @DonAbad: haha, you're right, the OP isn't very smart XD 
    Like he expects people to be interested in the property after all the suspicious things he said! XD

  17. Haha Saya I love Japan, I'd love to go on vacation there but I wouldn't wanna live there(then I gotta leave all my friends etc behind) That and I already have to deal with supernatural beings here and that's finally started to quiet down, im gonna get angry if I have to start over again in such a short while

  18. Free thing=suckish quality

  19. Before anything else, I just want to let you know that I've been visiting your blog for five years now and even though your stories give me the creeps, I love them. Keep the stories coming, please.

    Anyway, as for the story, everything is suspicious. This goes to show that everyone should not take things from a stranger especially if it's "free".

  20. I like houses that has a big garden even though it doesn't have a garage. I could tolerate if its near the mountain but a fenced-up well? Not to mention you can't leave at least for 3 days,(why?)and 'something' comes down every night. I'm getting goosebumps all over trying to imagine it. Even Mr Anonymous is scared and doesn't want to see 'it' again. -__-"

  21. among all the questions i have .. the one that gets me is why 3 days?
    ...3 is usually the trinity in christian mythos but in japan i dont see the relevance... but most of all if it cant be left unattended for more than 3 days then
    1. OP must still be there
    2. if he cant get someone to take it then he'll have to deal with it.
    3. if in 3 days something comes after the owner then he's really not safe anywhere he goes...
    good lord saya this is quite the story you have here


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