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Friday, 5 July 2013

Miffy's Secret

Here's the latest anatomical sketch of Miffy's mouth.


  1. This pic remind of me of Night Stalker ( Hero in Dota 2 )

  2. Now I won't look at Miffy the same anymore... hahahha,, Saya san, have you ever read 10 Carat Torte? There's a monster in one of the side stories that looked like Miffy's mouth. Hahahhaa,, miffy, please be nice to me, your mouth is..... cool. lol

  3. Miffy is Predalien :P

  4. OMG A MIFFY POST! Its been a while since you posted one of these, Saya! nice one! ;)

  5. She looks like a lamprey! D:
    Now I'm worried about what kind of food she is supposed to eat with that mouth! But I won't misjudge... just because she has jaws like that doesn't mean she's evil, right? Right....?

  6. These Miffy posts always make me laugh! It's nice to have something to laugh at after all the scary stories that make me want to cry. I think Miffy is a really cute monster!

  7. We're gonna have to call up Leon Kennedy and the BSAA for this, guys.

  8. Just a word to say.......FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  9. @KC: haha is that so? :D

    @Petzie: Beware of Miffy! Her cute face belies her evil nature.

    No dear, I have never read 10 Carat Torte. I just googled it and it looks like a fun manga. I can't imagine that it has a monster like Miffy in it. haha

    @toyboxed: What's Predalien? haha Whatever it is it can't be good.

    @Tia: I had no idea Miffy posts were so popular! lol

    @Tani: Ugghh..lampreys! Some people eat those things and say they're delicious. I wouldn't eat them regardless of the taste! lol

    NO, SHE IS EVIL!!!

    @Moxie: LAUGH? You wouldn't be laughing if it appeared right in front of you with its jaws wide open!!....XD

    @Sie Nicht: Dude, you need more than just guns to kill those Miffy creatures. You need bloody nuclear bombs!
    I tell you, compared to Miffy, T-virus is just a child's play.

    HN3: Well said, dear. XD

  10. That third picture in the progression. What a beautiful smile, lol.

  11. Dude Miffy appear in my dreams along with some chick who said to be Miffy master....

  12. I HEART MIFFY NOW, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MOUTH =)) Seriously, this is pure great. I love all your posts featuring Miffy, Saya-san. I downloaded the picture immediatedly when I saw it. And I told one of my classmates the reason why Miffy's mouth is a cross (the one Saya-san posted here a while ago) and she threw away her Miffy eraser lol =))

  13. i got speechless the first time i saw this picture. i'm not a fan of miffy, but once i saw her in a toy store, i thought it's cute, even cuter than hello kitty.
    this cute creature turns out to be such a monster, now i wonder how hello kitty eat her dinner since she doesn't have a mouth! lol

  14. @Adorably Dead: A perfect smile requires showing off good set of teeth, and Miffy does that perfectly here. XD

    @Anon (11 July 2013): Miffy master!? Draw us a picture and show it to us!!

    @Anon (12 July 2013): Aww show some mercy on Miffy! She can't help being the way she is. She's OK as long as her mouth is stitched up!

    @artuie: you wouldn't want to know how Hello Kitty eats her dinner... hahaha (evil laugh)

  15. @Christian Hardjono: Don't do anything nasty to the sweet Miffy!
    We don't know what she might do to you in return *shivers*

  16. Eeek!! I never knew that Miffy was real until I saw a movie called Miffy's Birthday (I think). I thought that saya or someone she knew drew this. Super creepy...


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