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Wednesday, 21 August 2013


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This took place in the house I'm still living now.

The place where I live has no history of hauntings and my family have lived on the same land for generations; and that is why I never imagined such a terrifying thing could happen to me.

But recently, whenever I'm in the sitting room, day or night,
I hear a woman humming in low voice:
"Mmmmm......mmmm, mmmm....."

At first it sounds so far away and I have to strain my ears to catch the sound,
but if left as it is, it gradually gets louder and nearer.

If I still continue to ignore it, it becomes louder enough that I can hear it without concentrating.

So what I always do is, whenever I notice this sound, I chant the last part of the Heart Sutra. * (This is the only prayer I know....)
Anyway I chant the part where it goes "gyatei, gyatei" repeatedly, and as soon as  I do that, the sound gradually fades out.

In such a place as this I can never concentrate on watching TV.
The time when the humming starts is random, and if I don't start chanting the Heart Sutra as soon as I hear it, it sometimes even ends up entering into the room.

The other day the new album of my favourite band was released.
I was so looking forward to listening to it, so when I finally bought it at a shop, I was so excited.
Immediately, I went home and used headphones to listen to it. When I finished listening to all the tracks, I took off the headphones with a deep satisfaction; and it was just then, from right next to my ears, I heard:


*The Heart Sūtra is a famous sūtra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is often cited as the best-known and most popular Buddhist scripture of all. (from Wikipedia).


  1. Hi Saya! I have been waiting for your update! Thank you for the update! I hope that you wouldn't stop posting!

    This story is seriously creepy. the sound get closer so it means the ghost got closer too TT

  2. Woah!this is creepy!nice story Saya!Welcome back Saya!I really miss you!XD

    I think he/she actually has some mental illness(or not)

    Actually I have/afraid two things about sound:
    1.Noise/loud that can make I have heart attack.

    and it was EXTREMELY QUIET now...(and also the light went flickers)

    look like I need to hear some music right now...

    (I think it was my fault.Because one night,my house went black out.My auntie light a candle for me but then our house got light back.Auntie gave me the candle to blow it.Like birthday party,I wish some horrible and creepy before I blow it up.I wish that this summer.....will became the most creepy,scary,horror and best summer ever.And the light went off after I blow it up.I'm really a badass person aren't I?)


  3. Yeaaay first comment~~,,

    Mmmmm... so i think the more she (or he) chant the sutra, the more the ghost gradually attracted to her (or him)... and the worst part is the more he say the sutra, the more the ghost will bother him, up to the closest he can hear...

    so, i think...


    *pale face*

    *like a last part of a horror movie

    hahahhaa sorry saya, am really random,, anyway, glad to have u back! Okaeriiii!!

  4. Welcome back, Saya! ^_^

    I must confess, it wasn't a very scary story. I was thinking to myself, "Eh, maybe it's just some machinery, or he's suffering from tinnitus or something.........."

    And THEN I read the ending and I freaked right the hell out. XD Amazing work as always!

  5. This is actually a bit funny, and the ghost doesn't seem hostile either. Perhaps the ghost is doing some chanting of her own and wanted the narrator to join in!

  6. What does gyatei mean? I saw this word before... Hehehe...

  7. This was posted on my sister's birthday, haha.

    So since he used his headphones and was so into the music, he didn't hear the hum started and therefore didn't chant the Sutra to keep the hum from getting closer. It was too late when he realized it, huh?

  8. I read alot of creepy pastas... and nothing not one gives me the chills like stories on your blog. Thank you saya

  9. Hey Saya! Greetings from Mexico!

    I have been reading you since sometime ago and i must say i absolutely love your blog and the hard work you invest in it.

    Every story is so creepy and good that i get genuinely terrified sometimes, and im a very dificult to scare or creep person.

    Its a shame you are so far away, you seem like a very interesting person i would like to hang out with.

  10. I actually have experienced the same thing when I was about 4 yo. in my family's old house(no longer live there). it happened around 7pm when I was in 2nd floor of the house playing with my toys with my nanny accompany me. then out of nowhere there goes this humming voices, like "hmmmm... hmmmm, hmmmm..." but it was a man's voice, right when it feels(actually) like getting louder/nearer, without hesitation me and my nanny rushing to downstairs, and the voice is gone. just like that and since then it never happen again.

    anyway, glad you're back posting again, Saya. and this is my first comment on your blog. XD
    sorry if my english isn't good enough.

  11. I recently discovered your site and I am very impressed with the quality of your translations and how organized everything is.

    I read your post about that hateful jerk who wanted to steal your stuff. I think they were so mean because they had to convince themselves that you were a bad person, so that they could rationalize why they were insisting on stealing your stuff for views and credit. The people who start off outraged when they contact someone are generally the ones who are actually quite guilty, you know? Don't take it hard. They were being socially inept and mean-spirited so why take it personal?

    Enough about that part lol. Please keep writing these. You should get paid for your time.

    As for the story, I think that it was simply that they never said the prayer on time because they weren't listening!

  12. Welcome back Saya!
    Thanks for updating, I was about to go to my last resort of 'cursed' videos.

    I was too scared to anyways~

  13. I learn something new, never use headphones anymore when you hear disturbing voice.

  14. Hello Saya! Good to see you update again, and glad to know you are alive! This story is really cool, creepy enough and yet very intersting. I guess I can never put on my earphones when I'm all alone in my room again :)

  15. Welcome back Saya.It's was good to she your update again.
    This is a really good update,the ending gave me quite a chill down my spine.I don't know if it real or not but I offen hear weird noises(not humming,luckily) especially when I'm alone.I guess I could relate to the person in the story in a way.I hope that things won't turn out like his/her case.Ha,look at me spooking myself out,I'm pretty sure it's just my imagination.
    Thank you so much for your stories.Goodbye and have a nice day.

  16. An update! woohoo!
    Actually in my country (it's Indonesia btw), it is believed that if you heard spirit/ghost's voice as if it come from faraway, it's actually near, and vice versa.. Well different places, different rules, iguess..even in the spirit world :3
    Well, i'm really looking forward for your next update, Miss Saya XD

  17. The ghost that shall not be ignored! haha. I wonder what would happen if they hummed the tune back to her.

  18. My God! You're being haunted by the ghost of Brad Roberts!

  19. Hello saya :D!
    You know where I'm from theres this story about a ghost that wails, and my mother says that if you hear the wailing far it means that she is close by or hearing it close means that she is far :o

  20. Whoaaa really creepy.
    But instead of that I'm soooo curious who's that woman. And why she started humming like that? I thought she maybe a relative with the author.
    Btw, i really miss you saya! Thankyou for updating againnn :):)

  21. When my friend and I got home really late, probably 2 or 3 in the morning.It would be fine as usual if suddenly , out of nowhere, there was a laughter bursting out.I was petrified to actually say anything to my friend.And when I looked at her and motioned " Did you just hear that or I'm insane '' and her face was all frozen haha.She must be shocked as well as me.Later when we got into the house n thought abt it.It seemed like it came from a man and we all hoped that was from neighbor

  22. As creepy as the story sounds, the author doesn't seem to be bothered by the voice though. He may be some sort of a clairvoyant or something who's familiar with these things. And he chants the sutra and all.

  23. Can't... sleep... anymore... M-mmmmm

  24. The person should see a doctor and if doctor says he is fine then he should go see a monk.

  25. Hi boys and girls! Sorry for the VERY late reply!

    @unicorn: I won't stop posting, don't worry. Sorry I haven't been able to update regularly.

    And yes you guessed right about the story!

    @Rika: Thank you, dear. I miss you too XD

    And how was your summer? Was it as creepy as you were hoping it to be?

    @Petzie: My mum once chanted a sutra to help some random souls to rest in it seems it works! But I think you have to say it in the right away, otherwise it might annoy the ghost even more, just as you say!

    @DonAbad: I'm so glad I were able to scare you! That's what I would like to hear from people! Thanks
    ! XD

    @Tani: I bet some people find the story funny, just like you. The ghost might have been a friendly ghost, you never know!

    @Mimi: "Gyatei" is written as 羯諦 in Chinese, where 羯 means "Go" and 諦 means "the place of Enlightment," apparently. So altogether the phrase means "Go to the place of Enlightment."

    @Esasaeriri: Hope your sister had a great birthday, dear.

    Yep, your explanation is spot on!

    @Ashween Lama: Thanks a lot for the compliment Ashween! It really helps to keep my motivation up.

    @Henry Lh: Thank you, dear! Your kind message is what keeps me going. It's well-worth all the hard work. It would be really great to meet up with you guys. I might visit Mexico one day to meet you lovely Mexican people, you never know! XD

    @Avicenna Ismeth: WOW you had some terrifying experience there. I'm glad you've come out of it safe!

    And it's your first time commenting! It didn't feel like it, perhaps because I've seen your profile pic on the Followers list

    Well, thank you very much for taking time to comment! My english isn't all that great either in reality, so don't worry! I think your English is excellent. Have faith in yourself!

  26. @Tarantulady: Hi, nice to meet you! Thank you for commenting, dear!

    Oh you read that post too! It's starting to embarass me a bit! XD I think I went a bit overboard there, but I'm not taking anything I said. Anyway I had a good reason to say those stuff.

    Haha, yeah, I wish someone could pay me for my translation
    ! XD

    Take care, thank you again for your sweet words. I really appreciate them!

    @Yaviva: Thanks!! Sorry my appearance has been sporadic. Cursed videos are great to watch too, they're not that scary! XD

    @J Ea Less: That's right, dear. You've gotta learn from other people's experience too!

    @Anon (22 Aug 13:24): Hey, how are you doing! I have a couple other stories about headphones and you should read them too! XD

    @Chester Ho: Hi! It's always nice to hear from old readers.

    Oh! I hope the weird noises you hear are not related to supernatural stuff! Perhaps you should learn the Heart sutra too!

    @Anon (23 Aug 11:57): Oh sweet jesus, is that true? When you hear the ghost's voice it's actually near you? I wish I hadn't heard that! XD Thanks for your support!!

    @Adorably Dead: Ghosts are lonely creatures, you gotta pity them! XD

    @Cosmo Fish: Who's Brad Roberts? Whoever he is he can't be a good thing XD

    @Anon (25 Aug 13:26): You're from Indonesia too? Someone before you told me the same story! :D

    @Artuie: Sorry I've been absent alot! But your comments still mean a lot to me. Thank you for that!

    @loner: When my brother and I were living together, he would sometimes watch funny programmes on TV and suddenly burst out laughing, and the noise always scared the neighbours! XD I hope it was the same kind of thing that happened to you!

    @Anon(28 Aug): Maybe! But it's not so uncommon for a Japanese person to be familiar with the Heart Sutra.

    @Meji: Oh dear. You poor thing. I hope you're sleeping alright now!

    @JammyWhoo: your name reminds me of the famous shoes brand, Jimmy Choo (or whatever it was) XD Sorry, no offense. haha



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