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Monday, 14 October 2013

Death Sentence

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A cryptic story!

My son has a weird habit of pointing fixedly at people's faces (these can be faces in photos or on TV).
Recently I discovered that the people whose faces are pointed at by him, all die within three days of him doing it.

Today too, when I was trying to turn on TV, my son started pointing fixedly at the screen.
Right after the TV turned on, the face of a famous politician appeared on it.

Hmmm, it looks like this guy is going to die soon too.


  1. This is a famous cryptic story, so you readers might know it already.

  2. The son was pointing at his mother/father?

  3. I'm sorry to break it out to you, but I don't think he was pointing at the politician. Shinzō Abe is safe, it is you who should probably seek some spiritual guidance as soon as possible.

  4. This is the first time I've come across this story. =D

    It's a bit complicated, but I think he's pointing at his father's face, which was reflected on the TV screen before the TV could turn on. o_O

  5. I've seen this one somewhere before, and this story is nice.
    Still it is not that clear whether the son or his parent will be dead.

    Still, thank you for posting! It is always enjoyable to reread good creepy stories.

  6. Hi Saya I'm new in this blog. Since i found this, i spent 2 days to read all of your posts. I'm Indonesian, but i loves all about Japan (anime, manga, culture, and of course: horror tales). Now you are officially my idol of occult things! Thanks for the stories. Keep posting because i love you and this blog! :)

  7. Diogo Valverde, you do realize that Saya didn't write this story and is only translating it? As far as I know, the story is one where the reader has to think what makes the story creepy.

  8. Now that's a kid I want to get rid off unless I can use him to get rid of people I hate >:). Just kidding! I've never heard of this before but Thanks for uploading Saya-san!

  9. Woah now, is he/she the one killing those people? Hahaha Or maybe i think too much lol

  10. I connocted three theories:
    -As we don't know the son's age, he could very well be a serial killer.
    -alternatively, the parent kills everyone the son points at (complicated, but still works)
    -The son could have pointed to his parent, but he could also have pointed himself. It's likely the son's reflections could also be on TV screen.

    Anyway, thanks for the post Saya-san! I love cryptic stories :)

  11. Weeell, seems like he's got the Shinigami Eyes! XD and the father's probably done for lol

  12. Sonny pointing at his mom while she was switching on the TV? So she is going to die soon?

    Thanks Saya san for the story! ^-^

  13. @Anonymous: I'm aware of that, my comment was directed at the narrator-character. XD

  14. How are you Saya-san?
    Thanks again for translating the story.
    Each time I read your stories, I really really want to learn japanese, just so I can read much much more scary stories. I also felt like learning chinese and korean, all for the same reason.
    The culture at each country is kind of similar sometimes, and so does their ghost stories. xixixi.
    It's really interesting to read about some culture-creepy-kind-of-story. I can't last a week without something creepy! lol
    Keep writing Saya-san!

  15. Oh! Alright, just the way you stated it made it sound like you thought Saya went through it!

  16. Instead of Death Note, it is death finger.

  17. Hello, Saya
    Sorry, if there will be mistakes - my english is still pretty awful (I'm from Latvia, meanwhile)
    I just wanted to say, that I really appreciate your work (and you as well, of course!) and love every single one story on your blog, they're very creepy.
    Hope, you will continue in the same way!♥

  18. mossy hemisphere16 October 2013 at 20:32

    looks like the boy has some invisible friend that's conspiring with him

    he points the faces of his next friend's target

  19. Saya-sama~

    This time I really tried to figure it out myself x.x
    Buuuut I couldn't, so I read the comments. I'm such a dummy. Next time I'll figure it out myself! Thank you for the post and happy Halloween! :D

  20. Very interesting!
    Sometimes It kinda helpful when somebody knows when their die(just kidding)
    But I like about Sadae's theories.

    Anyway,this reminds me to Thailand cryptic story.It's about a teenage girl who can see people deaths on mirror.Well,from what I read,she was trauma and phobia to mirror.

  21. aahh i think whoever the kid points at is the parent's next the mum/dad is the killer???thanks for the great story as always saya-san <33

  22. Oh no oh no... I think the parent should be worrying. Unless the TV is the kind that doesn't cast a reflection. I wonder whether the child actually causes the deaths or simply predicts them?

  23. Hello Saya!

    It's been some time since I last (and only times) posted here any comments. I kinda left without telling my last story to you, because of busy life ;(

    This one is really interesting. As few people here I have the same theories.

    1) The boy might be murdering all the people (depending on his age, though some people pointed at could live far away and it might be impossible)
    2) The father might be the one murdering them for some reason (but the same reason as up there, might be impossible)
    3) The person the son pointed at could be either the father or the son himself as both might be seen in the TV.

    It kinda made me think about what I once talked to you about, about my dream where I was in the bus and it had an accident and people died. And then it turned out to be a bus accident few days after that dream and the same amount of people died there as in my dream. Damn, nothing like predicting deaths, really...

    But yeah, I go with that the kind could predict the death (though weird they all die 3 days after that though some might be people they knew for some times already and he just sees when that person is close to death and points at them). I like cryptic stories because you can make up your own theories. ^^

  24. @Anon (14 Oct 11:29): I think that what it means, dear! :)

    @Diogo: I'm sure some people want Shizo Abe dead, since he's raising the consumption tax! XD

    @DonAbad: You explained it very well, my friend! :D

    @regorgitated: I'm sure I've seen a few different variations of the story before although this is the only one I currently know.

    Oh I never thought it might be the son who would end up dead! That's a good point.

    And I appreciate your comment too! Sorry I still haven't replied to another comment you've sent to me. I wanted to reply properly but then things keep coming up and get in my way. But I'll do it this week. Thanks a lot! :D

    @edwee: Oh, edwwe, I'm sorry I kept you waiting for my reply!

    Thanks a lot for commenting though! It only took you two days to read all that I wrote in 6-7 years? That's disheartening but at least I've become your idol LOL

    Thanks again for your support! Take care :D

    @Anon (14 Oct 23:29): Diogo has been a long time reader so he knows what's he saying. No worries, my friend! Thanks for speaking on my behalf, though!

    @Kira Collins: hahaha I agree with you. XD Thank you dear for leaving a commment.

    @Subaii: That may be so! Getting different interpretations is part of fun of cryptic stories. Thanks dear!

    @Sadae: Oh! Some more very interesting interpretations! I love them! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! :D

    @Blebo: Yes, may be the son is a Shinigami! :D

    @桔子: That is what I originally thought too, but we're getting so many different and interesting interpretations from my readers! Thanks a lot for commenting :D


  25. @saya san don't be disheartened. It only took 2 days because i read your posts almost all the time. even i only got 3 hours per day for sleeping LOL. That because i love your posts so much that i couldn't stop reading those. I felt so satisfied yet still curious when i reached the end of your posts. This is the best occult blog i've ever read! Keep posting, Saya San! :)

  26. he was pointing at his mothers reflection in the dark screen!!!

  27. @Nophi Lucious: I'm pretty good, thank you! Although I have to go to the dentist soon to fix a hole in a tooth... Anyway, how are you yourself?

    Yeah you should start learning all those languages you want to learn. It's a lot of fun to learn new languages. If you want to you can always write to me in Japanese to practice it. :D

    Thanks a lot for your support and take care!

    @CY: I always like comments which are succinct and to the point! Good for you!

    @Anon (16 Oct 02:33): Hello! I think it's the first time I get a comment from someone from Lativia. Wonderful! How are you? I hope you're well and happy!

    Don't be shy! Your English is just perfect. :D I'm just so glad you left a comment here. Thank you for your love and support!

    @mossy hemisphere: I wouldn't like to have an invisible friend like that! Thansk for the comment!

    @Kiera: Kiera-sama! how are you? You're not a dummy dear, I always find it hard to figure out those cryptic stories too! :D Happy Halloween!

    @Rika: Thailand has loads of creepy ghost stories too, don't they? I heard Thailand's ghost movies are really scary. Thanks for your comment!

    @sky: An interesting theory, my dear. Thanks a lot for your comment! <3

    @Tani: I'm really simple-minded so I usually take the story at face value, but as many people say here maybe it's the child who's causing deaths. You never know! Thanks for your comment!

    @AnyumiFey: Hi, how's life? I'm busy too so I understand if you sometimes don't appear for a while. Cheer up :D

    I always somehow thought the child in this story is an infant, so it's interesting that you thought the son might be much older.

    That is a very scary dream you had there. I vaguely remember you told me about it before.

    Me too! I just love cryptic stories. I hope you give you some more to read! Thanks a lot for your comment!

    @edwee: Thank you very much for your nice words! I hope I can continue to post as long as I breathe lol


  28. @Anon (23 Oct): Sorry your comment was in the spam box and that's why I couldn't publish it until now.
    Anyway thanks for your commment! :D

  29. Haha, I didn't even think of the possibility of the son or the parent killing the people at all. I just thought that he had the power to predict it (because I think psychic children are very creepy!).

    That last sentence is really ambiguous, though. It could be read as certainty (they "know" this guy is going to die soon, because the parent or son is going to kill him) or just as extrapolation (everyone the son points to dies, so they just assume it'll happen this time too, without any ill intent).

    And the idea of a TV reflecting the son or a parent is possible too. I didn't think of that, either.

    One thing is certain... teach your son never to point at you! :P

  30. the question is if that politician was a pain or a nice person to the public ... which one is it though?

  31. Personally, I think the son has a supernatural ability to tell when somebody is about to die and he was pointing to his parent's reflection in the TV before it turned on; because the TV turned on immediately afterwards, the parent assumed their son was pointing at the politician. Ignorance is bliss, I guess!

  32. It's the parent who's gonna die soon. Or the kid, even.


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