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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Too Cruel

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This happened when I was still at elementary school.
One day A, who was my best friend, came to school on crutches.
I asked him what had happened but he wouldn't tell me.

I was worried about A since he had recently lost his father in a car accident.
So I turned to B and C, who were playing with A on the previous day, for an explanation.

B and C looked uncomfortable at first, but in the end, knowing that I was A's best friend, they told me what had happened.

B  "Yesterday we were playing catch in A's apartment's garden.  At one time C threw a wild ball. A tried to catch it but tripped and fell. And then on top of A's leg..."
Me  "Go on!"
C  "She fell....."
Me  "What?"
B  "A's mother."
Me  "......!?"
C  "It was suicide, apparently. She's still alive but is in critical condition."

That day A left school early, and the next day we learned that A's mother had passed away.
Having lost both his parents, A was taken into the care of his paternal grandparents.


  1. Try to guess why A's mother did what she did.

  2. What are you trying to say Saya, did the mother have something to do with the car accident and try to commit sucide because she felt guilty?

  3. I'm guessing the mother wanted to kill A-kun aiming for him as she jumped.

  4. uh, my wild guess is A's mother tried to kill A by jumping on top of him??
    I got nuthing :|

  5. A's mother wanting to kill him.. that means, was she there the whole time while they were playing?? Was C part of the plan?? lol maybe i think too much hahaha

  6. i think she killed herself bc she was upset her husband died...

  7. Did A's devastated mom trying to bring him with her to "reunite" with her late husband aka A's father? Just a wild guess though.

  8. Welcome back, Saya chan!;) So good to catch up with an update! I found this story quite sad to tell you the truth, cause losing family in something like a car accident is pretty much awful, to be fair. Besides that, the creepy part is the mother's attempt to fall on the child from above the apartment. Was she observing the playing kids to perfectly time her fall, or was it by chance? What if C, who threw the ball at A was in accord with the mother? ALl sorts of theories came to me, but it's even creepier to consider.
    One theory of mine is the most logical for me: That the mother, devastated by her love's death falls into depression and wants nothing to do with anything that reminds her of him. That why she tries to kill him but fails and dies. Thus it is supposed to be suicide.
    The second theory is old fashioned suicide triggered by depression, completely coincidential with the time and place where the kids were playing.
    The last theory, not so logical, but also probable. (Prepare for wild imagination logic!!:P) C, A's friend had a relationship with A's mother and were looking to make it more..."official". Thus, they sabotage the father who dies in a car "accident". Afterwards, probably because they thought A was an obstacle to their romantic affair, decided to create another little "accident" so that they would get away with two murders. However, C throws the ball harder than he should and as a result the whole plan backfires and his romance dies with the mother. Of course nothing like the third theory is evident in the story, so... yeah :P
    Vivid imagination, lol. Thank you for the post, Saya chan! Looking forward for the next update, take care!

  9. A's mother caused the accident and feeling guilty, she killed herself? Or maybe she misses her husband? That's sad. Maybe it was meant for her son.

  10. This story is really a complicated one. Well, I've got two theories:

    1) A's mother wanted to kill him (a kind of ritual suicide-killing to gather all the family on the other side), although she has chosen rather an unusual method.

    2) A's mother was cleaning windows. C threw the ball with so much force that it hit A's mother, she lost her consciousness and fell down.

    Neither of these explainations are that good, so I'm waiting for somebody to unravel the puzzle, lol.

    Thank you very much for the story!

  11. Saya-sama~

    I thought it was because A's mom was sad his father died. I don't know though, that's all I could come up with. Thank you for the post!

  12. I think A's mother killed her husband and make it looks like an accident. Later on she tormented by the guilt and try to kill herself.

  13. Mm... My own theory about it is that A's mother may have been infuriated by noticing how A was already happily playing with his friends despite the recent of his father.. So she, infuriated and driven insane by loss, tried to kill him; dying from the fall wasn't on her plans because she may have not even realized the height and distance between them.
    This is quite trying to see it from the worst possible perspective though haha.
    If I truly allow my imagination to run wild:
    You can say that A tripped because his father held his leg to save him from his mother's fall.

  14. Homicide Suicide!

    Human friggin missile

  15. Everyone trying to figure out why A's mother jumped. It was probably because she had just lost her husband and was grief stricken.

    A's leg was just an unfortunate accident.

    Anyway, the title "Too Cruel" is a bit of an understatement....

  16. I missed Saya's first comment, I feel slightly foolish. (Also hello, Miss Saya how are you today)

  17. I think the other readers hit the nail on the head. Maybe she was trying to kill both herself AND her son. o_O That IS really cruel. My heart bleeds for that boy.

  18. Survival guilt maybe,the father died but the mother not.poor A,I can't even imagine the pain that he has to go through.Thank you Saya,I'm sorry for not following your posts the last couple month.As always have a pleasant day Saya.

  19. Hi saya san,

    i got this wild guess haha:

    A's parents found out A is a jinx or maybe a demon etc. So, they decided to kill A.

    His father tried to kill A by hitting A with the car, instead he failed and died in the process.

    A's mother then found the perfect opportunity to kill him while the boys were playing, thinking that she could crush him by falling on him from a height (and die together). But she failed too and died istead.

    Now maybe A's paternal grandparents will soon discover the secret and ....... :P

  20. I like the suggestion from the above poster that the parents tried to kill A because he's a demon. I never thought of that. I think it's a very interesting theory.

  21. Hi Saya!
    All those theories I have came up with has been written by the fellow readers.
    So Im just gonna come back here and wait for your explanation, Saya~

    Thanks for this story!

  22. It's a sad story, but I can't help to like Tia's theories. I like to look for crazy explanations! My theory is also that she killed the father, then tried to kill her son while she killed herself. And she's not gonna stop...creepy mom.

  23. Um... I'm going with what most people have already posted. A's mother was trying to kill A, and perhaps herself as A. The reason could be anything from wanting the entire family to be "together", to somehow feeling guilty about the father's accident to being angry with A for some reason...
    But I think the title is appropriate. It is too cruel. not only to lose your father, but also your mother as well, and to realise she may have been trying to kill you!

  24. Maybe A's mother was trying to take A to the underworld with her but failed? So she commited suicide by herself..


    The one that fell is not her mother but her spirit... coz A's mother won't survive the crash to do suicide the next day, so the one that's fell was her....

    Am i right?

  25. Hi, everyone! Thank you for all your theories!
    I guess I could have put this under the "cryptic" label, though it's not known as a cryptic story :D

    When I first posted this story all I had in mind was that A's mother didn't just commit suicide but tried to kill her son along with herself.

    Or it could be all pure coincidence.

    But it's great to see you people come up with all sorts of original and interesting theories!

    @GreedyTengu: May be! I never thought of the possibility but that's interesting.

    @Kissing Candy: I think so too!:)

    @nunu: That's what many people think, dear!

    Gosh you people are so clever!

    @Subaiii: When I look at your name I'm reminded of the Japanese word "Subarashii" meaning "wonderful" :D

    Yeah the mother was probably watching the kids play and waiting for her chance. I dunno if C was part of the plan. May be! Thanks for the good theory!

    @Anon (23 Oct): I also think that's what she tried to do.

    @Tia: Hello! Sorry for my late reply again! Thank you always for welcoming me back :D

    Like always, there are so many possibilities with this story. It may be by chance that the mother fell on top of A, but it may be intentional...

    Or as you say, maybe C was in league with the mother....

    Oh, I like your last theory! Who knows, it might be true! It makes the story even more interesting. I like to see people use their imagination when they try to unravel crpytic stories, and you did a great job!

    You take care too, my friend! :D

  26. @Kira Collins: Perhaps! As I said above, she might have wanted to kill her son too.

    @regorgitated: "she has chosen rather an unusual method" - haha, I agree XD

    I like your second theory too. It's very interesting :D

    And I thank you for your comment. It gives me a lot of motivation!

    @Kiera: Hello, Kiera-sama~
    That's the most natural explanation for the mother's action, dear. Thank you for your comment! :D

    @Anon (24 Oct 00:31): Very possible, my dear!

    @Hinanawi Tenshi: Is the "Tenshi" in your name meant to be the Japanese word for angel?

    So you think her death was accidental. That's quite intersting. I like it.

    Oh, and you also imagine that the father tried to save him? I never thought of that one! :D

    @HN3: Homicide suicide? Nice :D

    @Noino: No worries, dear. It's easy to miss it. I'm fine, how are you? I hope you're happy. And yes, and it is a very disturbing story.

    @DonAbad: The first time I read the story I went OMFG. I'm glad I was able to convey its creepiness in my translation.

    @Chester Ho: I understand that you have been busy. Don't worry! Come back here when you are free! :D Take care and don't work too hard!

  27. @桔子: So you think A was like the boy in the movie Omen (not that I ever watched that movie properly!)

    I think we can make another short story out your ideas! Cool stuff, thank you! :D

    @nunu: I agree. I just love reading all these imaginative theories.

    @sunflowerbloom: You always have a cute profile picture, dear!

    My own explanation isn't that great XD
    My readers far outdo me in this area! Thanks a lot for your comment!

    @Sadae: Tia always comes up with wonderful theories, I agree!
    I like horror stories with creepy mothers in them, don't you? XD

    @Tani M: You're right, the title is so appropriate. Such a cruel fate for a little boy like him. When I first read the story I momentarily froze from shock!

    @Petzie: Her spirit? Hmmm may be! For cryptic stories, there are never right answers, so your theories are as valid as those of others! :D

    THANKS A LOT AGAIN EVERYONE, for your comments. I'm overjoyed everytime someone post a comment! :D

  28. C threw the wild ball that made A's mother fall...

    "It was suicide, apparently"

  29. Perhaps A's mom was involved in causing the accident. And one day when the kids were playing the spirit of the father pushed her out of the window in revenge for her killing him. But to other People it was a suicide.


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