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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Day He's been Waiting For

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This is a (sort of) cryptic story. Enjoy!

Man "Yes! The day I've been wainting for has finally arrived! I really couldn't wait!
Woman "Can we break off our engagement?"
Man "No, impossible."
Woman "Do you love me?"
Man "Of course!"
Woman "Will you ever cheat on me?"
Man "No way. How can you think I would do such a thing?"
Woman "Please kiss me."
Man "Of course. I'll do it many, many times!"
Woman "Will you ever beat me?"
Man "Never!"
Woman "Can I trust you?"

(edit) For a BIG hint, click "Read More" below.

There are TWO different ways by which you can read this post.
One is that you read it from top to bottom like you normally do.
The other is....?

The comments below usually contain spoiler so don't read them if you want to figure it out by yourself first.


  1. Yes! New cryptic story! I'm thinking this guy has completely lost his marbles or the woman is a ghost. They must not really be in love. It might just be a mirage or an illusion. Great story, Saya-san!

  2. Saya-sama~

    Yup, I got this. You can read it up to down, which is usually how you read it. However, you can read it down to up, which makes it make more sense. Thanks for the post!

  3. Bottom to top made more sense. From top to bottom, seemed the guy had lost it for good.

  4. I really couldn't get this one. XD
    Though at first, when I read it, I said to myself: "WHOA. She wants to break off the engagement on the day of the wedding?! Red flag right there...."

    And then I read it bottom to top as suggested and freaked right out. o_O

  5. Whooaaa!!! That guy is crazy.
    However, I feel terrible because I did find it a bit funny.

  6. Now that's clever: it makes so much more sense (and changes meaning entirely) when you read it as you would a Japanese manga, from last to first. Given that this is a site for Japanese horror, that was the first thing that jumped to my mind when you said "there are two different ways to read this."

  7. ahh, i think that was an extremely sad story.. poor woman. she just wanted love.

  8. so....guy its crazy no matter which way you read it? well from bottom to top, he seems more like an idiot, the other guys looks crazy. situation for the woman.

  9. Long time lurker, first time posting.
    This is a joke where I'm from (Mexico). It's a little different from the one I know, but the essence is there.

  10. I first heard this riddle when I was at high school (about eight years ago).
    Apparently Indonesians thought this story is a funny one...

  11. It seems that this story is rather popular in many countries. I've also read the Russian version of it.

    It proves, comrades, that in our capitalistic civilization everything is so ambiguous and hypocritical... Lol.

    And yeah, I really liked the idea of this story being similar to manga.

    Thank you very much for translating it!

  12. I read from bottom to to top. I don't know where the scary part of the story is

  13. Hi Saya-sama! This is my first time making a comment on here. I've always loved your blog and have tried to read as many stories on here as I can! I hope you continue on with uploading and thanks so much for your time and effort in uploading! I read the story up and down but when I did, I realized that he was going to kill her. What a bad husband! :D

  14. Can I share some of these on Facebook, properly mentioning the source and linking your blog?

  15. LOL, I get it!

    How cynical :p

  16. I think the man could have split personalities, could he?

  17. Bottom to top does make more sense. Is it bad I find this a bit funny? How did that man ever end up engaged at all? At least he is honest! XD

  18. I...I need more..stories... O _ O

    By the way, thanks..for getting me addicted. ;P

  19. Ahhh I've seen a version of this floating around, it's supposed to be a joke about before marriage and after marriage.

    Also Saya I found this and thought you might like it. It's a reading of the creepypasta about Kashima Reiko (although people are saying she and Teke-Teke are the same person, I thought they were different?)

    I hope you like it, I've heard the story before but this still creeped me out!

    Thank you Saya for scare us since a long time ;3
    I love your tales
    Thank u

  21. I see what u did there....;-p

  22. "Uba-Yo-Sare" ;_;27 March 2014 at 13:03

    Saya, you have me utterly convinced that I'm going to die horribly within a month. ;_; lol but EVERYTHING under the curse tag has me terrified. especially the ones that say "if you read this" because I accidentally get glances of them. Have any of these things happened to you? I mean, are any of the curses real? I'm honestly about to cry ;_;
    Btw great blog, it's definitely got me rightly terrified out of my mind.

  23. @Uba-Yo-Sare: Haha yet your name is uba yo sare! XD

    These stories under the curse tag usually tell you what to do in order to avoid the fruition of the curse, so make sure you follow the rules! You should be alright.

    After all, I'm still alive! :D


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