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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Getting Ready

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Hi, everyone!

Happy New Year! :D

Here's a new cryptic story you've all been waiting for!
I look forward to receiving interesting theories from you!

I hope I can continue to entertain you with spine-chilling tales in the coming year too!

Take care and be awesome ;)
Love, Saya


"Hey, are you done yet?"
I speak to my wife's back. How come women always take so long to get ready!
"Nearly done. Don't be so impatient! We're in no hurry.... hey, Shou-chan**, stay still!"
She's right, but I have always been an impatient person, so there's nothing I can do now to change it.
It's nearly New Year. The whole world is busy.
I take a cigarette out of my suit pocket and light it.

"I wonder if we won't surprise your father and mother by turning up so suddenly."
"Don't sweat it. They'll start smiling the moment they see their grandson's face."
I say, glacing at our son who is lying down by us.
"OK, ready? .....Oh, wait."
"Huh? What's the matter?"
"Look, this..this here."

My wife points at my neck and I touch it.  
 "Oh, I forgot."
"You're not only impatient but scatterbrained too! Come here."

" you," whispers my wife, as if she were talking to herself.
"Why now, all of a sudden?"
"Come on, we're husband and wife. There's no need to be shy."
She is looking down and I can't see her face, but it seems like she is blushing.
"Yeah... I love you too."
It must have been years since I last said something so frankly to her. I feel a little shy, but it doesn't feel bad.

I take her hands in mine.
"So, shall we go now?"

I kick the stool at my feet.

** Shou-chan:  Shou is the son's name, and chan is a suffix that expresses endearment (wiki),


  1. They're committing suicide! The parents' mother and father are dead already. I think the son is also dead? So the mom and dad are all that's left.

    They're going to kill themselves through hanging it seems. When the dad says "How come women always take so long to get ready!", I guess she's getting the rope ready. She's also implying the rope when she points at the dad's neck.

  2. Hello Saya! I've always silent reading your post but since it's New Year i thought i'll at least say Happy New Year to you :D

    And about the story, it's kinda obvious if you read the last sentence lol

  3. Are they committing suicide??
    And they killed their son?
    So sad, they sound so happy, but in a very tragic scene.
    Thank you, Saya-san. Great story as always :D

  4. Oh my, they were committing suicide!? Thats so so sad.... And on the New Year's Eve too? That sucks at so many levels :P I guess the mother and father might have been into some twisted cult, the kind of cult with the preachings of apocalyptic doom at the dawn of New Year. Thus, they prepared themselves as best they could so they could commit suicide and join their deity just in time before the apocalypse, so as to ease themselves from the pain and torture....? The children have to go first though :( It was a mind-boggling story, but when i reached the end it all made sense :P Thank you for another riveting story dear! :D

  5. While I was scrolling down the post the computer was lagging, so I only read a few sentences off the beginning and jumped off to the last one...
    and I already could guess what was happening :p //psstsuicidepsst
    great job on the author making it look like a couple getting ready for a party

    by the way, happy new year saya and everyone!! <3

  6. Thank you for this story, and Happy New Year to you, Saya-san!

  7. Oh man, that's depressing. ;__; Um.. I assume that, they killed their son by either strangling since they told him to stay still and he was lying down beside them, when they said they wonder if they don't won't surprise her husband's parents by showing up meaning, they're already dead and in the afterlife. And so.. they hung themselves. Wow, that's really sad. ;___; But, I think I got the story right. ^^

  8. So they murdered their son and then committing double suicide...not a very bright new year XD

  9. So they killed their son first and then they hang themselves together? But in the midst of all that they still got the time to be all romantic and stuff.
    I don't know what to feel. hahaha

    By the way, Happy New Year Saya! :D

  10. I seriously don't get it. But thanks to the comments above hahaha I finally understand it lol.

  11. Saya-sama~
    The parents killed their son and committed suicide! That's what I think. Thanks for the post!
    ~ Kiera

  12. I used to have a blog widget that lists all the recently posted comments on the sidebar, but the thing is broken. It's really annoying.

    @Anon (31 Dec 2013): You're absolutely right, dear. Or at least that is the commonly given explanation about the story.
    Well done!

    @Rathalia: That's very sweet of you, dear. I hope the year 2014 has been good for you so far :D

    @nunu: Yep! You people are so astute. I'm impressed! :D Thanks for reading the story!

    @Tia: Yeah I know, it's pretty bad to post something like this on New Year's eve XD LOL But I feel people are expecting me to be this way and I'd be sorry not to answer their expectations!

    Well at least you enjoyed it! haha
    Thank you for your sweet comment! :D

    @sardine god: Oh! Here we have the god of sardine. Please, thou divine god of sardine, save the people of Japan, who, every weekday morning, have to be packed like sardines in the train when they commute to work!

    Happy New Year!! :D haha

    @Anon (31 Dec 2013 21:39): Thank you very much, dear! Happy New Year to you! Take care! ;)

    @Mayumi: haha I made you cry twice there. I'm sorry! But it's good that you worked it out by yourself and that it made you smile! :D

    @Mimi: There, there. Don't cry!

    @diru: This part of the Underworld is so dark that no sun rays can ever penetrate it, even on New Year's eve! XD

    @Subaiii :I'd love to spend my final moments romantically with my beloved, although perhaps not in a double suicide! XD

    Happy New Year! May 2014 brings you immense happiness in all you do!

    @unicorn: No worries! Actually It gives me more satisfaction when people say they took a while to get it! haha

    @Kiera: That's right! Well done, Kiera dear. Come back when I publish the next cryptic story and share your thoughts with us again! ;)

    EVERYONE, thank you again for your comments! I really enjoyed reading each message! Take care!

  13. Look like they're have some stool blocking at front door. So Dad kick it and get outside.

    Just some positive thinking. lol

  14. They killed their son and they'll kill themselves. Mmmh...someone is not having happy holidays. I do like commenter Comatose's version!!

  15. I just found your blog Saya-san, and your blog is awesome. I like to read the cryptic stories and then trying to find what the story's means.
    About this story, i think those wife and husband are committed suicide and before they killed themselves they killed their son first. Why i think that they killed themselves, it was because if they want to go somewhere (grandparents house) why did they let their child stay lying down? if they go somewhere atleast they should say that one of them carried their son, but that never mentioned. SO i think they committed suicide after killed their son.


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