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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Really Crazy DVD

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Last year a friend - called A -  whom I had not contacted for a long time, emailed me.
"I got a copy of this really crazy DVD. You wanna come watch it?"

 This friend was a total horror nerd who often searched internet to get copies of supernatural or so-called snuff movies.**
"Fine. I'll find a couple of other people to join me. See you this weekend." I replied.

Three of us went to his place.
"So? What's this DVD about?"
When I asked, he said, "it's about imprisonment and mental torture. Take a look."

The video looked like it was filmed by a handy cam. A man who looked like he was in his early thirties was tied to a chair.
He was being forced to watch something.
The same situation went on and on endlessly....
It looked unnervingly realistic compared to other snuff movies we had seen that it was somewhat sobering. And I remember clearly how A, who sat behind us, was watching it with obvious relish.

About 15 minutes into the video things began to change.
The man in the video started to seriously resist watching. He was trying his hardest not to see.
However, although his body was resisting, he somehow could not tear his eyes away from that unknown something.
His eyes looked no longer like the eyes of a sane person.
The man then started to alternately give a hysterical laugh and say obscenities, while his neck swayed unnaturally.
And what's more, his facial expression kept changing at a pace that was beyond normal.
It was about four times as fast as normal speed.
In contrast, the scenery behind him changed at normal speed.
But the part above the man's neck moved at abnormal speed and he kept muttering something.

In the end the guy who was probably the cameraman asked, "do you know your own name?"
The man answered, "Abyaaaa, hehehehe, ____kawa _____ji."
His voice and the movement of his mouth weren't synching at all.
The cameraman: "Uhh.., this guy's finished."
And the video ended.

To be honest, by the time the video finished, we had become a little sick.
A still kept on talking energetically, blabbering on about the video, but I didn't want to hear any of it.
I didn't want to watch it anymore so I made an eye contact with the other two guys signalling that we should go home.

On the way back in the car, one of the guys said, "did you notice the strange way A moved his mouth just now, when he was desperately trying to explain some stuff? He looked almost like that man in the video..."

A went missing soon after that, and two months later they found him dead; he had committed suicide naked.

We are beginning to think that we, who also watched the video, might eventually end up having a breakdown like A.

**Snuff movies - movies that depict the actual murder of a person or people (Wiki)


  1. Hi saya! First of all, merry late christmas! I love all your translation, especially the cryptic ones. This is my first time commenting on your post. And second, if its possible, I want to ask your reccomendation for creepy places in Japan, preferably in Osaka, because I will go there on January with my cousin and we're planning to go on a ghost hunting there haha. Once again, thank you for your translation and have a good day!

  2. I would slap him(A) if i was his friend so that he will be back to his sense...XD well welcome back saya...i almost give up on checking this blog when i didn't see you updating the blog..i'm glad that you're back.. ^^

  3. @ninannana: Hi! Thank you for commenting! It's very nice to hear from new readers.

    So you're coming to Japan soon!
    I hear that Osaka's Umeda Station's (梅田駅)underground shopping mall has a place called 泉の広場 (which literally means "Fountain Square") which is said to be haunted. There have been many reports of people seeing a strange woman dressed in red. You can see the picture of it at:

    (You can copy and paste the URL above by clicking on "Post a Comment" first and opening the pop-window)

    I heard that this underground mall is GINORMOUS and that it's like a dungeon so don't get lost in it!

    Take care! :D

    @BlueRio: Well, dear, I don't know how long you have been my reader but I'm known for erratic updates. I have a life outside this blog, after all! Anyway thanks a lot for your comment!

  4. Dear Saya-san, thank you for this story!

    I doubt the 3 guys will end up the same as A. They did not seem as a affected as A, but then again, A probably watched it more than once since he could tell the others what the video was about.
    Or maybe, A went looking for the video the tortured man was watching. And he found it and it drove him to kill himself.

    I wonder if a person would be able to resist watching a video that is known to cause madness or suicide. I know it'd be extremely hard for me to resist.

  5. Hi there, hope your to do list getting shorter day by day, and i bet it is because you could publish this.

    By the way, how come the one who filmed the video did not get affected? might be he used some eye protection... i wonder is it sunglases or it might be the thing that sinchan used to cover his face with LOL

    By the way, good to hear your are good Saya, and while you are in Taiwan you might stumble one or two domestic horror story, no? ^^

  6. I agree with nunu.They might be end up like A or they sign in themself into a mental hospital because they dont want to end up like A.I will do that because I don't want to lose my sanity.

    Am I the last one that just know about snuff video right now?It creepy.....are it actually really exist?you must be kidding,right?ahahahaha.....

  7. The Cursed video! Why? Just why did they have to watch that video? Even if it was only a few minutes, they should have stopped because one of them had the sense to notice something was wrong. I feel bad that A committed suicide. It only impacted him the most. That's sad. Great story, Saya-chan! Can't wait for more cryptic stories.

  8. I was about to search some snuff movies when I read your post... well it's good and bad on its own way..
    Btw, nice update as always Saya :D

  9. I guess that snuff movie worked under the same curse "principals" of other stories and videos featured on this site :P You know, do certain things so that the curse activates. For example, the one video you posted some time ago that said that you should watch it with the lights off and with the door opened just a crack? Although i am not really certain what the catch was with this one, maybe they should have seized watching the dvd the moment shit got real (pardon my language!) Anyways, it was a really refreshing story Saya chan, thank you so much! :) I hope you have a Happy New Year, take care dear! ;)

  10. Hello, Saya. Happy New Year. :P

    I've been wanting to find snuff movies... Do they really exist? Saya, have you ever watched one?

  11. @nunu Oh it's great to hear from you, dear. :)

    From the sound of it, you must have watched all of the cursed videos on my blog? :D You are a curious one!

    I know a few places where I can watch real snuff movies but I won't watch them because they aren't to my taste.

    @Toyboxed My list is indeed getting shorter, but I still have to finish preparing for one presentation plus an essay by the middle of this month and I won't be partying until then! XD

    The uni I go to has many tales of hauntings, but unfortunately I myself have never encountered anything except living human-beings. I'm utterly without talent! XD

    @Rika I feel the video in question isn't a cursed video but something more... but I don't know what it is.

    I've just updated a new cryptic story today and I hope you enjoy it, dear.:D

    @Ryan Pratama What? How come were you searching for snuff movies! My,my, you don't want your mum to find out! XD Anyway thanks for your comment!

    @Tia Oh, I'm glad you found the story refreshing! That's good to hear. LOL

    Don't apologise! My won language can get quite filthy too when I get pissed off with comments that make me unhappy! XD I should really watch my mouth!

    Concerning the story, I know it's quite murky and there's no clear answer as to what happened, but I like this kind of story!
    Thanks a lot! I hope you're happy and well!

    @Mimi Hi! Happy New Year! :D

    I haven't watched any snuff movies but I know they exist. There's a famous one from Ukraine. You can watch it on the internet.

  12. I can say that this post is quite disturbing lol. But if I were the narrator, I would be really suspicious if a person/friend who hasn't contacted me for a long time suddenly invited me to watch DVD. I mean, I will think twice if I would go or not, because that was really strange. And he also brought two friends with him.

    I think they got affected by what they watched but they just trying their best to erase/ignore it. But since they had found out that A killed himself, I guess that they would really "think" about it. And it would be disturbing for them.

    It was nice to read another story from you Saya.

  13. Greetings Saya. I just found your blog and read eeverything up until this and decided to post something here because this somewhat made me remember a memory of my junior high year. Sorry if I post in an old thread, I just want to share this with you ^^

    So me and my friends (5 of them) are planning to have a movie marathon in weekend. Friday night, I'm having a dream on sitting in a sofa beside a girl with a long dark hair. She mutters, "Never watch it til' the end or I'll come at you". I immediately woke up and sweat a lot. I dismissed that though. Weekend came and we are readying for our movie marathon. Suddenly my friend change the list from OVA into Ju-On movies...all of em. By that time I already forgot about my dream. Until it was dusk and we watched every bit of the movie. We can only froze in fear for hours before silently returning to our own home...

  14. @qeisama: Hello! Thank you for your story. You know, I run a blog like this, but never watched all of the Ju-on films! I watched only the American' version of the first Ju-on (The Grudge). To be honest I don't really watch horror movies. You girls are very brave! haha


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