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Monday, 3 February 2014

Unknown Phone Call

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One rainy afternoon I went home. I saw mum busy getting ready to go out.
"What on earth are you doing? Your uncle's passed away. Get ready, quick!"
She said.
What? What uncle? I wondered, but I was going to get ready anyway as she had asked me to. But then the phone rang.

"Hello? Who is it?"
 Behind me I heard mum muttering something to herself and felt her scurrying to and fro.
"Hello!? It's me. Don't panic and listen...!" The person on the other side started speaking like he was in a great hurry.
Hmmm...who could it be? It was a strange tone of voice to use if he was simply letting me know about the death of the uncle. And it also sounded somehow familiar....

"Mum is the one who died! Don't turn around, alright!? Don't dare turn around until I come to you!"

Oh...It's my big brother. Now I knew it was the voice of my big brother who had died last year in a motorcycle accident.

My body went stiff and I couldn't move. What's going on? It had all gone quiet behind me and I no longer heard noises like before.

"What are you doing....? Quickly, get die...."

A voice whispered into my ear and I passed out. I had no memory of what happened next but later I was found lying in front of the telephone. Mum shook me awake and told me she had been out with her friend.
Then who was that person in the house? The voice was definitely the voice of my big brother - who is already dead.

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What makes this story different from usual ones is that not only the mother is strange, but what the big brother says on the phone makes no sense either.

I love creepy stories with telephones in them. I don't know why.

I translated this story a long time ago but somehow didn't remember to publish it until now


  1. So... was the 'brother' really the ghost of narrator's brother?
    Because, the 'brother' said 'mum' was the one who died, but turned out narrator's mum was alive.
    Since the 'mum' sounded and looked like narrator's mum, then the 'brother' could also be a impersonator ghost that that would try to get the narrator.

    Great story as always, Saya-san. Thank you :)

  2. Im confused. If his mom is already dead, who wake him up?
    And if his mom is still alive, why his brother telling a lie to him?

    I guest its a new trend making a prank phone call from another world.

  3. Who was phone lol
    +1 for that old meme XD
    Jeez, so he got pranked by 2 different ghost? What a bad day lol

    Many thanks for the story Saya :D

  4. this is really confusing @_@ but I think if the message of the story is clear then it wouldn't be as creepy as it is now. wondering if I'm in the same situation as the narrator...;__;
    thanks for the translation, miss Saya :D

  5. It is very scary when you don't know what is going on or who to trust. This is a great story that raises many questions. I almost feel as though it is a case of unreliable narration.

    Here is my theory

    In order of the story:
    The mother has already died when the narrator gets home. The uncle had died in the past and the mother is reliving the event of preparing to go to his funeral in an effort to cope with taking her son to the next world with her. His dead brother calls to try and warn him, but is not able to reach him in time as the narrator passes out and wakes up in the next world at the end of the story.

  6. I. . . . .dnt knw how shld i react to ths. Bro says mum died, narrator knew bro was dead, narrator woken up by mum after collapsing. . . .one simple cnclusion the narrator already dead n awake in anothr wrld by his mum. . .but thn who told ths story? ~shatterhart~

  7. Hi Saya!

    I've been lurking here for quite some time now, so apologies if I only commented now. Firstly, I so love your blog! :)
    Anyways, this story really scared the hell out of me. When I read the part where the brother told the narrator that it was the mum who was dead, I just felt my heart kinda leap. I dunno, but it just scared me, probably because I did not expect that kind of twist.

    Anyways, regrading the whole thing, I think when the brother said that it was their mum who had died, he meant the mum that was currently present at that time, not necessarily their real mother, but the one with the narrator. it's like, he just said that it was their mum because that way the narrator would easily understand it, and, given that it appears that there is urgency in the matter, that's all the brotehr could say to make the narrator understand. What do you think?

    Anyways, keep it going, love your site!!! :D

  8. I also love stories with telephones and ghosts. This one is confusing and that is why it's so good! I have several theories but I think my favourite is that the second mom is actually a doppelganger and the narrator's mom is really dead...his brother tried to warn him but now the narrator is stuck with a creepy impersonator in his home!

    I also support the +1 for old meme lol.

  9. who knows the narrator tried the "Telephone ritual" before..XDD it's hard to understand this story..since the one in the phone said that the narrator's mom had died but in the end the narrator's mom is the one who woke him/her up.. >.>

  10. Greeting Saya! Been busy so haven't follow your posts for a long time. It's nice to see you still giving out fresh and interesting stories(or translations). As for for the story I have a strange theory. The narrator and his/her brother are adopted. And the mother that passed away was their real mother(not the adoptive one). The dead brother tried to warn his sister/brother about their dead mother intention to take him/her to the deadzone. Fortunately for the narrator,the brother stopped the dead mother in time and saved the narrator(this explain the fact that the narrator was still alive afterward). Since the dead mother has the power to go back to the real world to hunt down her son/daughter,I guess making herself look like the adoptive mother would be a piece of cake. A bit outrageous isn't.
    Anyhow,love the story. Keep it up! Have a pleasant day Saya.

  11. I think the "it's mum who's died" refers to the fake mum. That the dead brother is trying to protect the narrator at all cost, nad it's quickest to say, "there's no uncle, she's the one who's dead, don't turn around!"

    So the dead mum isn't the real mum at all, but a demon or spirit of some sort taking on the form of the narrator's mum to kill the narrator.

  12. Great Saya! I hope you had a great new year! I just read up to this story and indeed a good one, the brother knew that the mother who was there was not their mom and was out to get him, so the only reason the narrator survived was cause the bro probably got there in cute though looking out for his sibling even after death. and I hope to read more soon(But do take your time pls Real life is important)

  13. Hey, Saya! :D
    I lurk on your blog all the time, and I'm sure you've seen me comment on one of your more popular post (One-Man Hide and Seek), regarding using the ritual for a story reference.

    Well, I'm back for that same reason again! (笑) Your blog has so many great stories that I would like to write about - in my own version, of course. I honestly feel a bit sheepish asking this for the second time around, but can I use the concept of this post for a short narrative? Credits and a link back to your post and blog will be provided, of course!

    Thank you!

  14. @Fon Kamizawa: Sure go ahead and use it. Thanks for asking fisrt!:)

  15. Oh mai lord! I really hope the brother made it to him in time!! ahhh that's too freakin scary! as soon as I read "Don't turn around!" I felt chillssssss! haha And I wonder who the mother's friend was?? That could be important too.... idk lol

    Anyways! Thanks for the story, Saya. Awesome as always!

  16. Wow thats creepy... So both the mum and brother were ghosts? But how does the mum wake him/her up? Confusing but scary, thanks saya! Btw, i couldnt get on for a long time cuz my internet was down but its fine now! Melody :D

  17. And i got my name fixed! Forgot to mention that :)

  18. I think her brother didn't lie. Her mom was dead. So she is now and that's why her mother was able to wake her up -in the other world-.

  19. I think the mother who said to hurry up and die wasn't really his mother yet he didn't heed his brother advice earlier so he died ended up with the ghost in another world.

  20. Selamat sore kak saya (Good afternoon saya san), its my 3rd times and i started enjoy ur blog, and i think i will stay away from my telephone (only used my handphone) kekeke

  21. @nunu: Thank you for commenting. Glad you like it! ;)

    @Rays: It's good that the story confused you. That's the whole point! :D

    @Marco Satrio: haha indeed, who was phone was the first thing that came into my mind when I read the story.
    Thanks for your comment! :D

    @Prisilia Felicia: Yes it's true that the confusing situation of the story makes it creepier. Thank you for your comment! :D

    @CRRobbins: Oh! I like your theory. It creeps me out thinking about it. Thank you for sharing that with us! :D

  22. @Shatterhart: Lots to think about, isn't it? :D

    @celestialraine: Oh I'm glad you commented! :D I'm sorry too that I failed to reply until now.

    It's always exciting when a story takes an unexpected turn, doesn't it? :D

    Your theory is very plausible and it also avoids the contradiction the other theory (the one that says the narrator's real mum is dead) has encountered.

    Thank you for loving my site.Take care!

    @Sadae: Awww doppeganger! Creepy! That reminds me I have a few good stories about doppelganger and I ought to translate them.

    Yeah, the old meme XD

    @BlueRio: Oh that's interesting. Yeah he might have tried the telephone ritual. Haha.

    @Chester Ho: Thank you Chester Ho. Always glad to see you here. I'm sorry for not having replied sooner.

    I like your adoptive mother theory very much. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Take care and you have a nice day too! :D <3

  23. @Steeple: Yes, I think many people would support your theory!

    @Niya Koroko: Thank you for your sweet words at the end! :D I hope you're doing alright in your life too. Take care and comment again! :D

    @Tiffany Temple:
    Thank you for your comment! I sometimes wonder if the brother was a fake brother too, but you never know!

    @Melody Chivers: Oh I'm glad your internet is working alright! I have problems with mine occasionally. And well done for getting your name fixed! :D

    @Anon (16 March 04:22): Yep, that's very possible!

    @Anon (16 March 13:49):Are you the same person as the one who posted a comment above you? Hard to tell when there's no name.

    @novemberain: Your name sound kida poetic "November Rain" I like it :D
    And what a characteristic way to laugh! "kekeke"? LOL

    THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS! Looking forward to talking to you all again soon!


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