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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to Check If There Is a Ghost in Your Room

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This ritual was originally posted on Twitter

I heard this from a friend

〔Check if there is a ghost in your room by this method〕

  1. Hold your mobile phone and stand in the middle of your room
  2. Switch to the video mode (with the lens facing outward), close your eyes and slowly spin around once, and save the recorded video
  3. Repeat the procedure 2 but this time with the lens facing toward you   

Note: Prepare your escape plan beforehand in case something happens.

My friend apparently does this every time when looking for a new house.
He's had a fair number of successes. (Before moving into the house he's living now, he went to see four different houses and recorded ghosts in two of them) 

Apparently, this person in the photo tried this ritual and no one knows his whereabouts now.

He uploaded this picture immediately after he'd done the ritual with the caption"No ghost was recorded in the video! Don't be fooled into believing that ghosts exist!"


(Edited: 11/5/2014) One brave reader of my blog, CRRobbins, tried out this ritual and uploaded the recording. He kindly gave me a permission to post it here! :D

Click on here to view the recording

A video of someone trying this ritual, posted on youtube.


  1. I would love to try this ritual but if i read your blog too much i get scared! Thanks for story translations.

  2. Unfortunately, my phone's camera is glitched and won't function anymore, thus I can't do the ritual.
    Fufufu, this time I actually have a valid excuse for not doing it :p!

  3. What a great ritual! Thanks for posting such great stuff, Saya!

  4. I'm too lazy to try it, but maybe I'll so so someday. xD
    Also, is it wrong of me to think that that picture is hilarious? >_>

    1. Nah I think it's hilarious too XD I would try it but I'm scared :p

  5. I found 2 ghosts in the pic :D

  6. That's cool, i may try when I get a chance. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but there's hand in the closet in the guys picture. To DonAbad I also thought the picture was funny despite of what happened to him, of course I feel bad for the guy. still the picture was funny.

  7. i want soooooooooo badly to try this.
    but i'm a wuss :(

  8. This is so scary T__T,, i wonder if anything will happen if i watch the video,, at first i love the photo saya san,, but the more i see it, the more i realized that there is something behind the door ....and behind the cupboard....


  9. This is something I think I will try. I will be sure to return with my results as soon as I do!

    This guy is a real character, I'd imagine he would be fun to know.

    The hands in the closet on the left didn't leave me quite as disturbed as what is in the opening of the door on the right.

  10. OMG! Once again I have similar personal story to the one you translated, Saya! My brother kind of tried this ritual and captured a ghost on the video. Well, he's not really trying, it's more accidental...

    He was trying his new phone (this happened a loooong time ago, his phone camera quality was the old VGA kind, with the awfully low quality .3gp video format). He said he was lying in his bed, mindlessly recording his room corners. When he checked the video... there's this inexplicable long haired woman in white standing in front of his all-black cupboard.

    He quickly ran to my room and showed me the video, still shaking. I still got shiver remembering that video. For some reason he refused to share the file, but he showed it to my parents and cousins and he eventually decided to delete that beyond creepy video, probably to forget it ever happened. He still sleeps in that bedroom until now... and still get some weird things going on. Actually there's a lot of weird things happening in my house now and then, so we kinda get used to it and the key is to /never/ talk about it ever again. We prefer to just dismiss those kind of things as they never really the kind that put us in danger anyway.

  11. Waitt..
    am i the only one who notice there something inside the cupboard behind the man?!

  12. Dear kakak saya, since I have a little babygirl, I think I will try this, because whenever I bring my babygirl to sleep in our room (me, my hubby, my baby in one room) she's starting looking at the wall, and crying loudly, ty for this translation :)

  13. Hi Saya! I really love your blog. Just have a quick question: would you (or anyone else who commented) know why the recording has to be done twice? Does doing it twice trigger something to appear or anything like that? If the person only does it once (recording him/herself), would it matter? Thanks again for the wonderful stories!

  14. saya, i'm relieved when i see the guy laughing in the photo but the more i see it somehow it looks like something is hiding behind the door in the right ;_; i hope it's just my imagination

  15. Eek! Those hands!! I'm giving this one a miss. I know my house is haunted, and I don't think the ghosts like being photographed. But I also would like to know, why must the video be taken twice?

  16. Saya, commenting here because it's the most recent post so hopefully you'll see it. has several of your posts on it, completely uncited (I know for sure 'The Taxi,' I haven't searched the others I recognized to make sure).

    Tumblr is supposed to be getting pretty serious about people not stealing writing or art now, so you should be able to contact them if contacting that blogger doesn't work.

    *Panics like an idiot*

  18. There's a woman( apparently ) hiding her face with a pink-ish thing ( a pillow perhaps? ) in the Youtube video. Sooo... is that a ghost or just a normal person who tried not to have her face on the video?
    (I want to give this ritual a try but I'm too cowardly to do.)

  19. @Altria

    I think that is an iPad with a case on it... if I had to guess, it's probably the person recording the first part of the video. :)

  20. I honestly didn't read this one because IM REALLY SCARED! HUHUHUHUH. I jumped to the comments immediately :)))))))))))) Anyway, Based on the comments, there will be rituals? no. Im not going to try it lol.

  21. I'm going to try this! wish me luck guys ^-^

  22. I'm pretty sure he wasn't to smiley after seing the pic.

  23. From Inaba: Can it be done whether the light is off or on?...

  24. From: Inaba
    Can it be done whether the light is on or off?

  25. Never try these things people.I remembered one time when i was fooling around with my sister and i told her to let all of her hair flowed down covered the entire face like the one in ringu and when we checked the picture i swear with god i saw a woman's face in there.we were all scared as f*** and deleted it right away and never talk about it
    anw, I hope it's a joke because there're obviously some hands behind his back !!!! omg

  26. Hey, I can see a couple of the hand in his wardrobe (or something... I'm too fright to look it carefully). Does it "kidnapped" him?

    And, maybe I will try this if I'm brave. I readed this on the midnight. Now, I'm scary to look at my wardrobe -.-

    P.S : Sorry if my English is weird

  27. @Cadence:Your welcome, dear :) I almost envy you that you get scared, because I've grown used to horror stories now and don't get scared so easily anymore. lol


    ...hahaha, joking, dear XD

    @Sydney: My pleasure, dear. Glad you enjoy reading about it!

    @DonAbad: No, it's not wrong. You're right the guy in the pic looks rather stupid-looking XD

    @Anon (25 March 2014 15:23): Rather like Where's Waldo, I guess! XD

    @Anon (25 March 2014 16:03): Hands in the closet, and a girl behind a door XD

    @nunu: haha it's best to be a wuss in this kinda situation!

    @Petzie: I think I saw something in the video too...:)

    @CRRobbins: Did you try it?? If you did, please let us know the result!

    @sichyo:Dear god, why is it that it's always a long-haired woman ghost that appears to scare us mortals? XD

    Joke aside, that was one helluva experience for your brother!
    As you say, sometimes it seems best to pretend you don't notice these strange beings. The more you care, the more they try to draw your attention to themselves.

    Thanks for sharing your story! :D

    @Raditya: Yes, dear. You're the only one who is seeing something abnormal.

    .......only joking, dear! XD
    We all noticed it. No worries!

    @novemberain: Really? But my friend, don't put your sweet baby girl in danger! Be careful!

    @Anon (26 March 2014): Hi, thank you for loving my blog! :D

    About your question: unfortunately I have no idea why it has to be done twice.

    But maybe you're right! Maybe it's not a ritual that lets you detect spirits in the room, but it could be a ritual to conjure up spirits!

    Gosh! If your theory is right, then it means this ritual is much in the same line as the "have you got the ability to see ghosts" ritual! A scary thought indeed.

    @Mela Putri: Nope, it's not your imagination! That looks like a girl with dark hair! hehe

    @Tani: Concerning your question, please read the comment I gave to Anon above! :D And yes, don't try it in your house!

    @Anon (28 March 2014): Thank you so much for reporting it to me. That is so annoying. I wish there was a way to block this obnoxious individual.

    Maybe I should get an account at Tumblr. Right now I can't take any actions against this person.

    But I'll definitely do something. Thanks a lot again!

    @YummyBacon101: Gosh your name makes me feel hungry! XD

    @Altria Wu: I saw that too. That was freaky. Not sure what to make of it.

    @unicorn: The procedure isn't that scary to read. But you're wise for not trying! :D

    @tragic harmony: I can already see that something tragic will happen to you as a result of trying the ritual... maybe it's your name? :P

    haha stay safe, dear. Let me know what happens!

    @Sadae: Yeah XD

    @Johnrey Ng: Do whatever you like! I think there's no restriction regarding the lights. But if there aren't lights on, might you not be able to see anything?

    @hollow.nerd: Sugar! I have long hair to and I sometimes pretend to be Sadako from Ringu LOL
    After knowing what happened to your sister, I feel like I should stop doing it!

    @Masuda: Yes, he could have been kidnapped or spirited away by those beings captured in the photo!

    Wardrobes are scary. Make sure you don't leave them open! XD

    Your English is fine. I understand you perfectly! :D

    EVERYONE, Thank you very much again for leaving comments. You all have brightened up my day <3
    Take care! Be healthy! ;)

  28. Sorry about that Saya and everyone, my original comment about what happened when I tried it must have not gone through.

    I did try this with my cell phone.

    I don't think I captured anythign unusual though when it was facing me there was some white blurring at times. I think I turned too quickly though and the walls are white so it was probably nothing.

    I may try it again another time and take my time in doing so. It can be a little difficult to hit the button on a smart phone for recording and shutting off recording with my eyes closed. Also making sure I stop about where I stopped was a bit of a challenge haha.

  29. @CRRobbins: Oh I'm sorry, CRRobbins, I hope I didn't delete your original post by mistake!

    But it's a good news that your phone didn't capture anything! :D

    Be careful if you try it again! As I said in the comment to Anon (26 March) above, this ritual could be more dangerous that it was initially thought.

    Thank you for commenting again!:D

  30. Not that much of a ghost story but once my mother took a picture with her phone and at first there wasn't anything wrong with it but on the next day, when mother checked photo she got scared because in it, she had blue paint poured from the head and it wasn't even similar to some seemed like she REALLY took photo with blue paint poured over her...

  31. Hi Saya san,
    I tried this with half the room lit as it is 1.26AM now. Nothing was recorded despite I had seen apparitions before in this room. However, I recorded the 2 sequence in the same video (didn't save and create a new one for 2nd phase). Wonder if this affected the results? Thanks God nothing was recorded though :P

  32. It's ok Saya, I had done the original by cellphone or tablet so it was probably not well worded haha.

    I'm not sure if this is related to the fact that I tried the ritual, but a friend was in the children's room directing under (downstairs) from the room I recorded in yesterday and said that they heard the little play table go off (play a song). They thought it was strange as there was nothing that could have activated it in the room at the time.

    They eventually shrugged it off and were leaving the room when it played the giggling sound that usually, immediately follows one of the songs. It is very strange that it was delayed so long after the song innitially played.

    I am not sure what may have caused it or if it was supernatural due to my dog in the other room not responding to the activity at all. Aren't dog/animals suppose to be keen to that kind of thing?

  33. The Child's play table went off again last night while in the corner unattended. I rushed over to turn it off so that it didn't wake anyone. Maybe I should try this ritual in that room next. Maybe Thursday, I'll post the recordings this time somehow.


    As promised, from yesterday

  35. Greetings once again Saya, I just wanted to let you know that you should be able to utilize the video through youtube now. :D

  36. wow i don't know how some of you guys are this brave, i would never *ever* dare to try this! also, i don't actually believe in ghosts which may sound rude but it keeps me sleeping soundly at night! lol

  37. just to give you guys some information, a ghost or spirit creature (i think) they hate being recorded or notice. so i have some experiences (intuitively) recorded a ghost when i chillin with my friends. one night, my friend showed me a video of her brother plays a guitar with his friends on the terrace, when suddenly a creepy skinny creature goes into her home (of course no one see that) and when they're find out, my friend's brother were dream about someone said to not spread the video away. But my friend showed it to me, then the next day, her video cam disappeared also her brother was ill for the long time.
    So, think about the risk before do that ritual.

  38. Ms saya I tried this and nothing happend :/ Aww I was hoping to see ghost so I can be friends with it. Btw tragic harmony is my username before but I changed it to Kikuno kiryu c:

  39. CRRobbins@ check your video again dude. did you see it?

  40. I tried this last night, but nothing came up on the video, perhaps it was because I had the lights on? However, I have seen a couple of odd shadows over the past 3 years I've lived in my current apartment so I know something is here. I might try this again with the lights off though I'm not sure the camera would pick up anything seeing as how I need a high ISO to capture images and video in near complete darkness.

  41. I did this ritual. Its actually the first one I did. Wuts funny is the demon who possesses me is of Japanese origin, she called herself Kitten originally but then told me her name is Kitsune. Then I did this ritual now I am visited, and sorta met, this other ghost of a Japanese girl. She possesses me on n off. But she aaangry, soo much rage. So both the demon and the ghost are of Japanese origin and its totally coincidental. <3 life huh? oh and after I did this ritual my phone reset and did all kinds of strange things. its still not working right. If u can handle a possession without going nuts, like come from a family of witches, this is a great spell... if not, then u probably get scared and have a bad possession. u dont see the ghost, it see's u.


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