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Friday, 28 March 2014


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This is a cryptic story!

Today I got yelled by my boss again. The boss is a baldy who is unpopular among female colleagues.
"What if my stalker turns out to be that baldy...." I think to myself, as I arrive home.
My home is a shabby old apartment, with only two rooms, namely a kitchen-sitting room and a bedroom.
There is only one window in the sitting room. The rent is cheap, so I won't complain.

As soon as I unlock the front door and enter the apartment, I'm greeted with a shocking sight. The wardrobe in the sitting room has been ransacked.
Then I remember that after I had breakfast this morning I left the house without locking the door.
Damn! The window is locked up tight so the person must have entered through the front door.
Ugh, so disgusting. Sick bastard. I hope he goes to hell.
I have no more energy left for today. I'll skip supper. I'll go to the police tomorrow to report.

After checking the front door again to make sure it is securely locked, I walk into my bedroom.


  1. this is easy. or i am getting the hang of it :P

    she unlocked the door...when she remembered she DID not lock the door when she left the house..and the window is locked up that means her stalker has her house key! DAMN. creepier than ghost.

  2. @Anon: That's close, but not the whole story!

  3. Since she didn't lock the door, but came home to a locked door and window; the stalker is in her room.

  4. She says she unlocked the door when she came home from work. She only *thinks* she left it unlocked when she left this morning.

    But it was still locked when she came home, which means that whoever has been going through her things is still in the apartment - specifically, her bedroom...? Ohhh dear... .__.

  5. This is wayy scarier when I think about it more!

  6. The front door was locked when she got home, but she says she left it unlocked when she left and it's the only way for an intruder to get in.

    That means the intruder's hiding in the bedroom!

  7. The stalker is still in his house... Saya is active once again..yehet!!

  8. Oh wow. I never thought a story about creeps are way creepier than ghost stories. :p

  9. Here's my theory: the stalker is indeed in the bedroom ( only the sitting room was mentioned being ransacked.)
    The ransacked wardrobe ( I put this first, not the locked door for some reason that will be explained later. ): he did this to create a distraction. Knowing that the woman would assume she was robbed and the robber escaped after finding this, but know nothing about his presence in her bedroom. She wouldn't call the police immediately because she thought the robber was long gone.
    The locked door: he locked the door from inside to keep anyone away but the owner. ( the woman wouldn't pay attention to small details like unlocking the door before entering her flat ).
    There's a lot of holes in my logic but it's all I can think of right now :P

  10. Hmm maybe the stalker is her boss? I don't know the theory behind that haha but I'm just guessing because why would she suddenly talk about her boss and then suddenly her stalker .-. I dunnooo gaaah

  11. She thinks she remembers leaving the door unlocked but still unlocks it on her way in...creepy..

    I liked this one a lot

  12. This is pretty scary! Im confused by how she implies by "what if my stalker turns out to be that baldy" that she knows she has a stalker.

  13. Beside what VTV has mentioned, perhaps she has multiple personalities.

  14. @BlueRio Yehet? Are you an Exo fan?

    It gets scarier the more I think about it. But this one was pretty easy to get, but still creepy o.e

  15. @Deka Aden sort of..XDD i got addicted saying those words...

  16. @Deka aden you're a SONE?? if you're SONE then we're the same..XD

  17. Very creepy, Saya-san.
    I think the person in this story is paranoid. I don't think there's any stalker.
    But I agree with BlueRio that the intruder is hiding in the bedroom.
    I think the intruder locked the front door after he/she entered the apartment.
    Some doors can be locked from inside without the key. That's why I'm thinking this is just an opportunist intruder.

  18. I'm assuming the 'stalker' is living in her house. Didn't that actually happen a while ago? A homeless guy was living in someone's cupboard? I dunno why he'd have ransacked the wardrobe though, so I could be wrong

  19. The stalker is still inside! Run away!!! No- lock the bedroom door first, and THEN run away!

  20. This was creepy and I sense rape or even worse.She came home to a locked door,unlocked it,and locked it again and went to her bedroom.So she locked herself in with the stalker who must be in her room. OMG @___@ That's creepier than ghosts.

  21. I don't think any of the comments here require my reply.

    However, may I say thank you for all your interesting theories!
    Every time I post a cryptic story, I can't wait to read you guys' theories because they often make me notice things in the story that I hadn't noticed before!

    Take care and please post comments again! :D <3

  22. """I left the door without locking the door"""
    Then the stalker must be went in by the door and not the window as it says in the story.

    """After checking the door to make sure it securely locked"""
    She didn't say she locked it, she only checked it if it was securely locked.

    Well then, she doesn't have the key. She left without locking the door and at night she just check the door if it was lock and she DIDN'T say that she locked it.

    It is either that she has multiple personalities or SHE is the stalker :D that was my opinion :D

  23. I think she is the stalker and she stalking her boss. :O


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