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Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Piano at Night

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An urban legend.

If you leave four music scores open on the piano, at four minutes past three after midnight a girl ghost will come and start playing the music on those scores.

Apparently if you hear her play, a spirit will start residing in your ear.


  1. This story is short and straightforward, but it still creeped me out SO much! I felt a terrible chill down my spine.
    Lucky I don't have a piano, otherwise I'd be very careful never to leave scores on it haha.
    Thank you very much for the great story/shortie, Saya-san! Unbearably happy to see you're active again ^^

  2. I hope there's a safe ritual but apparently no ritual are safe to do.. i wish i could do that. But i'm such a scaredy cat.. xp

  3. @Anon: it's not really a ritual but it's supposed to be an urban legend. But now you say it, it does sound a bit like a ritual.

  4. Scary indeed. Thank you, Saya-san.
    Do you think this will this work on electric/electronic piano?
    And if it does, do you think it'll anger the spirits if we set the power to off?

  5. If the spirit plays piano music in my ear all day, that might be pretty nice.

  6. Thanks for posting Saya, I wonder if I should try it later with my digital piano...

  7. Hi Saya,
    I started reading your blog when I had nothing to do at home and have read through the whole thing as if it was a gripping suspense and horror novel...
    It was a nice read, and thanks a ton for keeping me glued to the chair with the stories, occult rituals and cryptic stories...

  8. I think this urban legend is an educational tale that has been invented to scare kids into cleaning up after playing the piano.

    My grand uncle once told a different story that has a similar educational function: If you go to bed at night and don't put your shoes next to your bed so the toe cap points away from the bed, the "Nachtkrapp", a kind of boogeyman or nightmare in Germany and Austria, is able to slip into your shoes and kneel onto your chest and get you nightmares and difficulties to breath. This story was told, I guess, so the kids won't throw their slippers around in the room and stumble over them when they have to go to the toilet at night.

    I heard this story as a little kid and have never ever put my shoes next to my bed the wrong way in almost forty years now...

    Thank you very much, Miss Saya, for updating again, your blog still is one of the best places in the internet!

    Cheers, Doc Sanchez

  9. I have a piano! ^o^ *prints out anime and video game sheet music and sets it up* XDDD

    And when the spirit takes up residence in my ear, they better not complain; it's really sort of waxy in there, but that's not my fault. XP

  10. Aww so glad I remembered your blog again!

    I had so much fun catching up the two years I missed.

    Thanks for your work Saya ♥

  11. I have a keyboard right next to me, I got creeped out after thinking on doing it. Great once again Saya!

  12. Dear kakak saya, I'm not fluent in english, but reading ur story make me learn n learn (still need help from google translate XD)
    Did u wanna try this ritual urban legend?cz I think it look likes ritual than urban legend

  13. @doc sanchez: sounds like an explanation for sleep paralysis too, maybe sleep apnea too.

    amazing how these stories develop.

    As for the piano, brrrr i wouldn't want something in my ear! get a qtip

  14. i have a digital piano in my room. i've left scores on it before, but probably not four...

  15. Well, I don't have a piano. Will a guitar work? Perhaps I can try at my music school?

  16. hello saya, thanks for making our days more interesting with your posts! i always really look forward to them! ^-^

    somehow, rather than scared, this story makes me feel calm. it's not such a bad thing to have a ghost in the ear, singing piano songs, don't you think? it's more like a really tiwsted friendship. heh... though i don't have a piano to try this

  17. Cool I wanna try this. I have a grand piano right beside me. But.. Is it safe?

  18. @Tenshi: Oh, here we have an angelic being commenting about a matter involving an angel! :D

    You know what I have two pianos at home, one upright, the other grand. I should try this myself! XD

    @nunu: Well it doesn't specify what type of piano you should use, so electric one might be as good as other types! XD

    A spirit clever enough to play the piano should be clever enough to know how to turn on the power too! XD

    @Mokom: Then you won't need to carry around your ipod! The power of positive thinking, eh? haha

    @Dethyl: Well, did you try it? :D

    @suraj:Thanks for dropping by, dear suraj, and I'm sorry my reply is so late. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to my blog. I hope I can continue to provide tons of horror stuff to you! :D Take care dear.

    @Doc Sanchez: Hello! Yes, you might be right! For more than a dozen occasions I have left my pianos open after I've finished playing them... Oh, a bad, bad child am I! lol

    I love the tale of Nachtkrapp. Thank you for sharing it!
    And I probably said to you this before but I envy you so much that you're able to speak German! XD

    Oh you're a good man. Still abiding by the rule you learned as a child! lol

    Thank you for those nice words! I love you, friend!

    @DonAbad: haha You ears are not too comfortable a place, eh? XD

    @psycho_waka: Oh so you're my old reader! Oh welcome back! I'm glad you found my blog again <3

    @Marmotao: Thanks! Don't worry you're safe as long as you don't leave your scores open! haha

    @novemberain: Oh thank you so much I'm flattered. English is my second language, and I don't consider myself fluent in it either. I do still struggle with it. But I'm glad my writings are helping you! :D <3

    I might try this actually, when I return home! :D

    @Steeple: haha I suppose even if the girl ghost comes and starts playing the piano, you'll be alright as long as you don't listen to it! Get your ear plugs out!

    @Anon (1 April): Be careful, dear. Make sure they aren't four before you tuck into bed!

    @Tani M: You can try it at any place, but you'll have to be there when the ghost comes!

    @yuki: Thank you for sweet words, dear. I'm glad to have you as a reader too!

    Ah, but what if the ghost keeps singing or whatever 24/7? That would drive you mad!

    @Nicole Lim: I cannot guarantee that you will be safe! You better be careful and have a holy bible or something beside you when you try! haha


  19. I often left my piano open with four scores but i never heard anyone or anything playing that in the night...


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