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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Rejuvenation Operation

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A cryptic story! 

Elderly Man "Are you sure this thing can rejuvenate my body?"

Man "Yes. This machine our company developed will reconstruct, from your cells, the healthy body you had when you were at the prime of your youth, and then transplant your existing memories into it; so that your memories will remain the same while your body alone will rejuvenate."

Elderly Man "I see.... Then, please proceed."

The elderly man lies down on a bed, and gets covered over by a sheet.

A few hours later -

Elderly Man (He's sure taking long.....When is it going to start?)

Man "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

Young Man "Thank you very much. I had no idea it would go this smoothly.... By the way, what are you going to do with this old body of mine?"

Man "It shall be taken care of. We look forward to serving you again, sir."

The man wheels the bed to the next room.

Elderly Man (Oh. It seems the man before me had a successful operation. But finally it's my turn...)

Young Man "Thank you very much."


  1. Well, the machine did ALMOST exactly as it said.

    It didn't transplant the memories; it just copy-pasted them into the newly-created body. O_o

  2. So basically they cloned him with his memory intact on the cell and the old man didn't realize that it was his younger self talking and is now about to be disposed of. Kind of ironic and twisted. . . . I wouldn't want that to be me :3

  3. My theory is that the machine is some kind of a cloner, so instead of "rejuvenating" the body of the old man—which apparently is what the old man expects—it creates another, younger body of that same man. When the young man says "this old body of mine" he's probably referring to the old version of himself, although this argument is very weak since I can't infer evidence from the story.

    Another intriguing thing for me is in what manner will the old man "be taken care of"!

    A strange story!

  4. Wow..very twisted. I like the idea that the machine use "copy-paste" instead of "cut-paste" the memory of the elderly man.

    I wonder what will they do to the old man..

  5. the old man died and the body the young man was just a ghost like thing from the game Outlast?

  6. Ugh, so it's a cloning machine? Now that's creepy. I always thought that the future where you can have your body young again seems surreal and quite cool.

    But these open my mind.

    Your story always gives me a new perspective. Thanks a lot for this Saya-san!

  7. Either it copy/pasted his memories and left his old body sentient, or the guys are running some sort of scam with a separate young man pretending to be rejuvenated.

  8. This story reminds me of the story Ward in Phobia 2 movie.
    I was extremely sad for the victim in that movie.

    I like Kitty's idea that it was probably a scam. But how sad it is if it's true that instead of having a new younger body, the old man's memories and personality was cloned into a new body. I wonder if the 'young man' was also a victim like in Phobia2 movie.


  9. I love the cryptic stories the best! My friend showed me this blog about 2 years ago, and then it closed for a while, but I still waited and one day it came back! I love your blog and I hope you continue to post stories! Thankyou ^-^

  10. Oh snap! I think the earlier commenters got it right. That's horrific! I realized anon commenting is now off O_o

  11. It's as in that movie The 6th Day, starring Arnold, where some people use cloning process as means to reach "immortality".


    REALLY, CAPTCHA? REALLY? And how does being able to read that make me human? It probably makes me an alien who's allergic to a rock on his home planet!

    Anyway, yeah. I agree with everyone else. The man says it'll put the old man's memory in the new, younger body. But he doesn't say that it'll be the old man actually in the new body; just his memories. So the new body acts like the old man, but the old man is still there in his old body and he'll be "taken care of".

  13. Saya have you seen this?

    Fact truly is stranger than fiction at times!

  14. Now it's too obvious to be a cryptic story..
    Don't you think?

  15. We cant escape death even if we can, thats a horrific thing to think about. The concept is very similar to a teletransporting machine, creating one copy of yourself, and destroying one in the process. Creepy indeed miss Saya.

  16. Ah, I see. The Man didn't rejuvenate the Old Man. He just copied him to a new body.
    I wonder what the Man does to the Old Man. I think he'll kills the old man or something? -.-

    It's quite creepy. Anyway, thanks for the post, Saya-san! ^^

  17. What are you going to do with THIS old body of mine.....

    Which means, the young man is the younger version of the elderly one... omg this is so creepy that it felt too real...

    With this age where everything can happen, i think it'd be juat a matter of time before humans can be clonned and tgis story might not be so creepy in that time....

    Anyway, saya san, good to have you backkkk! I was spacing out when i thought this is the right time to read scary stories, so i click to my bookmark, hopping you would have some new updates that i can read,, thank Goodness i was right.

    Thanks for the story saya san,, otsukare!!

  18. What a double whammy, he gets his memories moved to a new, younger version of himself and is about to be disposed of, how sad but that's very unnerving. :(

  19. You know what would be cool?

    If this is actually some kind of a scam scenario where the (presumably rich) old man is basically getting his identity stolen by someone who is made to look like a younger version of him

  20. I remember an old tv show that did this story.

  21. ok I got this one. clearly the young man is the same elder man, the machine made a younger body clone of the old guy with the same memories. Now the Dr is going... probably to kill the old guy or something.

  22. A disturbing thing I just noticed is that he said to the young man "We look forward to serving you again." Which means when he's old, the new body will come back, and the same thing will happen again... and probably continue like that forever.


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