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Monday, 7 July 2014

Six Murders

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Put a curse on someone with the ritual "Six Murders."

1. Find a secluded place where you are not likely to encounter other humans.
(Somewhere without buildings around it is the best.)*1

2. Use your finger to draw a circle on the ground, and stand at the centre of the circle with bare feet, facing wherever you fancy.

3. Slit the tip of your finger with a knife or other such object, and let the blood drop to the ground.

4. Chant "one person is not enough, two people are not enough, three people are not enough...." and so on, until you get to five people.

5. Finally, say "I want six people" and chop off the finger you wounded before from its base.

6. Bury the finger inside the circle and leave.
(You must begin by walking 6 steps towards the direction you were facing before. After that you can go wherever you want.)  

7. After you leave the place, the sixth person who sees you (or hears your voice) will die within six days.

  • Only the sixth person will be affected; nothing will happen to anyone from the seventh  onwards.
  • Procedure from 3 to 7 must be done in silence. If you utter even one word you will end up dead yourself. *2
  • Apparently you must not be seen by anyone while you perform this ritual, but it is not known what happens to you if someone actually sees you.

*1 The sentence inside the bracket is ambiguous in the original Japanese text, as it can also be taken to mean "you should do it inside a building where you won't be seen."  But I think my interpretation is the more likely one.
*2 It probably means that all the chanting must be done inside your head rather than said aloud.


  1. Wow. This ritual is.. risky. And scary.

    I guess we cannot sneeze too while doing 3 to 7?
    Anybody who wants to do this must have a really careful planning so the curse will hit only the intended target.
    Unless the person is a psycho and just wants to kill people and is not really attached to his/her fingers.

    I think only really desperate people will resort to this ritual to curse a person.


  2. I dislike people...but I like fingers...decisions, decisions. lol.

    Creepy, I like it. ^_^ I guess you have to be careful who you talk to or see then.

  3. Ohh god... i would have to put on a muzzle to avoid screaming. And chopping fingers off its not very good for a Graphic Designer... I wonder for who or what is the sacrifice of blood and flesh, and if there is consequences for this ritual. Aside from the finger.

  4. Creepy ritual! I wonder if someone out there has tried this curse. I guess i'm going to be paranoid if i see a person with a missing finger from now on. I'd think to myself "Six more days huh" but hopefully i wont be part of the six people.

  5. Not worth to chop off my finger just to kill one person =P

  6. I guess at most you could kill 8 people, unless you count thumbs. It'd get difficult after a while too, due to having to perform it with less and less fingers. I'd imagine a person could spare a pinky or two if they were so desperate as to resort to a curse in the first place.

    It would be difficult to kills someone who lives in a city with this. You could make use of it in a small town well enough.

    Another thing to consider is that you would have 8 tries if you are having trouble getting your intended target. :P

  7. Ugh this gave me a chill. Creepypastas with rituals and things always creep me out!

  8. I thought this is to kill six people at the same time!

    Chop my finger to kill someone?

    Nah. Not worth it. Not at all. :p
    I would rather kill them myself lol.

    But still, this is one creepy ritual... [It got into black magic not ritual though so pardon me for using the word ritual but it seems like that to me >_< ]

    I should stop visiting your blog before sleeping, I don't need another exhausting night... Hahahahaha...

    Thank you for the story Saya-san! :)

  9. And how about if using somebody finger? Are we going to die?

    Thanks for the ritual game update, saya-san!

  10. It's easier to target the intended victim than you think because the curse states that they either see you or hear your voice, so couldn't you just perform the ritual under those conditions?

    For the last step you don't even need to be too careful about who you see, you could just call 5 random people via phone and leave the 6th as your target, still counts right?

  11. @BlackCat but in the movies, something always went wrong despite careful planning, either a loved one (of the person performed the ritual) or an innocent person ended up with the curse :D

  12. Creepy, although I prefer my curses ancient Greek style. Lead tablets and needles through clay dolls are a nice touch and I don't need to chop off toes.

  13. I know that this ritual is creepy, but what's more creepy is that some does it and you're the sixth person... I can already feel the chills up my spine already.

  14. This is a creepy ritual. Dunno who will try this tho but they must be really crazy.

    Btw Saya-chan, I've just recently started reading your posts and I'm lovin' it. Keep it up![ (• ~•)]

  15. Uh, I dunno. This sounds like high cost - low accuracy type of curse. Not sure if I wanna do this if I want to curse someone in particular.

  16. I am gonna need a lot of fingers for this ...

  17. but .. if I cry after cutting my finger? ._.)

  18. wow, it'll be funny if the ritual has done and yet, the curse didn't happened to be true, so he just lost his finger for nothing, lol

    anyway, interesting post~

  19. I rather kill those six people myself than cut off my finger. And I even do not know what kind of consequence will come to me. I love myself a bit too much. Hahah!

  20. Excuse me , may i use this on my video? Im doing a list of dangerous rituals. I will credit you and even add the link in discription c:


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