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Friday, 3 October 2014

A Video Tape Found in the Attic

WARNING: A Potentially Cursed Video!

I posted this article once back in 2007, but afterwards the video got deleted, so I had to take the article down.
But today I found it again! And just now I uploaded it on my youtube channel so it won't ever get deleted again! Hurray!

Enjoy watching :D
The Introduction at the beginning:
This man says his girlfriend found a strange video tape in her attic. Ever since she watched it she has had strange things happen to her, including getting unknown bruises on her body and her hair falling out. Perhaps the video is cursed?

The video in question begins at 0:30.


  1. 実はね…




  2. こんにちは!





  3. The video has been deleted. I really want to see this! Did you download it on your computer by any chance? Please Saya help me...

  4. it's deleted. :P Saya, can you please update it? Pretty please?

  5. why would someone watch a video that causes bruising and hair loss? Actually i don't believe in such things, but better save than sorry;)

  6. Oh it's deleted?

    I though I was gonna start watching and thing "NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN".

  7. Hi, Saya-san.

    I actually felt very sad for the guy when I watched the video.I wondered at first why he recorded himself.

    And then I think maybe the guy knew he's haunted by the spirit. He then somehow managed to ward his room and keep himself safe inside the room.

    So, even if the spirit somehow managed to "show" itself inside the room as shown in the video, it could not hurt the guy.

    And, he either video taped himself to share his horror with others, or to share the curse with whomever watched the video. Or maybe the spirit cursed the video without the guy knowing it.

    I really hope the video is not cursed because I don't have thick hair. But I will let you know in a few days Saya-san if I start losing my hair :D


  8. Is he stressed or insane? Btw like any ghost appirition in my country too there's a likeness; woman, long black hair...idk why always woman who haunt? Never saw a man except monstrously a woman i don't wanna die and haunting ppl like that..><¡

  9. @Nunu: Don't worry! Just between you and me,I still have plenty of hair left on my head! haha :D

    @Sri Rini Agustini: Where are you from,dear? :) It's true that those scary ghosts are always women with long hair! I have black hair too, but I keep it shoulder-length so that I don't scare people! LOL

  10. Hi Saya:) I'm from Indonesia, there's a lot of mythical/horror creatures that related to long black hair woman...the famous one was 'kuntilanak' means child snatcher if's a ghost from woman who died when pregnant or their usually haunt pregnant woman and children..they have long black hair, pale skin, bloody mouth err sometimes fangs.., white dress..and they always reside on banana tree at daylight..

    I have a pregnant friend who can saw the ghost literally (a gift...or i said curse.?), and she always followed by kuntilanak, they savour the fragrant that immerse from pregnant woman...but she never hurt my friend though..only annoy her by her cry sound, and sudden friend always shoo her when she around..If i have abbility like my friend i dunno if i can strong enough to stay still if those kind suddenly appear..^___^

    I'm interest to those kind of natural ghost/myth..Japan has a lot of them too..Sometimes when i read your ritual post, i'm greatly curious to try it :)) esp. the black telephone, and woman in white dress one..very sophisticated kind of ritual i must say..but..i'm too afraid, that's the problem^^

    Btw..sorry if my english grammar kind of messed up..^^

  11. Hi Saya! I'm so glad you're back with really creepy stuff!! <3 <3 The shadow thing looked digital to be, but I dunno, I'll keep a tight watch on my hair and for bruises in any case.

  12. I didn't watch the video. Mostly because I don't want to lose my hair. Thanks for the update anyway, Saya-chan.

  13. @Sri Rini Agustini: Aww this kuntilanak person sounds like a really scary woman! I hope she never comes to Japan! But it's kinda cute that she lives up on a banana tree. LOL I hope your friend is alright. Tell her to stay away from banana trees LOL

    No don't try those rituals! :)

    Don't worry your English is excellent!

    @celestialraine: haha don't worry I'm sure your hair will be safe :) I too hope it's digital haha

    @Kage no karitori: Well it's always best if you don't watch one of those videos LOL. Thanks for your comment!

  14. As an indonesian, I can assure you that as cute as banana tree dwelling ghost sounds, they aren't.

    Also, rather than a single person, Kuntilanak is a kind of ghostly race (?) of multiple ghost with similar fate (died childless or while giving birth). Stories describe multiple Kuntilanaks and other ghosts creates a kind of society in big sacred trees and abandoned buildings.

    Next time you visit indonesia, feel free to ask the locals to point you to kuntilanak-infested tree or buildings, there are bound to be at least one :).

    Anyway, thank you for translating these creepy stories on this awesome blog, Saya!

  15. i don have a guts to watch it :p.. btw Saya-chan, do u have acc Instagram?? ^-^ I would love to follow you <3 [sorry bad english t.t]

  16. I don't understand what that man is doing.


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