Friday, 17 October 2014

Jigsaw Puzzles

This story has been translated from Japanese into English by Saya.

A cryptic story.
Easy peasy!

As I have started living by myself recently, I decided to decorate my room with jigsaw puzzles.
Those are the type that, after receiving light, glow in the dark, and I really like the soft light they give off.

The other night when I returned home, the puzzles were glowing faintly in the dark,
and seeing that made me feel instantly warm and fuzzy inside, because it was as if the puzzles were welcoming me home.

I'm already itching to work on another set of puzzles.
Next time I might buy one that's the same size but has 2000 pieces.


Noino said...

Very simple but very concerning...

(Unless like, they left the light on or the light's on a timer.)

Garrick said...

Oh, I think because the narrator lives alone, and they say the house was dark when they came home...where did the puzzles absorb the light to glow from? So someone else was using the light=in the room, while the narrator was gone. Glow int the dark things take a long time to absorb light, too, so it must have been for a long creepy.

Nunu. said...

Hi Saya-san.
This is a good one.
I got the same theory like Garrick.
Even if somehow light from outside (either sun or lamp post) filtered into the room from a window, i don't think it's enough for the puzzles to absorb.


Banila said...

Well it could even be more creepier. What if the person is still in the house? :o

Sri Rini Agustini said...

Hi Saya :) it will probably like this;
1. There's someone in the house that light on the room earlier. Burglar/Killer.


2. There's something supernatural phenomenon happen when he/she's leaving, like accumulation of orbs that stay in the dark, that the narrator never think of instead admiring it..If he/she's buying another 2000 pieces, be aware there'l will ve 2000 more space for orbs (spirits) to live in;)

tom nash said...

I'm completely lost with this one.

I assume the lights got charged from when the sun shines through the window during the day?

I feel like the 'puzzles' are something else, but I can see no logical reason to think that.

Farz Wolf said...

照り映える魂 ?.

Saya Yomino said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!

I think those glowing puzzles only grow for a short while after they've absorbed light, and therefore they can't be glowing because they had absorbed sunlight during the day (I'm not so sure about this, so if there is evidence to the contrary please let me know!).

I think the answer that makes the most sense is that someone was in the room and had the lights on not long before the narrator came home.

@Farz Wolf: Do you mean that what the narrator saw weren't puzzles but glowing souls?

Farz Wolf said...

To Saya : If that is true, that's really creepy.

I thought the puzzle pieces glowing because it's absorb the light of invisible glowing soul.

Thank you for the reply.

Mimikim1234 said...

OMG. I would think "oh that's nice, they're glowing", then wake up at 3 am with the realization that someone was in my house....

Mimikim1234 said...

I forgot to thank Saya in my comment! Thanks for all your hard work Saya. :)

Unknown said...

In the past few days I've been reading through your blog, at it's great. I've especially fallen in love with these cryptic stories. Do you know anywhere else where I could find stories like these?

Saya Yomino said...

@Unknown: You can try the article on Japanese urban legend on Wikipedia.I remember there are links at the bottom that lead you to other Japanese horror story sites. You can try one of those!