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Monday, 19 November 2018

Yokai or Ghost? A Creepy Woman Appears in Hokkaido, Japan

 A creepy woman appears in Sapporo, Hokkaido, who stands in the middle of a pedestrian crossing and keeps staring ahead even after traffic lights have changed.

(Translated by Saya)

1: Anonymous  2018/11/11(Sun) 23:12:14.45 ID:jBrM7swNd
Pure horror

3: Anonymous  2018/11/11(Sun) 23:12:55.85 ID:HwScmoOB0
OK scary

6: Anonymous  2018/11/11(Sun) 23:13:31.28 ID:PPuJ216O0
Frightened the living daylights out of me!

8: Anonymous  2018/11/11(Sun) 23:13:53.64 ID:8D5sQ8j50
This is like a materialised ghost

12: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:14:21.56 ID:bQohlaqe0
I thought she was going to attack the car, but she just keeps standing there. That makes it even creepier.

13: Anonymous  2018/11/11(Sun) 23:14:36.32 ID:XAYunDas0
She'll teleport into the car before they even know it

18: Anonymous  2018/11/11(Sun) 23:15:09.62 ID:PLErA48T0
Epilepsy? A transient disorder of consciousness?

98: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:21:03.50 ID:rIN3eVCs0
An epileptic seizure can be mild or serious, but either way isn't it always accompanied by convulsions?

142: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:24:03.35 ID:abtfJpNwr
They usually happen, but if it is absence seizure convulsions and falling down do not happen.
But in case of epliepsy you don't remain unconscious for long, so I don't think it's epilepsy.
Perhaps she is sleepwalking?

155: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:24:54.53 ID:PLErA48T0
That is not always the case. You may feel groggy or your body may feel extremely rigid after an eplieptic fit.

22: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:15:52.93 ID:JPwUFDQj0
They are so kind not to honk the horn

338: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:36:51.90 ID:YOYN8nBz0
Of course they won't
She might start attacking them suddenly

27: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:15:59.94 ID:XrU/GIT90
She appears to be shaking her head in sync with music.

31: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:16:08.66 ID:JxVp84F70
Clearly she is a yokai. (
Real yokai do appear sometimes.
You know like the one who goes into a ditch or the one who keeps licking feet.
She is one of those kind of creatures.

40: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:17:14.59 ID:BYHJCxUE0
It's scary how she doesn't even look in this direction after the car runs past her

48: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:17:51.59 ID:1f1KZvO50
It would be scarier if she turned to look this way

44: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:17:40.46 ID:g2gVthYr0
What happens if you run over her?
Imagine her looking still impassive even after having been run over. That would be really creepy.

47:Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:17:50.70 ID:HF/H1E1C0
Reminds me of this

56: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:18:31.52 ID:HwScmoOB0
She is not of this world

71: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:19:27.15 ID:cxaSEJMFd
Gave me goosebumps

95: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:20:56.72 ID:3cWd5GzOa
In google street view, she is standing at a different place in the same car park.
I wonder if she is waiting for someone.

151: Anonymous 2018/11/11(日) 23:24:39.12 ID:skMT1cZM0
Google street view, from  a different angle

162: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:25:11.52 ID:Sicbuqgz0
Just hair-raising

169: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:25:24.57 ID:en9UvwM0p
could be a woman-shaped vehicle that has been parked there

174: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:25:38.85 ID:MOk3m3zM0

175 名前:Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:25:38.94 ID:8mIOy8Sc0
She has no shadow!
166: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:25:19.54 ID:7JQRSKNn0
Her neck is too long like rokurokubi's

186: Anonymous 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:26:28.60 ID:eCgsicLg0
It's like the opening scene in a zombie movie..

164 Anonymous: 2018/11/11(Sun) 23:25:17.19 ID:pqGNfayG0
The same woman will be standing at the next traffic light


  1. Creepy but I am going to go with Performance artist but I will not rule out a tanuki playing with us.

    1. Tanuki would look a bit like you in the profile picture! XD

      I think we may have some tanukis on my house's premises, because my houses's security cameras have caught images of little creatures that look very similar to tanukis. LOL. My house by the way is surrounded by woods.

    2. True, they would look like my profile picture.

  2. Watching the woman in the video while driving would make me feel uneasy, wasn't there any kind of authority for ask her to move? What would have happened in that case? I'm really curious about what happened after the video haha.

    1. I don't know what happened afterwards but surely someone must have called the police! XD

  3. there is the need for a police ghost, this ghost lady needs to be lecture for being a public anxiety factor

  4. I had come across a few like that when I was driving as well. Especially at intersections. My first thought would be mental illness and will require assistances from social workers.

    1. Oh no how unfortunate you are! Traditionally intersections are one of the favourite places for spirits to gather round!

  5. I'm also guessing it's mental illness, possibly catatonic schizophrenia, but it is quite spooky! That would make me feel just a little bit unsettled it if happened to me.

  6. That's just a sim waiting for instructions.


    I remember when my friend was afraid because I was just sitting and staring at nothing. When she told me about it the next day I thought I was asleep that time because I remembered nothing.

    1. Oh my. What happened to you? XD Please don't do it in the middle of a road! LOL

    2. I just blacked out that time. It was one of those times when it got really stressful in school.

  7. Someone calls Gegege no Kitaro, quick!

  8. Hi there Saya! It's been a long time since I visited your page. If I will saw a woman in the middle of the streets like that, I will freak out!

    1. Hi! How are you? Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!

      I like your name, because I am the same XD haha

  9. Oh dear; I went and clicked on the wikipedia article listed for Rokurokubi... my daughter when she was a bit younger used to complain of being haunted by the "stretchy neck lady" at night; who apparently appeared to her, stretched her waaaaay too long neck so her face was right up against my little girl's; and then would lick her. I just thought it was an over active imagination - now? I'm not so sure - and I'm feeling creeped out!!

    1. Oh my goodness! But don't worry Rokurokubi isn't an evil type of yokai, I think! Yokai usually like to just scare people! XD

  10. "could be a woman-shaped vehicle that is parked there" LOL

  11. That's just very unnerving, I'd have gotten really anxious if I was in the car (or driving it). I'll hazard to say she's probably sick or ill, she just looks too human to be a youkai/monster despite her behavior! (or maybe that's what they want me to think)

    But I got some serious chills from those pictures of the lady in street view. I've once read that if something gives us the chills just by looking at/thinking about it, it's our sixth sense warning of danger (I think it was in this blog actually!). So if that's right - the one in street view definitely has something very off about her.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work, and for bringing those videos and stories to us!! Take care and stay safe.

    1. It's always good to trust your instincts! :D
      Oh did I post a story relating to sixth sense before? XD haha I forgot!

      Yes the one in street view looks just like Sadako XD

      Thank you so much for your comment! It is always a pleasure to hear from you!
      Take care and stay safe and be happy too! :D

    2. Oh no, the story wasn't about sixth senses in special, I think it was about a cursed video that you shouldn't watch if you got a bad feeling or something like that :D

      Now that you mention it the resemblance is uncanny lol XD!
      Aw and thanks, I'm happy to keep in touch whenever I can, too! Also glad to hear that my comments don't annoy you or anything, sometimes I fear it could be like spamming. Likewise, have a blessed and happy week!

  12. I'm so happy you're back, Saya! I've been rereading all of the old posts, and I was wondering if you're planning on translating any more stories from the "My Master" series? No worries if not - I love literally everything you post and am grateful for all of it. I just forgot how much I enjoyed that particular series. ^^

    1. Thank you dear.

      Yes, sure, people have been asking me to translated more stories from My Master series and I have been too lazy! XD But I will, perhaps next month!

      Thank you for letting me know your love for the series! :D

    2. Oh, please take your time and don't feel obligated! As I said, I'm just happy you're back and giving us awesome translations - I'm content even if we never get a new My Master translation. <3

      Have a great day!

  13. im glad a lot of people went to seizures or other mental problems, because that'd be my first guess. maybe ask her if she needs help, or get some help to move her from the intersection. thats dangerous!

    the parking lot lady is pretty interesting to. i like how something just a little unusual can make people scared! although, maybe she was saving a parking space for a friend? hahaha

    1. "saving a parking space for a friend?" haha XD

    2. in my city (san francisco) parking can be hard to come by in places since it's so small (about 600km), so when i saw her in the parking spot it made me think she was trying to keep it open. people dont do that here or anything, but we do get that desperate for a parking space!

  14. Wait a minute, how come the person who crosses behind her didn't look at her/notice her? Maybe he was minding his business, but if I were crossing the street and saw that woman facing the cars I would have definitely look at her! Also, from the front she looks like she has an abnormal long neck, but as the car drives and you look at her from the side, it looks normal. So weird!


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