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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Dumbfounding Question

(Translated by Saya)

*The following interaction once appeared on a Japanese Question and Answer platform (Now deleted).  

Name: Anxious Mother
I want to cut off my three-year old son's willy to turn him into a girl.
Please tell me the best way to do it. 
(2000/12/27 05:59:32)

Name: Kyoko
In such times as we are living now, it does not surprise me at all to encounter such a question.
What is driving you to want him to turn him into a girl?
Tell me your reasons first, and I will tell you the safest and easiest way of accomplishing exactly what you wish.

Name: Anxious Mother
Dear Kyoko,
I have already been bringing up my son as a girl. I divorced my husband on the grounds of adultery.
I cannot and will not allow my son to become such a man.
Fortunately, his name sounds like a girl's name,
so ever since I divorced and started living alone with my son, I have been making him wear girl's clothes and bringing him up as a girl.
The sooner I cut his willy off the better.
Please tell me the safest and surest way of getting the job done. I will set about doing the task straight away.

Name: Kyoko
Dear Anxious Mother,
I understand the situation you are in and feel for you.
I will tell you the safest and easiest way to turn a boy into a girl.
You do not cut off his willy.
You need to squash his balls.
Let the doctor cut off his willy later.
Do you think you will manage to squash them by yourself?
If you think you can, I will tell you how to do it and how to set up a situation.

Name: Anxious Mother
Kyoko, I have been waiting for your message.
You tell me to squash my son's balls? Of course I can.
It's simple. I have had enough practice with boiled quail's eggs so many times before.
Please tell me how to set up a situation and also how to do it.

(Immediately after this message, a woman named "Aki" appears, who also says she wishes to turn her own son into a girl. On the other hand, she laments about a case of kidnapping of a newborn baby that occurred recently.)

Name: Kyoko
Now I will tell you how to set up the situation and how to squash the balls.
First, have a bath in the evening like you normally do.
This is the last moments for your son to be living as a male, so make sure you wash and clean his willy carefully and well.
Let your son sit at the edge of a bath tub, hold his balls in your both hands,
and then squash them by pressing the balls down against the edge of the bathtub.
You must squash them fast, and by using the whole of your body weight.

The balls tend to be slippery, so pull them in one direction with much force as you squash them, as if you would want to tear them off.
You must squash both of them all at once. If you squash them one by one, you would be causing him unnecessary pain.

It will be excruciatingly painful (although I wouldn't know it because I am a woman)  so your son will most likely fall on the floor in agony.
Make sure you protect his head by holding him in your arms as soon as you have squashed his balls.
Wipe his body dry immediately, put on some pyjamas on him, and put some clothes on yourself too, and dial 119 (*emergency number).
When questioned by the rescue team, tell them he was playing on top of the edge of the bath tub when he slipped and hit his groin.
It would be best if you tell them it was an accident, to avoid needless troubles later.
Would you be able to do this, Anxious Mother?
If you think you can, I will tell you what you should do once you arrive at the hospital.

(After this message, other people start exchanging heated discussions about the topic.
A man writes begging the mother to reconsider, but "Anxious Mother" will not change her mind.)

Name: Kyoko
If his balls are properly squashed, they will immediately proceed with an operation to remove them.
If, however, the balls are not properly squashed, they will not do the operation on him, so you need to really make sure the job is perfectly done.

The doctor will probably advise you strongly to put fake balls into the scrotum, and say that your son won't be able to have children in the future, but that he can receive hormonal treatment when he reaches puberty to continue a life as a man.
When the doctor says that, immediately declare "I want you to turn him into a girl!" You need to plead with passion and persistence.

If the doctor turns out to be a woman, and you plead strongly enough, you will have about an eight-in-ten chance of succeeding.
If the doctor is a man, he will usually be more resistant to the idea, so there will be about a three-in-ten chance of him agreeing to the sex change surgery.

If the doctor won't agree, then you will need to take matters into your own hands and go for the last resort.
When your son is resting in the hospital room (be kind enough to do it while he is asleep),  sever his willy with a utility knife.

Pull his willy to make it taut and move the knife back and forth in quick, small motions to cut it off in one go.
You will be in hospital, so you won't have any worries about getting proper treatment afterwards.

The hospital usually does not like scandals, so the matter will not be made public.
Now that the balls are taken out, and the willy is cut off, and moreover his mother's wish to turn him into a girl is strong, they will no longer have any objections about turning him into a girl.
Do you believe that this can be done?
(2001/1/18 23:06:27)

Name: Anxious Mother
Your advice about what to do in the hospital is perfectly clear.
I understand I will have to cut it off as a last resort.
I hope the doctor is a woman.
I wonder if I should do the work tonight.
(2001/1/19 18:17:22)

(From then onwards, so many messages appear trying to dissuade the mother from carrying out the action. But her determination remains firm.)

Name: Anxious Mother
Do any of you here want to cut off your son's willy too? We can do it together.
I am determined to carry this through to the end.

Name: No Longer Anxious Mother
I was not asking you people to tell me whether I should do it or not.
I was only asking you to tell me how I could do it.
I am going to have a bath with my son now.
Thank you very much.
(2001/2/10 19:16:06)

Name: Once Anxious Mother
Long time no see. I am sorry I made all of you worry.
It has been a week since I carried out the action. My daughter (no longer son) is well.

May I express my gratitude to you all. Thank you for your support. I am sorry to have made you worry.
From now on, I will live with my daughter, supporting each other and sharing all joys and sorrows. I hope we can become happy together.

Name: Once Anxious Mother
If my daughter commits suicide in the future, I will die with her.


  1. Hi everyone! Sorry I made you wait for so long for the new story!

    I will be posting replies to the previous posts later today.
    I am sorry I am always late in replying, but when I write replies I want to take time and do it properly for you.

    Thank you always for your support! Much Love and Gratitude! :D

  2. Hi Saya long time fan. ♥️
    Thanks for all your stories.

    I feel bad for the kid :(
    I work in the emergency room and I’ve seen a kid with An open wound in the balls from playing and it looked like it hurt so bad.

    1. Hello dear! Thank you for taking time to leave a comment!

      Oh! You work in the emergency room. That's a very respectable work which helps a lot of people. Well done!

      Oh goodness gracious, I cannot imagine the pain the boy was going through!

    2. Wow...Proper full fledged English :o

  3. This is actually one of those stories that can keep me up at night. However, I read this in the morning so this is my substitute for coffee.

    This is a very disturbing story. I have no idea how painful a hit to the balls are, so usually I assume it's like menstrual cramps.

    1. LOL more like giving a birth to a baby than mesntral cramps? XD

      I hope the story was a good accompaniment to your coffee XD haha

  4. Ouch! These stories of "loving moms" that are actually disturbed minds and don't realise the terrible things they're doing to their child (talking about this one and the previous) are really disturbing.

    Thanks for the new post! :)

    1. I seem to be posting many stories about scary mothers! XD
      But those stories are scary because you normally expect mothers to be loving and wise in a normal way.

      I am glad I was able to make you happy with this disturbing story! XD

    2. This is criminal,mentally unstable mother's story about psycho and taboo,this isn't a horror story.

  5. Cringing as i read this whole thing. The description / instruction is too vivid too! Kyoko seems to have experience in this?? Poor boy :(

    Anyway, Hi Saya! My last comment here was in 2013 i think? Last time i was only a teenager, now i'm a working lady hahah! Always loved reading your blog <3 I have A LOT to catch up now hehe. Thanks as always Saya :3

    1. Yes Kyoko appears experienced in this, which makes the story more disturbing to read.

      I do remember you, my dear beautiful friend. I cannot believe you were a teenager back then! I hope you are enjoying working now!

      Much love from me. Take care of yourself! :D

  6. It's scary to know that there are children under the care of crazy people like this

    1. I know! :(
      I have been hearing a lot of news about child abuse in Japan recently.
      It's unbearable.

  7. This is sick...maybe the dad cheated on her because he didn’t dare to divorce her knowing she’s crazy. Ugh I hope this is just a prank and the “anxious mother” and the responder are the same person with different accounts. Poor son. It’s the ultimate betrayal when a parent abuses a child!!

    1. It's very very hard to sympathize with people who abuse their own childeren...:(

      I hope it's a prank too!

  8. Im holding my balls as im reading this.

    By the way, what about Aki and the case of kidnapped baby though? And that last sentence.. Why did she say that out of nowhere..? What could be the reason if her 'daughter'really commit suidice..?

    1. Oh dear! I imagine I am making a lot of men feel uncomfortable by publishing this story! I am sorry about that! XD

      I just translated whatever remained of the log. So I don't know :(

  9. This is a truly disturbing exchange, and I'd imagine all the more for a male to read this.

    (Thanks for coming back after all this time, I am happy to see my favorite blogger is active again. :-))

    1. Hello, Kikue, thank you for leaving a comment! I look forward to hearing from you again in the future! :D Take care!

  10. A post on my birthday so I was quite excited to read it. Then I felt the pain hahaha. Imagination can be a double edged sword.

    Poor son (now daughter)

    1. Oh! It probably wasn't a great idea to read this on your birthday! XD

      But Happy belated Bitrhday! I hope you had a wonderful day! :D

  11. dear saya,
    will you ever cover nevada-tan?
    it goes in the 'true story' category-- a middle school girl who killed her classmate. i thought for sure i'd find it on your site!

    1. Hello dear.

      I am not so sure if I am interested in that case. I might write about other murder cases though.

      Thank you for your comment!

  12. Wow, that is a nasty one. Poor kid.

    1. Indeed it is nasty! It pained me to translate it!

  13. Hi Saya! Just wanted to let you know how glad I am that you are back! I've been reading your stories since 2010 and this is the first time I dare to comment lol. When found out via Twitter that you were posting again I was so happy! Thank you for all your effort, your translations, and your kindness. You are awesome!

    1. Hi Lucacik! Nice to meet you!
      Thank you for your very nice, kind words! I am happy you like my blog!
      I hope I can post something you enjoy again! :D
      Take care and much love from me!

  14. eh, this one isnt great. yknow how urban legends and scary stories often reflect the fears and anxieties of society? this story feels like it was born from the fear of transgender people (specifically, transgender women) and the "weak, crazy" mothers who "enable" (accept) them. (its rarely a father who's seen raising a girl as a boy in horror; in fact thats usually more of a hero origin story than a horror story, like lady oscar in rose of versailles). its twisting real life examples of love and acceptance and turning them into horror stories of parents who "force" children, using abusive methods.

    so, knowing all that, i cant like this story. it feels hateful.

    1. I agree. I don't hold it against Saya for translating it, but as a trans person, it makes me feel particularly sick.

    2. I was having similar thoughts.

    3. Well...You don't find many pleasant and lovely things on this blog! LOL

      I personally think you are reading too much into it though.
      But of course you are entitled to your opinions.

  15. I got a feeling of deja vu reading this story, I feel like I had heard about it before... (and it is worrying to think I might be confusing this with another similar case)
    Either way, another story about a crazy/abusive parent, these are always sad, especially because we know those things are more common than we think, most cases just don't get reported/attention.

    Also, obligatory ouch, it hurts to read it, and even more so to imagine the pain the kid went through. I hope that they can at least have a happy life despite this trauma they've experienced.
    Thanks for translating this story for us as usual! Take care and stay safe, wish you a good weekend!

    1. I am sorry I am replying is so late, Gabriel!
      I hope you have been well! Do you follow my Twitter or Instagram account? I hope you do! :D

  16. As man, this story scared the shit out of me ... now i feel something

    1. Yep, reading this while imagining it happen to me was a very, very bad idea :(

  17. Awesome story. Hurts my "you know what" parts just reading this.

  18. Jesus Deviant Christ what did i just read. My balls hurt right now even tho they're perfectly fine ;_; What a sick fock would do that? Why even... wha... but... why would u even post it? You're sick...

    ...and i love it :V

  19. Dear God, i have just read some crazy shit, please, have mercy upon my soul and my balls ;_;

  20. Hi Saya i miss your stories and your blog posts, please come back soon! I hope everything is going well for you and your personal life! I've been reading your blog for years now and i always look forward to them! I think i've even read every story already whenever you don't post haha!

    1. Sorry my updates are not so frequent!
      I am fortunately still alive!
      I hope your life is going wonderfully well too!

  21. I have to bleech my eyes after this... good post as always

  22. it's sad that so many parents wanna knock their kids to their own ideal image/form. rather slowly guiding them, the parents do all sorts of things so the kids have no choice but to follow their instructions - some do it just so that their parents would be happy.

    although neither giving the kids total freedom is a good idea..


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