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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Decapitated Head

Jumping in front of a train is one of the most gruesome ways of dying because the damage that is inflicted on the body is enormous.

One man killed himself by this very method, flinging himself from the platform into the rail when the train was just passing the station. His limbs were torn to pieces and as for his decapitated head it flew and landed on the platform. Many people were there to witness this ghastly incident, and they were watching it with sheer shock and horror, when suddenly the decapitated head opened its eyes and shouted, "This is not a show!"


  1. Why is this under urban legend?

  2. YOU'RE ON SCARE TACTICS!!! For anyone whos from the uk or usa...srry saya-san!

  3. Hahaha... This shud be under funny... "This is not a show!!!"

  4. XD I find that super funny, even though that's wrong.

  5. lmaooo!! that could be like a separate robot head

  6. it's almost the same as the anime GANTZ
    a boy who is not very social (naming him boy A) standing at the platform of the undergrond subway when a drunken man fals on the rails

    when nobody on the platform even thinks of helping the guy a high school boy jumps on the rails to help the man but he is too heavy to lift on his own
    when the high school boy looks up he sees boy A and ask him to help him (they were childhood friends)
    boy A helps him but when he jumpt on the rail there was an anouncing that the train was comming so they hurried and managed to push the man on the platform
    when the train comes they dicide to run cause the train had to stop at the station so they could possibly outrun it

    then the last anousment came that the train was internatianal and that it would not stop at the station

    finaly the train hit the 2 boy's and al the parts are flying and boy's head A also thinks don't look like that its not a show

    sorry for my english i;m bad at writhing it

  7. The scary thing is that brain lives for a couple of seconds after you get decapitated... it's been tested o.O

  8. ....I'm seechless, really.But I also think this is funny XD

  9. maybe he was sarcastic :D he's probably an FX expert.

  10. i would've kick it!!!


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