Thursday, 16 August 2007

Experimental Music WIth Aim To Cause Mental Destrution (remix)

Experimental Music With Aim To Cause Mental Destrution (remix)
A really bizarre and creepy music which probably does what it says on the tin if you've listened to it long enough.

happy3: Mental Destruction
Apparently the original version of the music above, with a short movie.

Found another one! The original and longer version of the music. Sound only.


bokuwakuma said...

It's just sort of annoying to me >____<
The Little voices give me a headache.

King Progdor said...

Very odd. Sounds like something a Dark Ambient group would use.

And the really static-y effect at the end sounds like something Merzbow would do.

Stain said...

ow my head

Tani said...

Oh... rabbits. That can cause mental destruction!!

Anonymous said...

Beware of Batboy!

Levy said...

i only listened to it about 3 seconds. it was enough to give me a headache too. awful sound.

Funfact: That kind reminded me of " the brown noise". That's a noise that's rumored to cause the listener to lose control over his bowels due to the resonance. Multiple bands have spent years on trying to find the exact noise. IDK why, but it just reminied me of itXD

Princess said...

i didn't hear anything >.< why?

BlueRio said...

lol am i he only one who intrested with this song(original)..