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Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Man-Eating Piano (*violent!)

Who would have thought of coming up with the piano = a man-eating monster formula?
Well someone did.

This bizarre and surreal clip comes from an infamous Japanese film, called House (or hausu as it is pronounced in Japanese), first shown in cinemas in 1977.

You won't know whether to feel horrified or amused by it.
The combination of the hand-drawn special effects and the bad acting contributes to create a bizarrely comedic result.

I will try to find out if there is another one to replace it.

For those of you who are interested, I uploaded the trailer below.

I have seen many trailers in my life but never one like this which, instead of giving us overall ideas about the plot of the film, only serves to further confuse us.

I haven't watched the film myself, but when I do, I intend to write a review on this site.


  1. I heard you on Iain Lee last night. I'm a fan of horror and Japanese horror in particular (Ring, Ju-on etc)
    Man Eating Piano clip: Many clips out of context can seem comedic; even clips of The Exorcist look funny without the build up and atmosphere of the film. This film's distracting use of effects is shocking but not in the way the director wanted. I hope the director learned the lesson "less is more." What are the latest good horror films coming out of Japan?

  2. Hello, Steve.
    I would recommend you to watch "Reincarnation" or Rinne in Japanese. I watched it recently and it was good. Check it out!
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll ask my cousin in America to send me a copy with subtitles. (watashi wa nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu demo mada jozu ja arimasen.
    And my wife who is Japanese doesn't like scary films so she can't tell me whats happening)

  4. You can get the DVD of the film in UK. Try, HMV, Virgins etc.

  5. The clip of the film... wow. Probably the most amusing part was when the girl near the fish bowl went cross-eyed.

    As for the trailer... that was confusing indeed. Horror/creepy atmosphere, then, suddenly, something like you'd see on a sitcom to show the actors with everyone happy and smiling... and then the creepy again.

  6. I remember a Goosebumps "Choose your own Adventure" book that had deadly instruments if you screwed up. The piano chomped on your arms. =P

    Honestly, though? My first thought of the "Piano eats j00" idea was flashbacking to the Boo House level in Super Mario 64. That damn piano scared the crap outta me. >_< I needed to get behind it (it was in a corner) to get that stupid red coin...


    Found a piano link for you ^-^ long time reader, not too often poster. Love the site, though it has kept me up more than once at night. No worries though :D Keep on translating please.

  8. this was funny :D i think i would laugh through the movie... unfortunatley most horror movies make me giggle. Except the non gory videos that are supposedly cursed... now that just makes me shudder and pray to not die :P

  9. Hello. I have been looking through all of the stories and things you have on your website and I have enjoyed them all very much. I thought I would let people know that I found a website where you can watch this movie I am a fan of Asian horror stories and movies and I am very happy to know that websites like your exist Saya. Thank you very much for keeping it up!

  10. I remember watching this! I watched on TV once... It was probably the most weirdest thing I watched thoigh. The scariest thing about it was how they ran around singing and holding hands *shudder*.

  11. Bahaha, I meant to record the TV show House and ended up recording this instead on accident. It was one of the silliest/most bizarre movies I've ever seen. xD

  12. here is a link i found after much searching:
    thank you this is the crziest movie i've ever seen. it was partially written by the director's 13 year old daughter! megavideo has a 72 minute limit, but if you reset your modem (turn off 3 minutes to reset your ip address), you can pick up where you left off without waiting 54 minutes.
    thank you for your blog, saya! love to you! :)


  13. Am I the only one who feels like they were just trolled by the guy who made that trailer?


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