Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Don't watch this flash if you have a heart condition.
I personally found it rather funny.

Click on the lick below:


Anonymous said...

Man, how many of these sort of things are there? XD But hey, it's Sadako-chan! ^o^ I'd recognize that eye anywhere!

...I cosplayed her once. X3 I freaked everyone out when I did the walk. I think my sister's better at it, though. ^^-

ComatoseDreamer said...

Short and creepy.
Nice D:

Anonymous said...

haha your not the only one that found this funny =3

Zamtraic said...

lol this was funny granted suicide isn't generally funny but this makes it funny for some reason thanks once again

Serverus said...

This one made me laugh! Frakking hilarious!