Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Tent

*"I" in this story is not Saya!
This is a true story.
We were staying at a campsite inside a permanent tent. Each tent accommodated eight people and there were seven tents in total, lined up in a row.

My tent was the seventh one and it was positioned at the end of the row.

One night I went out of the tent to go to the bathroom.
When I came back and opened the door of the tent, I found no one inside. But I was sure everyone else was fast asleep.
I thought: 'what?', and went out again to make sure I was in the right tent. But the sign on the tent said, “No.8.”

What was I thinking, I’m in No.7! I thought to myself as I went to the one standing next to it.
- Yes, of course I knew that “No.8” didn’t exist but I was so scared that I convinced myself it was just a mistake and went back to sleep.

By the next morning, the eighth tent had disappeared.


neosunnyb4u said...

wow yeah sometimes you dont realize what you are seeing sometimes and you just notice its their without a secound thought sometimes i get that feeling too very weird

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

he took a dump then got high off the pine guess

Anonymous said...

its probably a one

Anonymous said...

I think the word permanent is there to assure us permanent tents don't just disappear overnight.

Sotchai said...

Agreed to the anonymous above me! :O

Victoria said...

Ah, but what would have happened if he accidentally thought the tent was his? He would have fallen asleep in it and disappeared, too.