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Saturday, 8 September 2007

To My Regret

There was once a girl who had been diagnosed as having only three more months to live.
When her friends came to visit her in hospital, the girl’s mother, hoping to make the best out of the occasion, got the idea of taking a picture of them together while the girl was still relatively well. So she took a picture with the sick girl in the middle sitting up on the bed and her two friends on either side of her.

Only a week later after the picture was taken the girl’s illness took a turn for the worse and within less than three months she passed away.
The funeral was held and the girl’s mother was just beginning to come to terms with her loss when she remembered about the picture she took in hospital. She went to a shop to have it developed, but when she had the pictures back she couldn't find that particular picture. When she asked the shop owner about it he just said, “I’m sorry… I made a mess of it.” The mother however got suspicious and asked him again what became of the picture. She said it was the last picture of her daughter she took before the girl died and begged him to give it to her. “I really think you shouldn't see it,” said the shop owner. “You just stay calm, ma’am, OK?” He said before cautiously taking out the picture in question.

And there it was, the picture of the three girls - but one thing was different; the body of her daughter (who sat in the middle) looked as though it was mummified.

The mother was very upset but she took the picture home nevertheless, telling the shop owner that she wanted to have it purified by a shaman.
When she was at the shaman’s the mother asked her what implications the sinister picture had; and there again the mother was met with a wall of silence. But as before, the mother would not give up and begged the shaman to tell her the truth. The shaman in the end gave in to the mother's persistent entreaties and opened her mouth. She said;

“To my regret, your daughter has fallen into the hell.”


  1. これはちょっと怖いかも...

  2. このお話、結構怖いと言う方が多いんです。


  3. Wow...The shop owner really DID ruin the picture

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What would the girl have done to deserve purgatory? I mean from the sound of it...the girl's innocent.

  6. I think this is a chain from the old rumor that if you take a picture with 3 people the one in the middle tends to die or something like that...

    does it? o-o

  7. Luka i'm familiar with that rumor being from the Philippines we had a similar situation with my neighbor..

    They took a picture with the three of them living in the house and once the photo was developed ..on each of the sides stood a headless uncle then said to them that whoever those two are they were trying to protect that family from misfortune

  8. I wonder why there aren't more "mummified" photographs in the world then.

  9. Oh wow, that was- that was just creepy. I swear, I am never taking a photograph with three people ever again. *shudders*

  10. messed up her going to hell and all that. great story

  11. Great...I have atleast two pics in which i am standing in the middle of two of my friends
    And if that wasnt bad enough,this was posted on my birthdayO_O

  12. lol i have SO MANY pictures of me in the middle of 2 people, wether my friends or my 2 sisters (i'm the youngest one so…) XD nothing's going to happen, no needs to get scared……

    but this story is one of the posts that gives me most uneasy feeling, since i'm somewhat religious and… yeah. gives me the creeps.


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