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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

You Are Next

A family of four was staying at a country inn. Late one night the mother found her daughter murdered in a toilet. Her face had been knifed so many times it was almost unrecognizable; and her tongue was missing.

The toilet cubicle had one latticed window measuring 30cm wide and 10cm high and also a small ventilator, but these were too small for anyone to get in from outside. The door was locked.
Who killed the girl, and how? The police proceeded to question the couple who ran the inn and their only son, and any suspicious persons seen around the area, but what with the perplexing problem of the locked cubicle, it was thought that the case would remain forever unsolved.

Then the son of the inn owners one day turned up at the police station accompanied by his parents. The parents said; “We couldn't talk to you frankly before because we were worried about the neighbours’ prying eyes… But something dreadful has happened and we would like to tell you.”
The parents continued: “Our son likes filming people secretly although we have always reprimanded him for the distasteful hobby. It turned out that he was there at the time of the murder. He was filming the toilet cubicle from the space above the ceiling when the small window opened and something entered, holding a.…well, I think you’d better see the rest for yourself.”
The son, when questioned about the video tape, suddenly lost control of his mind, apparently through reliving the horrifying experience of that night.
Did the tape contain something so terrible that it would drive a man to madness? The sight of the deranged man deeply affected the police officers and they dreaded watching the video even as one of them pressed the play button.

The tape began with the girl squatting over the Japanese-style toilet(*). When she finished and stood up, suddenly a tiny figure – appearing as an old woman measuring about 15 to 20cm – jumped in noiselessly from the window, bearing a glass shard in her hand. Before the girl had time to scream, her throat was slit, followed by vicious attacks on her face and then her entire body. When the girl expired, the old woman cut out the tongue and a section of the scalp from the dead body, and looking up at the ceiling, she uttered; “You are next.” After that the old woman disappeared through the window which she came from - carrying away both the bloody tongue and the scalp with her.
Many police officers who watched this threw up, cried or loosened their bladder on the spot out of sheer terror. The case in the end was not solved, but it is said the police station still retains the video tape.
* Unlike the western-style toilet, the traditional Japanese toilet has its opening on the floor, over which you squat down.


  1. spoookey and sent a chill down my spine

  2. This is exactly what I wanted to hear!!

    Thank you Mr. Anonymous for your comment, you made my day!!

  3. I can't help but think, "But why her tongue? And scalp?"

  4. Watch out for the elderly homicidal munchkins!

  5. I don't mean to be an annoying skeptic, but how did the mother find the daughter murdered if the door was locked? Also, I have a hard time understanding that the woman was only a little over an inch tall if they could clearly see her. Otherwise it is good, just a little TOO out there.

  6. I was thinking, and was wondering if you meant "inches" when you used Cm(centimeters) in this story?

  7. that makes no sense.
    You're supposed to be scared of a 5inch old lady?

  8. Aww shit, now I have to go to the bathroom.

  9. *Is scared now*

  10. To Steeple333,

    tongue and scalp of pork are the most revered and delectable parts known to present to the gods and sometimes the devil to quell his hunger for innocent spirits. well from my previous religion.

    i guess that thing wanted it

    i usually hear evil elves do that not...tiny miniature women

  11. Murderous little people! Run in fear!

  12. yea.. this one through me for a loop.. im confused as to why it took the leprachan so long to get the boy and y not kill him instead of making him go insane????... did it get the cops.. btw what a lil perv filming girls on the toliet.. aon at least the lil person waited till she was done using the toilet.. y didnt she just step on her neway..

  13. Dear god, that gave me so much chills. What a freaky old lady. D:

  14. that's some freaky old lady.
    thanks for your awesome blog Saya, i really love ghost story

  15. this reminds me of a little game me and the other kids would play in Elementary school. you would go up to a random classmate, and bend your index finger and thumb in order to form a sort of 'C' shape with them, with a small opening between your two fingertips. you'd then ask the classmate, "are you scared of a man this big?" and show them your fingers. when they replied "no," you'd clap your hands in front of their face so they'd flinch. its most likely completely unrelated to the story, but i thought it was kind of funny.


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