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Monday, 1 October 2007

A Chance

This is a story of my friend who has powerful sixth sense.
At the time of the story she was living with her husband in the suburbs.

One night she was waiting for her husband, who had gone drinking after work, at home. But it was getting late and she decided to go to bed.
she dreamt that her husband's motorcycle crashed into a car and he died. She woke up and knew what had happened in the dream was true.
"He's dead! He's dead!" She panicked.

But soon after that she heard the familiar sound of motorcycle engine from outside.
The front door opened and her husband's cheerful, drunken voice sounded from the porch. He started explaining why he had come home late.
My friend, who had been crying, became a little cross, grudging for the nonchalant way her husband behaved.
"You are really late. I thought you've died from an accident!" She said from her bed, raising her voice so that her husband could hear her.
"Oh dear! So you've made your choice then?" Her husband said lightly, sounding almost as if he was teasing.
Then came a complete silence. Minutes later she got a phone call informing her of her husband's death.

Later she told me, "I think I threw away a chance God gave me."


Anonymous said...

wait...what? I get some of this, but not all of this...explanation pl0x.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above me, I think the "chance from God" was to meet her husband one more time after he died.
The husband was, of course, a ghost.

jump said...

Actually, I think the choice was to have him alive.
She chose to be angry at him for being late, instead of being happy that he was still with her despite her dream.

Anonymous said...

I agree with jump.
This reminds me of "The Power of Words" from xxxholic.

Lily said...

Sorry to post on such an old story, but I think it has to be said that the way I read this was that what happened was that she was given a chance to have her husband alive, but she named him dead. Her pronouncing him dead was the choice she made, not being angry at him. ^^ Just my opinion. I'm often wrong.

Fai said...

O.o wow I made a story for my english assignment that is soo much like this. except they were girlfriend and boyfriend not married. But I've never heard of this story before or anything like it.