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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

You are not the one!

Late one night after working overtime in an office, a man called F picked up a taxi. The taxi driver was a friendly man, and for a while they merrily chatted away.

Sometime later the taxi began to climb up a dark hill. Now woods surrounded them on both sides and there was no other car around.
Then the taxi driver suddenly said to F in a serious tone of voice, "Listen. In this place you mustn't look outside the windows. Got it?"

F was perplexed at the driver's abrupt change of mood and "Yes.."was all he could reply.
The taxi drove on through the woods. F began to feel uneasy and asked the driver, "Why shouldn't I look outside?" But the driver didn't answer. F was getting creeped out.
It was just then he heard a strange groan coming from outside the window beside him. F was startled and looked at the window in spite of himself.
Then he saw, spread out on the window, a large, angry face. When it saw F, it cried, "You are not the one!"

F lost consciousness immediately and could not remember what happened afterwards. Apparently on that road on the hill there was a hit-and-run accident not long ago which had left one man dead, and the killer was still at large. Since then the dead man had been appearing on the road every night, looking for his killer.


  1. Dear Saya,

    This one I really loved. It scared me and my brother. But I don't get it...why couldn't he look out the window? All he saw the ghost? Did the taxi driver think he was the ghost's killer?

  2. Hello,phantomwolf!

    It's a good thing you and your brother liked it!!
    I think the driver was just being considerate to his customer, because he knew the ghost has been appearing in that area every night and if the customer looked out, he would be sure to see the ghost!and that woulnd't be a nice experience!

  3. anti-zombie squad23 December 2008 at 15:00

    Ghost: you are not the one but you sure are ugly.

  4. shouldn't then ghost be looking at the driver instead of the passenger then

  5. i got the point when Ernest said, why the ghost not looking to the driver (> 3<)

  6. Uhh...did Pokemon X and Y reference this? There was this totally random scene with a floating Hex Maniac suddenly coming up behind you out of an elevator and saying "'re not the one..."


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