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Monday, 18 August 2008

The Black Kewpie Doll

A young mother was caring for a new born baby on her own. One day the mother left her baby at home and went out for shopping; but on the way home she met with accident and died. She carried nothing to identify herself at the time and there was no hope of finding her relatives; and so she was buried alone, without no one realizing that she had a little baby left back in her room.

A few weeks later, the dead mother's landlord, who realized that his tenant was falling behind on rent, made a visit to her room. He knocked on the door, but obviously, there was no answer. He asked the next door neighbour of his tenant's whereabouts, but got no useful infomation. "She must have run away," thought the landlord, and fetched the master key. When he went inside, the room was dark and all windows were shut. He tried to switch on the lights but it was no use since the power supply had been cut off.

He looked around in the dark. The room looked as though someone was still living in it. The furnitures were still there, and a black kewpie doll was left lying in the middle of the floor. "She must have left in a great hurry and had no time to take anything with her," the landlord mused, and stooped down to pick up the kewpie doll. But the moment he touched it, the doll crumbled apart; at the same time, he saw so many cockroaches scurry away. And all there was left in his hand was a skelton of a baby.

If you don't know what a kewpie doll is, look here for information.


  1. Omg, how sad :( That story reminds me of a common urban legend about a babysitter who has an accident and the parents find their child dead when they return from a trip.

  2. This is seriously one of the best internet creepypasta-esque stories I've ever seen. It's diabolically twisted. Thanks, as usual, Ms. Saya

  3. An interesting and sad story. What exactly is a kewpie doll anyhow? I dont get the part about the cockroaches... I think its something obvious and im just being oblivious! :/

  4. Hey there, Saya.

    Just wanted to let you know that your site is fabulous, and has given me hours of entertainment! I've been checking on it daily. Good work!

  5. Hi everyone!

    Debbie - it is sad, isn't it? But this story is also an urban legend, so don't feel too upset!:)

    William - My pleasure,sir.Glad to be of service!

    Bryan - a kewpie doll looks like the one in the drawing. I'm going to post a link to a picture of the real doll. Cockroaches are black, and that's why the baby's skelton looked all black and solid!The room was also probably too dark to see anything clearly.

    Tristan - thank you very much for your nice words! What's wrong with all the readers of this site, they are all NICE. Don't get too hooked dear, this site isn't good for your health.

    Thank you very much for your comments!

  6. that made my heart hurt

  7. So scary....
    The poor baby.But how did it die?
    My mum thinks tat I'm too young 4 dis but It's so much better than TV or studying!:)

  8. Hello,mr/miss anonymous!

    I think your mum could be right, dear. You could be a bit too young to visit this site. Some stuff I write could give you a trauma!Be careful!!

  9. Hi saya!hmmm...So far no trauma yet.(big evil grin)

  10. And yet nobody heard the poor baby crying in the room?I have a baby bro so I think that babies really do cry really loud...Anyway,I sort of like this 1, in a sad sort of way

  11. I've read every single one of your stories, seen every single movie, seen each picture (Except for the girl and that screamer. NU. NUNUNU. Those things almost gave me... mental problems. One jumped out at me and I slammed my head against the wall epicly hard. Yay for concussions!), and I'm 9. No trauma! 8D I must be special.

  12. Several things from this story don't add up. One being that the electric company likes to run up a persons bill before cutting them off. Say over 3 or 4 months. The landlord would have checked on why the rent was late long before then.

    I suspect the power was already off and the baby killed before the mother left. Thus no crying.

    Also going out for groceries usually involves a wallet which often has ID in it. So the accident may not have been so accidental as it appeared.

  13. omg reading these stories gives me the chills! Thank you SAYA :)

  14. Saya saved my boring summer nights! thank ya for it!

  15. nice post Saya, btw this is a very old post, when you post this entry I've already turned 17 y-o . and my birthday comes 17 August. hehe, now I'm 22 y-o. (sorry for my english) ^_^


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