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Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Cursed Video (from Okinawa)

I don't know the story behind this video, so I'm just going to translate what the voices are saying in it.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The narrator:"....(The sender of this film*1) was pushed by someone and fell from the train platform; her injury was so grave that she had to have her little toe amputated. The attacker is unknown. But the face the sender saw, seconds before she fell, looked very similar to the mysterious face that appears in the video. We don't have any information of where this video was taken, or the identity of the couple who were filmed. The image in question apparently comes in when this video about the couple suddenly comes to an end."

The man's voice(at 0:39): "What's this? (He reads the label)Warning, a viper*2?"
The woman's voice: "To have it lying here like this... There got to be people who would want to open it."
The man:"I want to have a look at it. Don't you?"
The woman:"Yes... Oh, but look, it has been sealed by screws."
The man (at 0:50, looking at a tree in front) "Look, there's another one over there. Why did they put it there?"
(The woman says something unintelligible in between)

The man (at 1:04): "Oh, another one over there. It's everywhere."
The woman : "Yeah, that's right."

The man (at 1:10):"That's one great Banyan.*3"

The woman (at 1:25): "You can cross that bridge from here."
The man: "This bridge is quite old, isn't it?"

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++As I understand it, the "sender" the narrator mentions at the beginning came across this old video by chance; and had the accident sometime after watching it.

1* - I'm just quessing the words here: the beginning of the narration is chopped off.
2* - "viper" The actual name the man mentions is a "
habu," a venomous pitviper found in Ryukyu Islands.
3* -
Banyan tree. This is a tree also commonly found in Ryukyu Islands.

Judging from the above facts and from what I've heard, the video was apparently taken around the Urasoe Castle, Okinawa, Japan.


  1. lol, I expected the face to be hard to find since the video is a little blurred, so I sat VERY close to the screen and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw it^^
    GOOD STUFF!!!!!!

  2. The quality isnt good and i didnt really know what was going on. Like debbie said, it makes you move closer to the screen... so i skipped ahead and saw the face, and it was odd indeed. But its not like it was a screamer that literally going to make me jump back!

    Actually the last time i saw a screamer (unintentionally) i was alone at night and decided to look up wheres waldo for no reason. And yes, i looked closer to the screen and when it popped up, i just froze! The sound was off but oh well.

  3. Hi, Debbie, Hi Bryan.

    This video is not meant to make you scream or jump. There are alot of video clips like that around, but this is not one of them. The image is blurred because it is supposed to be a very old film (could be from 80's or possibly older).

    I hate that "screamer" type of video Bryan is talking about, and I would never put it on this site. If I ever do I would put a warning sign beside it. I don't find those screamer stuff scary at all, anyway.

    But sorry if I made you jump!!! I only wanted to give you the creeps!:D

    Thank you for your comments!

  4. That face was spine-chilling.

    When I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water at 1:30 this morning I half expected to see a figure standing in the front yard, looking at me through the kitchen window. xD

  5. King progdor, don't come to this site too often it's bad for your health!!I get scared myself editing these articles.:)

  6. Screamers are horrible. They aren't the kind of thing that would keep me up at night, but it's HORRIBLE to get surprised by them. I jump so much. I am VERY glad you won't post them.

    "Cursed" videos usually don't bother me, but this one was creepy! It was just so strange... all those weird viper boxes, then the face. Plus there's the "sender's" story, but the video itself was creepy enough even without that!

  7. Hi spirit kitty!

    yeah the first time I saw this video I found it really creepy and slightly disturbing too.. The video wasn't on the web for a long time and I'm glad I found it again on youtube, because I really wanted to post it on this blog (and share the joy with people!lol).

    I totally agree that screamers are horrible!The people who make them are nasty!very nasty!!

  8. The video wouldn't even play for me. :(
    I've been recently addicted to your site, Saya, and even though I'm practically the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz I still love your posts.
    Just wish my computer did, too. >.<

  9. Hello, Kriss dear. Welcome to my blog!
    It's strange that you couldn't watch the video.
    Can you see it now, or is it still not working?

  10. so...anyone actually been cursed by this vid? any weird occurrences after watching this?

  11. The video just gives out and then the face comes on. DX

    I hate when there are distortions in video/audio. Because I've experienced them when there were weird circumstances surrounding the reason why they could be happening. DX

  12. is this story suppose to be real?

  13. never stopped itching after this video o.o Im red all over! its been 2 weeks. I dont know if its got anything to do with it. but its wierd.

  14. The curse won't work on me even if I do have it.

  15. maybe the ghost girl's chopped up body was inside the boxes the couple saw.

  16. R they at japan??? Why does this place look familiar to my grandparents??? They said they when here before.


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