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Monday, 25 August 2008

The Well

One day I killed my little sister because she annoyed me.
I threw her body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Five years later I killed my friend after a row.
I threw his body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Ten years later, I killed a woman I got pregnant in a drunken daze.
I threw her body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Fifteen years later I killed a boss I hated.
I threw his body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Twenty years later I killed my mother because she had become bedridden and I didn't want to look after her.
I threw her body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had not disappeared.
And the body remained there for days - days and days and days.

Saya : Why do you think the body didn't disappear at the end?
For the answer, read the comments below!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

His mom got rid of the bodies for him!

Not really scary, but very disturbing story. Also... somewhat tragic that he killed the person who cared enough to dispose of bodies for him.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with the first poster as to why her body was still there.

William said...

Hi Ms. Saya! The answer more disturbing answer is definitely the mom disposing of corpses for him (and I really like this answer!)... is the well dry though? Otherwise, a more simple scientific answer is that a body will sink in fresh water due to lack of density which creates a deficient bouyant force. He simply filled up the well. Thanks, as usual, for the tale.

Bryan said...

I was thinking of something like what william said, although now that i read what the first poster said that makes more sense. Nice stuff saya :)

Shin said...

well, the answer would be this: the mother is the one who disposed all of the bodies he threw in the well or worst, his mother ATE the bodies

SAYA said...


Wow, you have a very good imagination, all of you!!

Yes, you are all right about his mum - she got rid of the bodies for her son!! That's what I heard is the most likely answer!

William and Bryan - good for you! I like your scientific explanation!! Good to have brainy people like you!!!

Shin - She ate them?? That's a even better answer than mine!!!!

Thank you all of you for your comments. It's been a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I thought he was only thinking he killed the others. And when it came to the mother, he really DID kill her. hmm.... it is confusing

sugar-sugar said...

i like the last answer. He taught he killed them.. but he didnt.. the first real murder was when he killed the mother

Anonymous said...

wow she got rid of the bodies... thats... disturbing

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that she was the only one that couldn't walk or something like that.

Cayla said...

Wow, I loved this story. I wish my mom was as cool as that one ):

Anonymous said...

Mom was disposing of the bodies, that poor woman, no wonder she was bedridden having to take care of her son's mess. Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to give my mom a hug.

Anonymous said...

I had a thought that whatever entity that was taking the bodies didn't want the old woman's, sort of like how mother-in-laws are usually considered evil and people want nothing to do with them. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense ^^;;

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought it was because he couldnt see to the bottem of the well, so when the other bodies fell down it they dissapeared into darkness. But when he threw is mother in the well, she landed on the other corpses so she was closer to the surface. But then I read the comments and they make so much more sense :')

girl of blue said...

I actually thought it was because of the emotions he had when he killed each of them -- with all but the mother the murder was committed with a sort of bloodlust, and so might be written off as 'accident', but he killed his mother because he was too lazy to continue to look after her.
If a spirit were taking the bodies, perhaps it wouldn't want a death tainted with that sort of emotion? I'm not really sure ... All the other comments seem to make more sense.
It's an interesting story in any case.

Anonymous said...

Aw, shame that the hook was so obvious... but it was well written X3

Maddy0auci said...

The bodies piled up

Anonymous said...

I know this post is very old, but I had another idea about this story. I'm VERY into zombies so I thought the dead bodies got out of the well somehow. But his mother was bedridden, so she wasn't able to walk around? I don't know, this seems like a weird explanation now that I think about it. xD

Saya Yomino said...

@Anon (25 April 2014): BRAIIIIIINS!!!