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Thursday, 14 August 2008

A Wonderful Place

There was a girl whose grandmother had fallen seriously ill. One night her family got a call saying the grandmother was in critical condition.
The girl's parents said to her; "we have to go to grandma's tonight. Stay here and look after your little brother. We'll call you if anything happens with grandma." Then they left.

That night, the girl stayed up in case her parents called her with news of her grandmother. And it was past midnight when she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" said the girl.
"Hello." It was her grandma's voice, although it sounded deeper and quieter than usual. "I'm in a wonderful place right now. Are you coming too?"
Before the girl could answer, the phone abruptly went dead.

Sometime later, the girl got another call, this time from her parents.
What they told her was that the grandmother had passed away; and the time she died was exactly the same time as when the girl received that strange phone call.


  1. Oh dear. "Are you coming too?" ???? That part is weird...I'm wondering how this story would go on in a horror movie, with the grandmother coming to get the child during the night. Anyway, good story!

  2. Hi debbie,
    This is a story I heard when I was a child. I guess I couldn't write it down well enough to pass on to you the chilliness I felt then! But anyway thanks!

  3. a loved one passing away, trying to take their loved one with them to 'the other side'. Dream Theater - Ministry of Lost Souls. Lyrics bear exactly the same point, except feature a man and woman rather than child and grandparent. yet the point remains the same. If you liked this, listen to that song, it really is a beautiful piece of music.

  4. What if the girl said yes?Would she have died too?

  5. This reminds me of a true story.

    There was a black lab at a kennel. Around midnight, he went insane, barking and trying to escape the building.
    Only moments later the kennel owners got a phone call from the hospital, saying that both of the owner died at 11:30, the same time the dog went insane.

  6. A dead grandmother coming to get her grandchild. It's touching, in a way. It's strange, there are some stories like that in my country too.

  7. My grandmother passed away, I loved her so much. I never got to say bye to her. What I wouldn't do for that phone call so I could say bye and sorry for not being able to see her for so long.


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