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Monday, 22 September 2008

The Fisherman On The Roof

WARNING:Disturbing Images!

Never liked fishing.I think it's so cruel.


  1. I can't help but wonder why she wasn't carrying something like a pair of scissors to cut the line.

    It was...interesting, to say the least. Thanks again.=D

  2. Hello Ms. Saya! I haven't been to your blog in a few days... Clearly, I have been missing out! The latest round of the macabre has been truly excellent! As usual, thank you for broadening our collective horizons.

  3. Hello!
    King Progdor - yeah you're absolutely right!!You know I always carry a pair of scissors with me, in case someone wants to chop my head off with a fishing line! XD

    William - hello, Mr William! Yep you have been missing out greatly! I bet you are always late for parties!I'm glad I can make your life a little happier and more interesting! lol

  4. Hm...well that was interesting. o___o

  5. Sorry for posting so late on this one, but I couldn't resist. The happy music in the background made it creepy

    Haha, I already carry a brick and a tessen in my purse, don't tell me I need scissors too!

    (I guess a girl can never really have too many weapons on her person...)

  6. thats video is simply sick. but well im used to see stuff like that from japan.

  7. Hello, Miss Saya! I am a big fan of your blog -- I love scary stories and all things spooky!

    I very much thought this video was interesting, and I'm enjoying trying to interpret its meaning in many different ways!
    I also very much liked the song at the beginning! Do you know what it's called, or who sings it? I'd very much appreciate the information.

  8. I go by the name Uitinla
    this reminds me of a couple of pictures I've seen on the internet. a woman's head in a vase, or some sort of pot, and her hair wraps around a man who is seen looking in the pot and seems to be the one that has put her in there in the first place. i have seen drawn images of both Japanese women, and Egyptian head in this manner. perhaps its a urban legend that im not familiar with, or its some sort of fan made concept of a monster. any ideas??

  9. I live in Japan myself and have a few stories to tell, but I honestly haven't heard about this one until just now. I like to think Japan has the most interesting stories when it comes to ghoasties. Thanks for this. I'll be looking out for more. XD

  10. Did she think "Oh look! a suspicious fishing line, im gonna put my head in the loop to see if someone pulls my head off and put it in a bucket!" before getting caught.


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