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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Legmonger

The Story

One afternoon, a boy walking home from school was approached by an old woman.
"Do you want a leg? Do you want a leeeg?"
The boy tried to ignore her but she wouldn't go away.
"Do want a leeg? Do you want a leeeg?"
She asked him, over and over again.
"I don't want a leg!" The boy rebuffed her harshly.

A horrible scream rang out in the darkening street.

People who rushed to the scene got the shock of their lives.
On the street lay a boy who got his leg torn off.

There is no escape from the Legmonger.
If you say no to the monster, you will lose your leg like the boy above; but say yes to her and she will put the third leg on you, whether you like it or not.

There is only one answer that would get you safely out of the situation:
Tell her, "I don't want your service, but I suggest you go and ask___(someone's name)"
She would do as you say and go to the other person, but make sure you say the name of someone you don't like.....(he he he)


  1. Hahaa...this one gives me the chills but at the same time,it is quite funny too..... XD

  2. I have a pretty full roster of people I don't like, so I think I'm set for awhile if I run into her.

  3. Nice, reminds me of the Kuchisake-Onna story!

  4. Haha XD I can think of one or two people I could use as a substitute! So I'm safe. X3

  5. Hello everyone!!
    Sugar - you have a strong heart, Sugar! To you, everything is funny!:D

    King Progdor and 美b - Good for you! Having enemies is sometimes useful!

    Bryan - It is a bit like Kuchisake-Onna!There are lot of monsters in Japan who prey on children!!

  6. Oh and I 4 got.What if you ignore her 'till morning?Will she follow you back 2 ur home too?

  7. I'd say "GO BOTHER THE GIANT KITTEN THAT EATS LEGMONGERS! *points to a nearby rottweiler*"
    But that's just me.

  8. ...what a cruel way of getting out of trouble.

    Tell her: "I dunno, what about YOU? do you wanna leg? you wanna leg? wanna leeeeg?" and maybe she'll know what it's like to be bothered like that...

    Nice comeback, Catty!

  9. I wonder what would happen if you told her to go after Kuchisake-onna (the woman with the split face)... Not so beautiful after you get a third leg, now, are you?

  10. i just say ''i have two legs is anough for me thanks'' being polite is the best way =]

  11. Me being me, I would probably get annoyed, grab the leg from her, and knock her unconscious with it.
    Then run like there's no Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

  12. What if you said something like, "Sorry, I already have two legs, I'm not looking for another?" Just be like, really specific?

  13. have u noticed that legmonger and kuschisake onna and other ghosts MOSTLY prey on CHILDREN?? wat has the world come to when even ghosts target children for their needs

  14. what if you directed her to someone who lost a leg at one point?

  15. I would tell it to put the leg on a famous person just so we could see if it really happens or not

  16. Well, I have plenty of enemies..*pulls out long list, and sets it down*
    So, If I ever run into The Monster,
    I'm set for LIFE.

  17. I know who she could bother Justin Bieber

  18. I wonder what would happen if I simply replied that I'm happy with the legs I already have.

  19. The guy is absolutely fair, and there is no suspicion.

  20. i sure want a 3rd leg for triple peds in drums or easier guitar effects :)))) ahahah

  21. it was creepy kinda funny though
    errr will she come here in india also????????

  22. Damn elderly, I'd probably say "Well, do you?!"

  23. if i read this,this..would REALLY happned to me?


  24. "I don't want your service, but I suggest you go and ask Kuchisake- Onna" :D

    ... I'm getting scared because of posting this comment. =_=

  25. ... how does she put the leg on you?... and where? o-o personally, i wouldnt want a third leg on my crotch...

  26. My immediate thought was "I want the legs I have."


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