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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The One-Man Hide And Seek

(Click here to view the multiple-player version)


The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man tag, is a ritual for contacting the dead.

The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual you summon such a spirit by offering it a doll instead of a human body.

Warning: If you have psychic abilities you may feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual.

Things you need:
+ A Stuffed Doll with limbs
+ Some Rice (enough to stuff the doll full)
+ A Needle and a Crimson Thread
+ A Sharp-Edged Tool (such as a Knife, a Glass Shard, or Scissors)
+ A Cupful of Salt (natural salt would be best)
+ A Hiding Place (preferably a room purified by incense and ofuda)

1. Take all the cotton (or whatever it is stuffed with) out of the doll, and stuff it instead with rice*1.
2. Clip a bit of your nails and put them inside the doll, and sew the opening up with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the doll with the rest of the thread *2.
3. Pour water into a bathtub.
4. Place a cup of salt water inside the hiding place.
How To Do It:

1.Give a name to the doll (the name could be anything but your own)
2.When it is 3 am, say to the doll "__(your name) is the first it," three times.
3.Go to the bathroom and put the doll into the water-filled bathtub.
4.Turn off all lights in the house, go back to the hiding place and switch on the TV.
5.When you have counted ten with your eyes closed, go back to the bathroom with the edged tool (a knife, etc) in your hand.
6.When you get there, say to the doll ,"I have found you, __(the doll's name)," and stab the doll with the edged tool*3.
7. Say "You are the next it, __(the doll's name)," as you put the doll back in its place.
8.As soon as you have put the doll down, run back to the hiding place and hide.
How To Finish It:
1. Pour half the cup of salt water into your mouth (don't drink it; keep it there)*4 and get out of the hiding place and start looking for the doll. The doll is not necessarily in the bathroom. Whatever happens don't spit out the salt water.
2. When you find the doll, pour the rest of the salt water which is left in the cup over it, and then spray the salt water in your mouth over it as well.
3. Say "I win," three times.

This supposed to end the ritual.
After this make sure you dry the doll, burn and discard it later.

Please don't stop this ritual halfway. You must do it through to the end.

This is a dangerous ritual and I will not be responsible for what happens to you if you try.

Other things to keep in mind:

+Don't go out of the house until you have done the finishing ritual.
+You must turn off all lights.
+Keep quiet while hiding.
+You don't need to put the salt water in your mouth all the time. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual.
+Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too.
+Don't continue this ritual for more than one or two hours.
+For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked (including your front door) and have some friends close by so that they can come and help you at a moment's noice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too.

*1 - the rice represents innards and also has the role of attracting spirits.
*2 - the crimson thread represents a blood vessel. It seals the spirit(s) up inside the doll.
*3 - by cutting the thread off, you break the seal and release the spirit(s) you have trapped.
*4 - if you go out of the hiding place without salt water, you might encounter "something wandering around" in your house which might harm you in some way. Apparently the way to feel the presence of the "something wandering around" is to watch "what happens to the TV."
The video clip below apparently shows the changes seen to the TV after 40 mins into the ritual. Nothing really happens but it gives you some ideas anyway.

You can hear the changes in the sound;it becomes unsteady, repeats itself like a broken record, and gets warped towards the end.


  1. Sounds neat! Have you tried this Ms. Saya?? Be safe!

  2. Sounds pretty eerie...I don't think I'm brave enough to give it a try...

  3. Thats a pretty neat and creepy thing you found. Thanks for the update :)

  4. I...don't think I'll be doing this any time soon. I'm not too crazy about inviting those types of 'guests' into my house. You understand, I'm sure.

  5. Hello!!
    William - No way, I wouldn't try it if they gave me a million pounds...actually if it was a million pounds maybe I would give it a try!:D

    Debbie - you wouldn't be called a coward, dear. You are wise!:)

    Bryan - No Problemo!There is a documentary made in Japanese about this ritual and it's on youtube, but theres no English subtitle to it..I wish I could put it here!If only I knew how to put subtitle to a video clip.. I'll try to find out how!

    King Progdor - I understand, TOTALLY!!!!!!

    Thanks alot all of you for your comments!!!

  6. What is the point of this? What does it do?

  7. こんにちは。


    1. Mimi
      Dudes do not scream when ur playing one man hide and seek .......
      when I ended the ritual I found my younger sister dead I’m warning all of you who read this comment . DONT LET THE DOLL GET YOU!

  8. Can you speak Japanese Mr.Welldone?? Thank you for your comment. ありがとう!

  9. Mr/Miss Anonymous at 11:16 on 20 Sept:

    I think this ritual is kind of a game of dare. It could have been born out of a more ancient necromantic ritual, but I'm not sure.

  10. Koncha~
    Interesting!! =]
    I'm loving your blog and it's great that I stumbled across it.

    I might be viewed as a bit of an eccentric, but my family has a history of mediumship and spirit communication. Does this ritual have connections with this idea you think? It's interesting because it seems to me like it's simply playing a game of hide and seek with a ghost. I don't understand all of the game though, between the opening and closing of the ritual, do you simply hide and listen out or literally jump out there and play the game? =P

    Creepy and interesting,
    Thank kyuu~

  11. You took the movie yourself?OMG,this is tooo scarrrrrry!

  12. While this did a decent job of scaring the crap outta me, I don't see why anyone would try this. You don't really get anything out of it, and if it is done incorrectly there are dire consequences. Best not to try it at all. It was a good read, nonetheless.

    P.S. Teach me Japanese?

  13. I wouldn't do this because 1, I would piss my pants after 1 minute, and 2, I've seen ghosts multiple times. Quite frequently I see the shape of my old dead cat in the corner of my eye. My dad killed her because in January, he kicked it outside and it froze to death.

  14. Warning: If you have psychic abilities you may feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual.

    Lol. Well, I can't do it.

  15. What is the name of this ritual? I'd like to find a video of it performed, if that's possible.

    I'd never try this ritual myself for a few reasons:

    1) I hate dolls
    2) And the idea of ghosts (especially Japanese) scares the crap out of me lol.

    Well, there is one thing I really want to know: What happens if you "fail" the ritual, or dont end it?

    Also, I dare someone to use a supposedly haunted doll for the ritual, like Robert the Doll (Youtube)... >:D

  16. One other thing: I just found out on LiveJournal (searching for information), that a group of older teenagers recently performed the ritual and have posted material. I'll link the two accounts:
    -Girl's (with pics)

  17. Thank you for your comment Misanthrope!

    >What happens if you "fail" the ritual, or dont end it?
    I'm not sure but I will try to find out, dear.

    Thank you very much for the links you put!! That's very interesting that someone have tried to do it after reading my article! I haven't read the whole account but I will now. I just wanted to thank you first!

  18. No problem, Saya!

    I love reading the scary stuff you post before bed :)

  19. I'm gonna try this.
    With all mah friends. One of them said this:
    "Okay, I'm staying outside.
    I'm something slowly comes out of the door, I'll just say "Hoh crap.".
    If something quickly runs out the door, I'm just gonna say "Screw it" and run away.".

  20. Hey. This sounds dangerous.
    But also cool. xD I have some questions.

    Wouls this work if done with a friend, cat, and Bible present? (Cats have high spiritual energy, Bibles are self-explanitory) I would feel a bit more comfortable with that. Also, what are some protective herbs me and my friend could carry with us? I heard somewhere that sage was good, but I don't know. Thanks for your time, cool article!

  21. ok im a huuuuge skeptic, about everything, i dont believe all this stuff, and my friend did even more research, went beyonde this page and said like if i look at the tv it will fail and if i dont have the water the doll will stab me with a knife fork pen w/e it can get its hands on, and if i leave the bathroom door open it will find me and stab me.. i absolutely from the bottom of my soul believe this is completely impossible, so please like msg back and tell me some more about this i would like to try this to see for myself and im pretty sure no dolls will be stabbing me but my friend (the one who told me about this) wont let me, he said he doesnt want a friend gettin stabbed to death.. so msg or email me please, my email is i wont be back on this site so a reply will do nothing to help

  22. This sounds very cool! I wanted to try with my ball jointed doll Nero but he's not cloth...and I'd have to burn him possessed dolls for me. ]:

    I love your journal by the way! So many interesting stories!

  23. These people did this entire the comments on the page to,it has something you might not expect on it.

  24. My friend and I are trying this tonight, so wish us luck haha

  25. Did it. Nothing happened. At all.

  26. Did it. Nothing happened. At all.

  27. ima try this in the morning.

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  29. When I first read about this, my interests were pricked. For one thing, the whole arrangement of the ritual screamed "This is Japanese in origin!" The rice, the salt, the Red String... plus the rather more modern element of the TV being included.

    Then I found out that there's also a film that seems to be based on it. I'm undecided as to whether or not the ritual comes from the film, or the ritual inspired the film.

    Whichever way round it is, I wouldn't try it. From what I can tell, examining the ritual, it's an adaptation so silly people don't kill themselves. I'd guess that it's a way of calling/binding a Kami to that it can be communicated with, but it's been tweaked for the mass audience. If it is an older ritual, then the fingernail would have been substituted for blood in the original.

    Alternately, with the fingernail, it could be considered to be trapping part of a person's Shadow (Jungian sense).

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  32. Me and a friend did this, we even played four turns, following all the instructions. Nothing happened and we intend to keep the doll.

  33. The writer of has written a superior article. I got your point and there is nothing to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not disagree with: One in every seven days is a Thursday. I will be back.

  34. this is from the movie "creepy hide and seek" you can watch it at it looses steam about halfway through though

    1. The movie is based off the ritual, not the other way around.

  35. I'm going to try this myself, I think. I don't want to do it alone though and I'm not sure if any friends would want to do it with me.

  36. might try...i'm kinda scared lol. can i have some more details?
    and can you do it with a friend?
    please tell me, the email is

  37. I enjoy horror movies, but i've had experiences with ghosts, and this just sounds like anouther way to damn myself to geting messed with by more spirits. Sounds fun but i do need sleep what ever little bit i can get.

  38. The ritual sounds allot like one i found in on of my grandfathers journals he wrote when he was young. its a bit more Scandinavian tho.

    the differences are that you had to make the doll yourself in in any fabric you could find. and you had to use a cotton thread (red) and instead of rice you use wheat and add a dear personal item in to the doll.

    and before you start take some of the leftover fabric you made the doll out ow dunk it in some ice cold water add some ice and salt tie it up in to a little bag and put it in your mouth.

    now close up the doll and add some simple eyes turn of the lights and make sure its totally dark and silent.

    put the doll in a separate room but leave the door open go to a niboring room and sit down on a chair whit your back touching a wall be sure that you're facing the doorway whit out being able to see the doll.

    now sit, wait and listen and what ever you do do not talk during the ritual don't make any sort of sound

    and if you ever see any movement in that room or if your ever asked a personal question (never answer) its time to end the ritual but not before the ice you put in the leftover fabric and then in your mouth has melted

    to end the ritual you clap your hands and quickly stand up walk over to the room the doll is in(still clapping) and turn on the lights. find the doll rip out the simple eyes you made take out the rag you have in your mouth and cover the dolls face whit it ask the spirit to LEAVE (respectfully) and burn the doll and anything you put in it asap

    the idea of the ritual is to hear what the doll has to say. you may not like what it has to tell you and you never know who or what is possessing the doll. sound seams to scare it away or at-lest silence it.

    and grate blog btw. im enjoying reading it and sorry for the long comment

  39. i think this is bullshit because this could be a edited mp3 format it not hard to edit music and make it jump slow it down and make it repeat this could be done on a program called cool edit or another program called sound booth

    and it not hard to distort the sound too

    and if this was Real woudnt you at least try this a good few times and have night vision and a good back up team to confirm like good sound operator and so on so forth

  40. I don´t really know if this is something i´d like to try, sounds very similar to the creation of a golem, just without the safety words.

    Under the perfect circumstances, nothing will happen, but a few of the instructions do make some sense.
    At first, there is the time Limit. Seeing as the Ghost needs time to get really attached to an Object, there is no harm in playing this for an hour or two. If the ghost has more time, he will stop looking for you (since he cant find you anyway its like a cheating game of hide and seek ;-) ) and try to use the doll as new home, potentially creating a homicidical doll (depending on the ghost ofc).
    I generally think this is a bad idea in any way, since you are offering a host body to a ghost and hope you can cast him out again before he gets attached.

    There are however some security measures you can take such as protection Charms and Symbols, or simply a Seal you paint on the doll unfinished, and then seal it up aftwerwards but if you do this, make sure you know which seal to use because you really dont want a living doll ^^

    If you want a servant, go with golem, if you want to have contact Meditate. Stuff like this is only good for risking your body and mind and getting a little thrill out of it.

    One of the anons before me got the truth behind it right. The ritual is adapted for morons and because of this, theres no point anymore.
    The hide and seek part was a demonstration of power and control over the ghost, so that after two wins the doll would accept you as the victor and tell you everything you ask of it. Thats why there are after effects, because basically you started a ritual and ended it at the most crucial point by banishing the ghost.

    Its been a long time since this has been posted, i hope someone will read the comments and uderstand the game a bit better with it.

  41. I don't recommend this, my friend is trying to talk me into it, but I am a sensitive (psychic, and this seem like a bad idea. I am not a fan of people playing with powers they don't understand

  42. I don't really believe in this, but I'm going to try it out- a couple of us will play, with our nails in the same doll- Even if nothing happens, to all the anons who say so, between the late-night shit that goes on in your mind and a couple girls scared and/or joking around in the dark, not to mention a tv going, we'll have fun and get a little bit of a rush.

    By the way, the movie is 2009 and this post is 2008, and I'm assuming the game come from before then, so this game is not based on the movie (unless I'm mistaken and "Creepy Hide-and-Seek is a remake of something).

  43. Saya, I was wondering what would happen if the spirit I was trying to evoke with the doll was the Holy Spirit? I.E. The spirit of the one GOD, the ALL.

  44. To me, this sounds very much as if it mimics cleansing/healing rituals in which an evil-doing spirit is tricked into a doll, which would then be disposed of or locked away. In this case, however, you're supposed to be running around and playing tag with the disease-daimon.

    Now, I'm skeptical if anyone could get this to work as-written, but even so, it does not appear to be the safest idea out there. My comment elsewhere was, "Why does this remind me of letting someone with AIDS ride you bareback?"

  45. would it be possible to not use the salt water, find it, and make it your pet? or something like that? like maybe put it inside a sealed cage?

  46. Hey Saya! ^^

    I have translated this ritual In French and I will post It on my blog with a Link to your website ^^ But there's something I can't translate: «You are the next it» and «You are the first It!»... What does this mean?? This seem to have no sense!
    Did you mean «HIT» or «IT»???

  47. Hi, Miss Saya! I hope you are well.

    My friend really wants me to do this with her -- I want to do it to but at the same time I am frightened!!
    I have one question, though -- if you don't have a bathtub (like, say all you have is a shower stall? they don't hold any water in the bottom) could you fill a sink with water, and it would still work?

    Also, to Chiisuto: hi! Often, when children play "hide and seek" the person who has to go find everyone is called "IT." So, I'm pretty sure that's what Saya was talking about here. I hope that helps? :3

  48. I tried this, the doll ended up sitting outside of my hiding place.

    Burnt & buried the ashes.

  49. One quick question, while looking for the doll, can I turn the lights back on?

  50. TO all the people who say this doesn't work and who played this game with their friends, or in the morning, this game is called hitori kakurenbo, literally hide and seek alone.

    You are supposed 1) to play it alone 2) do it in an apartment or house where you are the only person present.

    If there are other people, it's said that spirits could harm them.

    Also, re-read the instructions, you are supposed to start playing exactly at 3 AM.

    Personally I don't believe in it, but if you want to play it,you should follow the instructions to a T, just in case.

  51. No idea about whether you can use a sink or not. Bathrooms without bathtubs are actually the exception in Japan, so these rules reflect Japanese culture and houses.

    Looking at the instructions on the Japanese wikipedia (article here: ), which are the same instructions one can find all over Japanese bulletin boards etc, here are some things from the rules that were not translated :

    What is translated as a hiding place is an oshiire. It's a Japanese closet, very big, that can fit people easily.

    Like the name of the game says, you must play this game alone. Nobody else should be in the house or apartment. You can go to a hotel if you cannot be alone in your home. If you do proceed to play the game when other people are your home, it is said that they may be harmed.

    The amount of salt water you should have is one glass. Supposedly, the best salts to use are natural salts, or thick table salt.

    Once hidden, you have 2 hours maximum before going out of the closet. Don't forget to put some salt water in your mouth before getting out.If you stay more than 2 hours, it's supposedly dangerous. You also musn't go outside your house or apartment until you have finished the game.

    The stuffed toy may have changed places, so you might have to search the whole apartment / house.

    If you cannot find it, then the game won't end.

    Also, when you are looking for the plush toy, it is said that you may experience paranormal phenomena. You must keep the salt water in your mouth, even if you do.

  52. dr-a-nightfall

    The movie is based on the ritual. According to Japanese wikipedia, this game has existed for a while in the Kansai and Shikoku areas.

    Starting from 2007, it spread to the entire country through blogs and bulletin boards.

    The movie is from 2009.

    The producers probably wanted to cash on the Internet fad.

  53. Also the "doll" is a plush toy (nuigurumi) like stuffed bears etc.


    The movie is based on the ritual. According to Japanese wikipedia, this game has existed for a while in the Kansai and Shikoku areas.

    Starting from 2007, it spread to the entire country through blogs and bulletin boards.
    This game is an urban legend basically.

    The movie is from 2009.

    The producers probably wanted to cash on the Internet fad.

  54. I tried this again, this time around I did it alone. As I said, I followed all the instructions carefully.

    Nothing happened.

  55. I forgot to lock my door.... The door kinda isnt in the house. There was an note saying thanks for freeing the spirit though. Should I be worried?

  56. Well on the original 2chan post, you're supposed to do it at 3:00. And if the ritual goes on for more than 2 hours, you can't end it easily. In the original post, it was a face-washing bowl, not a bathtub. So I decided to try it. My friend prepared a doll for me to use (The bastard made it look creepy as hell... pale with LED red lights for eyes...fml) My friend told me he'd give me $500 if I do this, so I decided to try it at 3PM first, because it's less scary... (full daylight haha) and nothing happened. I decided to try it again at 3AM, since that "was" the original time you're supposed to do it. I put the doll in the bowl and stabbed it with a construction knife, and yelled "I found you!" and said "Hebi(It means snake.. I named it that)is it now!" and dropped the knife, and without looking left or back(As you were supposed to) I ran to my room. I didn't feel like anything would happen, because nothing ever happened when I did it during the day. But the darkness made it more frightening. It was then when I realized I didn't prepare the saltwater or sake. I was like SHIT and sneaked into the kitchen. What I found weird was the Kitchen is right by the stairway which is right over the living room with the TV. The TV was almost on full volume and I couldn't hear it at all. I was too scared to mix salt and water and grabbed a bottle of sake and bolted into my room and locked the door. I was clutching my cell phone and I was dying to call my friend and tell him to come over, but I remembered reading something about if I used anything that emits light while I'm hiding, I'm more likely to be found. So I put my cell phone down and just camped in my room with the door locked. I could hear constant tapping, screeching and still nothing from the TV which I should be hearing in surround sound. It was nearing an hour, and I was getting sleepy so I decided I would end it. I ran down to the bathroom to find only the knife in the bathroom. The doll was found under my piano stool, and I was scared shitless. Its red LED eyes flashing at me. I poured a litre of sake over it and shouted Ore no Kachida!(I WIN!) three times. The one thing I regret about doing this was that my 48-inch plasma screen TV was broken for some strange reason. It won't even turn on now. I burned the doll in my backyard the next morning. It's a scary experience and people who get scared easily shouldn't try it at all.

  57. To Shirayuki: I'm sorry but I don't believe you, it sounds to me like everything you're described is either made up or a product of your imagination. I tried this twice with different dolls and nothing happened either time, so I won't try it again simply because it's boring for me, since I never even get scared whilst doing it, I just don't believe in these things or any supernatural stuff, so I guess that's why it doesn't work with me.

  58. I am keeping a blog of my experience with this ritual. Somebody told me I should inform them via this blog when I updated. If this is a problem, let me know, if not. I will leave this link here and let anyone who wants to follow along do so.

  59. oow, this sounds interesting O:
    Now a friend wants to actually do it. And i have a question (i've seen this post quite late, actually, so i dont know if you have answered this thing, looking back at the comments is tiring) I've read of people doing it on a different hour (ive heard of 6 pm) and they left the doll on somewhere else, not the bathroom.
    Does it change something?
    Or affects in some type of way?

  60. sup i did this and nothing happened. wasted money on rice. that is all

  61. Am I the only one that noticed that the part that repeated itself was where it said "Oh god"

  62. greetings to all.
    I would first like to thank the writers of this blog by sharing information, a few years ago I read a book called guanacaste costa rica in this book deal with questions like this one.

  63. i tried it and i lost the doll

  64. i am very interested in trying this! I am also glad a website like this exists. But, i need clarification on step 6 of how to do it.
    Do i have to cut the ribbon on it when i stab my doll? And if I dont, do I have a possesed doll in my house, rather than the spirit wandering around my house?

  65. Me and a buddy of mine will be trying this out this week/weekend. I'll come back and post our results! I've always been so interested in things such as this, and this one really piqued my curiosity. I can't wait to try this out.

  66. I go by the name Uitinla
    to those who are wondering about the time. yes it does effect the flow of spirit energy. 3am is called the "witching hour" also, the number 3 is the mark of trinity, which is a symbolic for mocking christ, who is believed to have died on the cross at 3am. (im nto christian im just stating the facts just fyi) so in a way 3am is believed to have the most dark energy, and most energy for manifestation. i have gone out in the woods at 3am, and i assure you, activity is definitely higher, but so far i havent met a threatening spirit. if you are going to do this ritual, word of advice i give you. keep calm, dont open yourself to the spirit, spirits can inflict emotion to you, and if this spirit is threatening, it will try and posses you. if you dont feed into your fear, it cant find you, and cant latch onto you. also, think of the reason for doing this, do you want to ask a question, do you want to really give a ghost a host of a body? unless your experienced with haunted objects or dont mind such things, i suggest you burn it as instructed. generally rituals can be changed to your own purpose which is the meaning of a ritual, to gain something from it. just be sure to seal it though, even if u burn the doll and didnt seal it, that ghost i assure will pay you a visit. also, for symbolic and herbs, sage, white sage, desert sage, any sage will do well, but white sage specifically serves the purpose of cleansing and protecting. as for symbolic, i make up my own, when ti comes to rituals, if you create something of your own, and charge your energy into making it. it will be stronger than any cross or wiccan symbol. and how to charge a object, like a jewelry or something you wear or hold dear, you sit comfortably, and hold the object as you meditate. imagine the flow of your energy warping around the object and the object absorbing your energy. you stop when you feel tired, (this will happen if your not used to charging items) dont exert yourself, just take a depe breath and gently set the object down on a surface or the ground. (or put it on) if there are any more questions about rituals and other advice for roaming abandoned places or if you have a bad spirit in your house, or think you house may be haunted, or anything like that, im happy to help.
    or if you wanna be ghost tard buddies im up for that too...hope this helps

  67. H̴̷͚̩͔̱͓̬͍̠̪͔̱̮̝ͨͨ̏͛ͤ͊ͦͭ͡ͅĒ̵̴̢̧̗̳̦̙̇̓̈̈́L̸̫͓͔̟̻͎̳͇̜̪̯̍ͯ͒͑ͣͥ͠͝P̣̞̰͇͔̈́ͨͥͨ̋̀̚͢ ̶̭̮͍̩͓̞̭̫̰̳̝͕̰̝̱̮͛̌ͭ͆̕ͅM̸̸̠̺̲͍̬̣̺͓͕̳ͤ̈́̎ͨ̄͌̿̅ͣ͋ͤ̓̏͌̂̐ͭȨ̷̡̡̣̠͖̩̳̮̳̫̗͍̞̫̱̖͊͋̆͑ͯ̄͋ͩ̿̈́̈́̀̐̓ͯ̎ ̴̀̾̃ͦ̔͒͗́̓ͩ̐͌͐́͠҉͓̪̺̰̲͍͙͎͇̣̲̦͙͔͔͕͔ͅI̴̛̛͙͎̠͇͈̭̋̽́ͯ͋ͣͬ͐̾̑̃̃͒̈̌̔ͫͮͩT̢̲̖̫͍̺̹̰̬̯͎̥̯̍̈̐ͥ̀̀͘͝ͅ ̶͇̰̥͙̩̝̮͔͚̠̠̗̓̒̓̿̓̆̾̊̿͘͢͡H̴̡͎̯͚̗͙̞̘̲͍͈͎̝̥̩̭̀̎͗ͫ̊͆̽̒͗ͣ̾͋ͯͫͮ͐ͅÄ̗̥̝͓̭͎̻͍̘́̃̌ͩͨͨ̍̿̀̽̓͒̌ͭ͞Ṣ̩̯̦̐͌̎͊̿ͤͫ͂͂͊ͪ͂ͭͫ́̚͘͜͝ ̞͖͍̦̬͎ͮ͗͛ͮ͒ͨͦ̽ͪ̒̈̔́͟M̸̡̝̝̼̲͖̣̲̝͖̳͎̞̬̬̌̓ͣ͊̄͊̋ͦ̓͋̊͛̕͜͡ͅĖ̷̯̻̠̳͔̩̍ͩ̓̌ͫͨ̅̈́ͤ͌͋̈́̑̿̋́͘͠ ̾ͩͮ͋̌͋̓ͣ̓͋ͥͩͪͧ͘͏͚̬͎͍T̶̹̼̮̠̖̦̱̪̫͌̒ͫ̐ͫͦ̅͢͜͡R̴̸̫̞̲̮̩̖̯̩̟̱̲̗̜̗̣͈̅̾ͯ͗̋͆́͘ͅĂ̭̘͓̳̼̩̲͔̘̤̖͉̻̤̍̃ͥͭ̇ͦ̓̀͞P̷̷͛͛̈͋͆҉̪̟̩̬̻̣̦͉̤̥͚̝̺͍̬̗͓̯͜P̷̍ͣ͐̿̈́̈ͭ̓̿͆͛̑͂ͣ͛̃̿ͮ̑͟҉̧̠̪̪͉E̢̅͌̒̔̿̐͋̀͒͏̢̹̠̜̮̟̭̫͉͕̥D̩̻̠̰ͤ̅̊̈́̕͟͡
    ̶̡̼̮̫̰͎̼̱͖͋ͣ̊͊̑͋̆ͫͣ͐ͩͬ̈́ͨ̊́͛̀ͅH̨̛͔̜̣̞̟̄̂͆̎ͩ́͗̂̑̑ͥ̋ͮ͒ͥ̽̎̈́͘͢E̡͙͇̖̣͋̉̅̀ͦ̽ͦͪ̓͌͢͜Ḻ̵̜̮̜̙̲̺̯͕̥͙̲͖͖̇̍̉͐̿̇̒̒͢P͛͂͒͌͐̒̆ͣ͞͏̴͈̠̖͍̰͖̳̳̣ ̷͕̦͇̼̪̰̥̱̟͍̯̜̬̘̯̐͛̈́͘ͅͅM̶̡͇̼̤̤̾ͣ̅̌̏̈̊̿̒̌ͣ͐ͯ̒ͭͫ̒͊̕͘͜Ẽ̡̛̜̘̬̬̥̰̺̌̎ͪ̽̄ͫ̋ͬ͌̅ͫ͌̅̽ͪ̈́́͟͟ͅ ͍̝̝͈͈͉̤͓̙̗̤͔̪̮̱̉́̓ͥ̃͑͝͞͝I̢̧̾̌ͫ̌̈ͫ͋̿͒ͣ͜͏̹̜̩̳͓̣̘͚̮ͅT͆͗̆̅ͧ͆̿ͯͦ͋͏̡̪͓͓̩̤͍͔̤̞͕͉̮̮͔ ̴̴̞̼̟̤͇̭͉͉̘̟̗̘̥͈ͩ̇̇͂ͫͮͥ̇̀̚͘͝Ḩ̠͚͍̺͕̯̝͖͎͓̗ͩ͒͂̽͆͊̆̉ͮ̇̑̎̿͆̅̊̓͐̚͘͢͢͝ͅA̵͎̬̼̜͎̯̫̥̬͚̮̱̞̖̻͚͋͂̚̕S̸̷͓͚̲̠͚̼̬̫̗͔̰͋̑̃͛͐̍̍ͣ̿͡ ͨ͂̄ͤ̾̈́̽̆́̅͂ͩ̌ͭ̐ͣͨ́͏̸̴̴̯͍̗͓̫̣͔̣̰̼̹͈̤͟Ṃ̵̡͉͇̬̝̹͖̟͓͇̜ͣ̈͋̎ͩ̽̊̈̋͠Ȩ̴̵̮͇̦̲̻̙̳͇̳͕͈̗̪̬̗̘ͮ͛̂ͫͭͭͬ͒ͧ̂ͤ́͝ ̰̫̩͕͂ͮ͒ͨ͊̍ͦ͐ͣͩ͛̒̽͐́͝͝͞T̷̢̟̰͓̤̣̻͕͔̦ͯͬ̅̂́͑̅̀̀ͯ͐R̨̟̲͉͙̘̯̩̦͎̳̰͖͈̮̎ͫ̓ͤ̾ͧ͒̓ͥ͗̒̔̊̚̕͢A̷̲̭͇̭̠̩̠̩̠̹͑͐̌̆͗ͪ̀ͦͤ̈́ͪ̽̉͗̔̽́̒̀͡Pͩͮ̿̇͏̦̺͔̬̲̖̼͓͍͇͚̞Pͯ͐ͯͨ̀҉̡̤̥̹̜̩̖̱́͜ͅE̶͉̞͔̺̟̦̗͚̫͉̼̱̠̲̠̼͎̬͆̒̃͠D̩̻̤̳̹̰͚̭̣͚̮ͣ̆̇̂͗̓̇̏̄̒͌̌̚̚̚͡

  68. So I'm a little confused about step 8. How do you know when you've been found? Or do you just stay in your hiding spot until you feel like you should end the game?

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  70. Dude, I would try it but I'm scared way too easily.
    @ The anonymous guy that said stuff about charging something
    I'm so gonna try to charge something! :D

  71. @Raz, you have a doll with a spirit in your house.

  72. Two friends and I just performed this, and it was a complete and total success. We put the doll in the bathtub and did as instructed and after we put the salt water in our mouths we went back to the tub and the doll was gone. We found it in the drawer outside of the bathroom. Also my tv turned a sort of reddish color right after we turned off all the lights and switched the tv on. When we were drying off the doll we found red stains on the tissue we dried it off with not consistent with the color thread we used to bind it off. We are however having a hard time burning the doll, even though it was coated with a flammable substance. We were able to communicate by using a laptop after we put the saltwater in our mouths. This does work and was not horrible scary once it began. Thank you for posting this ritual it made our night.
    Cat, Dragon, and Demon.

  73. Hello again! It's Dragon and Cat from the previous comment. We actually JUST finished burning the doll. We had a hell of a time doing it; we coated it with alcohol and various other flammable substances, but the doll just wouldn't burn. As a matter of fact, we left the room for a bit, and when we came back we had to find the doll all over again because it got out of the container we were burning it in! Eventually we got it, though.

    That's all for us...FOR NOW!

    Dragon and Cat

  74. @Quackie
    I'm glad your interested in charging a object, just be careful not to push yourself to the break of fainting, you dont have to put hours upon hours to make a object powerful. as long as you have some of your energy flow inside you'll be successful. if your not sure if your charging is successful, set the object down for a moment, then pick it up again, you should feel a warm sensation from the object if you charged it correctly. if it didnt work, dont blame yourself, especially if your not used to charging objects, try again, perhaps using a technique of your own. such as imagining a emotion of yours being absorbed, or imaging your energy as a color. the trick is to focus, to have your mind body and energy set on your goal. also, you can channel your energy from the object, you can focus a emotion, or a certain need. example: like protection or happiness
    also for the record, i go by the name Uitinla, i say it at the top of my posts since i dont have a google account. also...ima gurl xD
    if you have anymore questions let me kno. hope your ritual is successful good luck. :)

  75. I think the reason why it is so hard to burn the doll is because the rice inside collects water. As the water heats up, it turns to steam and evaporates from the 'innards,' which retards the flame from burning the subject. Some forms of lighter fluid are similar to a gel, which means the gel would have to ultimately burn before the lower heated layers would burn as well. Although, the rest of the challenge is very intriguing. I wouldn't want to do this in my own house. We don't have the kind of spirits who would want to be trapped in a game. I think.

  76. pretty sweet blog, i love creepy stuff. i'll be coming back for more.

  77. I have had interest in this ritual for a while, and would love to read up on its origins. However, I can't find any sites which will tell me this in English. Can anyone help me get some background info on this game, along with links? Also similar Japanese rituals would be nice to know of.
    thank you to anyone who may answer.

  78. I agree, I think this is a variation where you trick a spirit into the doll and seal it away. I read a story where a kid finds a heavily locked red box buried underground with salt covering it and strange things happen to him and the people around him. Also, it seems like the doll that was buried in the box....was "possessed". As stated, if left for a long time, then the spirit can attach and possess the doll or object.


    BE SAFE!

  79. Two of my friends and I are conducting an experiment after having played this last weekend, we all played it alone at home (our parents are friends and they were out for the weekend), and we all came to experience weird things like our doll being somewhere OTHER than where we left it, or strange distortion on the TV screen. So, we didn't burn our dolls, we've actually locked them all in my attic, and we placed some cameras there to keep an eye on the dolls or anything that goes on around the attic. I'll be posting about this, maybe we'll continue playing and adding more "prisoner" dolls to my attic "inmate population".

  80. -katia

    Axel Brian, I am eager to see footage of what happens, and what were the specific strange happaning that happened? Like, where did the dolls move to?

  81. This is very inteesting, and scary.I wish I could try it(and I have all the things already), but I'm a bit afraid....What if I mess something up and the doll comes and kills me?

    So yeah.I'm not doing it....

  82. I was told of a game called 'the midnight game', which is almost similar to this one. It involves wandering around your house with a flame, avoiding a spirit. If ypu are interested in this doll game then I suggest you google this one too, though I would have to say it's not quite as scary sounding. I haven't tried either game, but I think I am going to try the Midnight Game. This doll one sounds way to real though, =P I would be way to paranoid to try it. For one thing, even if I got far enough as to hide, I would freeze from fear and be to petrified to move from the spot, resulting in a panic attack and possibly a mental breakdown. But, I am keen to hear from anybody who has tried either game, my email is thanks guys!!

    Xx Ree <3

  83. I'm totally going to try this out, but due to a nightmare I had about the game...I'm waiting until I have someone here with me...I was going to do it alone but after what I dreamed, no dice.

  84. Just to add some more fact, you have to put a bit of your body into the doll. It can be either your own hair, nails, but they say the blood is the strongest and most dangerous substances.

  85. I wanted to do this but my Friend Kira REFUSED to let me even talk about it. :C

  86. Did not the Japanese make a movie on this? The movie showed all of the steps and everything. But wows. Not gunna try it xD

  87. I wonder what will happen if you attach a bell to the doll?

    Will you be able to hear it as it moves around the house?

    Or will hear nothing...until suddenly there's a jingle right beside you? (:


  89. so you may find it wandering about if you leave your hiding place without salt, does this mean if you come out armed you have no chance of seeing it running around?

  90. oh good god, you bunch of special snowflake fagtards.

  91. lol @Anon 23 MAY 2009 13:53 Nero would destroy you haha devil bringer and blue ruse even in minature form are quite deadly hahaha

  92. this sounds fun n scary. i heard that if your found by the doll,she/he will cut opened your belly n stuffed with rice...maybe 4 sounds fun doesn't it?

  93. Wow, nice post,there are many person searching about that now they will find enough resources by your post.Thank you for sharing to us.Please one more post about that..

  94. Mythbusters should do this lol.

  95. im doing this tonight with my sister ^^ and since i dont have a camera i will just take pictures and perhaps keep my computer's recording on :3

  96. Hi, just found this now and I'm really interested in what you write, though, I didn't have enough courage to try it. Without even trying it, I already had encounter with some weird experience, like just last night I heard a girl laugh from behind me while I was all alone in my home.
    Well, strange stuff happens.
    But anyway, I read somewhere that this Hitori Kakurenbo is originally mean to curse someone you hate. If you name the doll with that someone name and win the game, unpleasant things could happen to them.
    In my opinion, this made sense since this ritual smell like black magic.
    Anyway, I like reading the post and all the comments, could I put this links into my account in fanfiction(dot)net?

  97. I've read this at least 5 times now and each and every time it scares me a little! Especially at the "Something Wandering Around" part. (But personally I love reading all your stories.)

    Just watching the little video clip makes me shiver.(I was never a fan of TVs after watching so many scary movies.)

    I love this!
    Can't wait to read the others 3 more times! : )

  98. I want/am goin to try this. but i was wonderign if you could do this with a friend. I know its "One Man" but my friend wants to try it too and it would be quite silly to do this twice...

  99. I am not so willed as my username
    '意志の', but I'm not an idiot, I understand the broad difference between Western and Eastern spirits.

    You couldn't make me do this, not even if you gave me millions! I may need money but it's not enough for me to meet the otherwordly creatures.

    Dude, understand, Eastern spirits have more of a chance to harm you than Western, sure some spirits here have staked their claim and attacked unwanted folks, but Eastern, you do something to anger the spirits, don't bother going to a monk or Buddhist priest, it's rather too late.

    And yes it may be incorrect, point being, I'm not risking my hide to play a game. Also, does anyone know that documentary's name? The one about the ritual? I'm rather curious.

  100. I finished reading all of these comments, and now I realized how dark it is in my room right now. Anyways, this kind of reminds me of a vocaloif song called "Story of a Poor Rabbit" or somewhat like that title. It also reminded me of the "Living Doll" game. This is a random thing in my head, but this is how I see it; People whom do these games are brave, or stupid. Maybe even those people whom don't believe in the supernatural. Then there's also the 'bored' people who do things like this out of boredom. Now I am just rambling on, so I shall stop here.

  101. I hate dolls, and I'm not a fan of Japanese ghosts, I've seen the Grudge... the dead over there are just jerks about it! However I think I'll have to try this for myself.

    <3 Draven

  102. Hey! I'm really wanting to try this but I must get the rules right first. 1.My friend doesn't have enough rice to fill the WHOLE plush. Is that ok?
    2.Can I do this with 2 other friends?

  103. Because of this I will not be sleeping fore next few hours.

    My neighbours daughter was home alone and did this ritual while I was sleeping in here parents bed room while they are on vacation. And 1 hour ago I woke up to her yelling .When I found her she had a long but shallow cut running down her leg. And when I walk downstairs to get the first aid box she was clinging onto me like her life depended on it .Now I am not one to be freaked out easily and I have done a lot of these games. But this time there actually was something inside the house the lights were not working and the TV was giving a lot of static... After I "fixed" her leg I decided to get the doll . But eventhough I had seen it lying on the kitchen table , I could not find it and the same fore the cup with salt water.
    After a while I found it on top of a closet , this is where it really started to mess with my head.Because as soon as I grabed it,it felt as if my hand was burning and everything started to become blury and I could have sworn I felt it trying to get free from my hand...

    Fore people that have the same problem whit the salt water disapearing I can only say this .Make sure you have a litghter and a flamable product whit you. Because the moment It was burning the lights started working again and the tv was normal again.

    Normally I would keep this fore myself but I must warn you all .If you are going to do this don't be stupid make sure youre not alone . Now I can only hope that you guys don't get the same evil in you're dolls as we have had. (Goodluck)

  104. After reading the instructions and all the comments
    I just have one thing to say and that is NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Ain't gonna fucking happen, ever

  105. I really did that before with my niece and friend , they call the spirit of the glass. oh so scary , I will not do it anymore.I don't care if they call me I'm a coward.

  106. Holy Macaroni!

  107. A certain ritual in the anime Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) is eerily similar. If you guys are interested, it was featured on episode 2.

  108. My mother has played with spirits before and says that things like this are best done with someone else in case something fucks up. Maybe it means those who don't really know what's happening shouldn't be in this? Also, what are the possible repercussions of this particular ritual? And, what can happen if witches from a powerful bloodline do this in a hotel?

  109. @Vennie: Hi! This ritual actually must be done ALONE but I know some people feel scared of doing it on their own.

    However there is another similar ritual that can be done with several people and I hope to write an article about it in the near future.

    Possible repercussions are you might get possessed or chased by spirits? I dunno. You should be fine once you've done the finishing procedure properly at the end.

  110. Hello, SAYA!
    I am a member of and, I am very like your posts in this blog.
    Can you give me the permission to translate some of your posts into Vietnamese?
    I promise I will put your credit and link to your blog.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely yours,

  111. @Chibi Saber: It is very nice of you to take your time to ask me, dear. I appreciate it. So many people have been copying my works without asking and they have no scruples about it.

    Of course, I don't mind you translating them.
    Thank you for letting me know!
    Take care! :)
    All the best,

  112. I did this when my parents were out. My friends all freaked out and were scared (over the internet, not in the house with me), but nothing happened... Maybe that's a good thing?

    The sodden doll was really hard to burn, though. =/ I doused it in oil but I guess it was still damp enough to be flame-resistent. I got it mostly singed then threw it out. Nothing's happened to me!

  113. @Steeple333: dude, you're not supposed to be doing it with a bunch of friends. You're supposed to be doing it ALONE and that's why it's called ONE-MAN hide and seek. Has that somehow escaped your notice?

    Oh... it's so hilarious!
    You won't believe how many people have been making the same mistake as you. But I'm not trying to make fun of you. I do understand how scary it would be to do it on your own!

    There is actually a multiple-player version of one-man hide n seek (contradiction in terms).
    I hope I can translate it soon.

    I'm glad you're safe!:D

  114. I saw the movie yesterday based on this, it was ok, but I remember there's a Japanese videogame out there for DS named Twilight Syndrome that has a chapter that's about one man hide and seek, it was pretty scary because of the surround soundtrack. There were a lot of creepy rituals in the game overall, like Kokkuri-san (japanese version of a ouija board)

  115. @Noroi: Oh! Your name's scary! lol
    I've heard of Twilight Syndrome and I heard it's a really really creepy game!

    I've done Kokkuri-san when I was a child! It was very popular with kids back in the day!

  116. musicheart03/tracy5 January 2013 at 11:35

    should i play this game? do i die from playing it? answer please.

  117. Hi Saya! I was just windering if I can use this information as part of a story I'm planning to write on FanFiction. I gave a few of my friends a preview and they've all been nagging me about the ritual and how it goes. Thanks~! ( ̄▽ ̄)

  118. I'm very skeptical about this kind of things, but this one looks very interesting. However, I've not the possibility to try it because in my house I'm very rarely alone (also, if my parents find me performing a Japanese ritual only God knows what they will do to me :P).
    I want to tank you for all the Japanese creepy legends that you posted on your blog, I really enjoyed to read them.

    P.S.: I'm very sorry for my bad English. I speak Italian and I have a huge difficult with foreign languages.

  119. I'm very skeptical about this kind of things, but this one looks very interesting. However, I've not the possibility to try it because in my house I'm very rarely alone (also, if my parents find me performing a Japanese ritual only God knows what they will do to me :P).
    I want to tank you for all the Japanese creepy legends that you posted on your blog, I really enjoyed to read them.

    P.S.: I'm very sorry for my bad English. I speak Italian and I have a big difficult with foreign languages.

  120. @musichear03: not sure what would happen after you tried it, because I've never tried it myself, dear. But better to be on the safe side and not try it at all.

    @Kai: Sure, go ahead, dear. Thank you for asking!

    @Cacao: Thank you Cacao, for your comment. Your English is very, very good. Please don't feel embarrassed. I make about one hundred grammatical mistakes every
    time I write somethings.

    Which part of Italy are you from? I've been to Florence and Pisa, but that's about all. However, I'm into the history of the ancient Rome. And of course Italian food is just delicious. I must visit your country again sometime. Take care, grazie tanto! :D

  121. Hello Miss SAYA,
    I'm writing a book of short stories and this is a great inspiration. If I write about this, may I include your websites name in the Thank You's?

  122. @Anon (28 Jan): Yes, please do. Good luck with your book!

  123. I have a bit of strange question :S Wonder what happens if you DON'T stab a doll?will it still chase us down?will it go away on its own?would it want to kill us? Not that i will try this ever >< Sorry for my bad english :3

  124. @Anon (28 May): I don't know dear, but if you don't follow the instruction properly I think you might get yourself into a nasty situation. I say, don't try it. Your English is great, don't apologize! :D

  125. Thanks for answering :3 This "game" sounds really creepy :S especially after listening to SeeU hide and seek song @@

  126. You can play this game in mutiplayer mode too, the instruction for mutiplayer mode is here in this link. (Sorry, I don't know how to do HTML links, so you have to copy and paste)

    It's call one man hide and seek, because if you play more than one person, somebody can get possessed by the ghost. And that was the case in SeeU's video "Hide and Seek", the girl got possessed while playing the game.

  127. And it's best if you stab the doll, or stuff animal with a pencil or a rock. And stab the doll on the leg or arm, because the doll will stab you the way you stab it. And when you discard it, I really should advice you sweep it up and dump it in the trash after you burn it.Because that is what I did after I play the game.

  128. @Anonymouse (May 28)

    Before you stab the doll, you are calling a spirit and offering the doll to the spirit.And the spirit will use the doll as a body, but let's hope the ghost you summon isn't a violent ghost(before you stab it), if you are planning to keep the ghost stuck in the doll.

  129. @Anonymouse (May 28 15:45)

    In the video of Hide and Seek by SeeU, what happen was the girl was playing the game.And she end up getting kill, and got possessed But the boy didn't know that the girl was playing the game and he didn't even knew about the game, or the boy freaking panic and hid without the saltwater. Then at the end the girl and boy dies, but the boy got possessed.

  130. @SAYA (February 25 2009 15:24)

    Well, I think you fail the game if you die or get possessed. I mean letting the game last more than 2 or 3 hours, makes harder to remove the spirit. But the main point is not to get found by the doll right? So it bears the name hide and seek. And if the doll finds you it stabs you the way you stab it, tries to kill you, and tries to possess you. I'm sorry if I'm not being clear.

  131. I remember this post it was the one that made me discover your blog Saya-chii~ >w<
    And I'll give it a try in summer~ I'm truly fed up with my Boring daily routine and I want some thrill in my life ! I'll make sure that when I try this ritual I'll post what happened in details >3< !

  132. if it finds you, can't you just step on the doll and watch it struggle? oh and a note, you should add: "make sure to use the bathroom before this, so you wont have to do the pee dance inside where you're hiding" :3 lol

  133. UltraScientificRailgun23 June 2013 at 20:13

    Is it really working? I'm really skeptic about this kind of thing. In my 24 years of live I have never ever been experiencing either first or even just second hand supernatural thing like this (maybe I'm just immune to supernatural beings lol)
    Can't try this now since I live in dorm but once I get back home maybe I'll try if there's a chance.

  134. There's no chance of anything happening to me just by me telling people the story aloud and watching videos...right? friend wants me to play this game with her because she believes it not to be true and it to be fun...Should I indulge her?

  135. Hi, I commented on this before : 20 July 2012.
    For the people that really want to do this, I can't stress enough how important it is to prepare yourself . Because you don't know what you summon.
    I still don't know what the hell got inside but on the six month anniversary of its demise . It returned and ever since on every 20th of the month stuff got weird.

    First my neighbors TV broke ( Both of them)
    The month following I felt my hand burning . ( And Elly my neighbor said she woke up whit a cutting sensation on her leg on exactly the same place as when she summoned it. )
    Then it was silent fore a month. (So I thought we were just imagining things)
    The month afterwards I was babysitting her at my place . At 3 at night I woke up to a screeching noise but I wasn't the only one sitting up straight .On my bed a few meters from my sleeping bag I could see Elly sitting up holding a pillow and while looking around , when I asked what was wrong she told me she had been hearing a screeching noise . Fore the next 2 hours it kept coming and leaving we could not find a source but it kept coming.
    The next day we went on whit our lives but now I decided to get some help from a few local "spirituals" a few of them decided to come together on the next night of the 20th. They did a lot of stuff I still don't understand but as soon as it was over it felt somewhat at ease .

    Well it has been over a month and 10 days and now and I have heard from Elly that she doesn't have any nightmares at all anymore and I haven't been waking up in cold sweat .
    Now I only have to pour a cup of sake on the stone that is where the doll burned.

    So everything turned out "great" I guess.
    But seriously don't summon this unless you are 100% sure of yourself .

    Best of luck to you people .

  136. Wow nice blogging thanks for shearing all the information with us.
    Fun Games

  137. Hello Saya! All the rituals you have posted in your blog are really tempting me to try them out, and this one and the Elevator ritual are the ones I want to try out. Thanks for sharing the information! I am generally skeptical of rituals since I spend quite a bit of time at my local cemetery performing the ritual at Emo's grave (hypothetically first Satanist in Utah- real name Jacob Moritz) and having visited Edith Gray's Grave (666 victim of the beast engraving). I have also communicated on an ouija board without anything happening to me. So I want to try out the one man hide and seek possibly in a cemetery. What are the possible incidents and effects that can occur playing one man hide and seek at a cemetery? Anyway thanks again, and much appreciated.

  138. This is one of those rituals that fascinates me, but I'd never try...I love ghost stories, but dolls scare me D:

    I actually did some research a while back to find out if this ritual had some other story to it, and I found out that there's a belief that dolls can be used to purify harmful spirits.

    Maybe this game is meant as a method of exorcism?

    I really like reading these rituals along with the other stories on this site. I hope to see more in the future :D

  139. Hi Saya!
    I was linked back here by a Vocaloid song (Hide and Seek of Isolation, by 150-P), and I'm hoping you will allow me to use some parts of this in a story (i.e, things you'll need, describe the ritual...)I was inspired to do a rewrite (with 150-p's permission :D) of the concept of his songs, and this blog had the most detail and information about it.
    I'll make sure to give you credit and add a link back to your blog!
    Thanks in advanced, Saya! :3

  140. @Fon Kamizawa Go ahead with you project, dear. Good luck! Thanks a lot for asking me first!

  141. ms Saya.. what if the doll is made and used hair to replace the nails? but didnt do the ritual.. the doll's gone, by the way..

  142. Hello Saya!

    I want to write a story based on this ritual, so may I ask for your permission? Your article gave me lots of inspiration! I will give a cr to your blog.

    Thanks in advance!


  143. @Ara: sure you can. Good luck with it, dear. ;) Thanks!

  144. Ms.Saya, I read Little Finger and it work like a shit!! But lucky I still
    have my finger. My name is Mio(Im 15 and a girl), I want to create a blog about Paranormal Sync,and I like your blogs so much. Hope you reply :)
    Mio Akiama

  145. @Mio Akiama: Hi, how are you? Oh are you still 15? Well, well, I feel you shouldn't be lurking around here. I just hope my blog doesn't affect you in a negative way! Take care and thank you for the message! ;)<3

  146. Hello Miss Saya!
    I wanted to share my response according to a friend who tried this 2 nights ago.
    According to her, she was told to come over one night by her cousin just to visit. But when she arrived, she found the ritual already in progress and was extremely frustrated. Knowing already what the consequences are, she had to proceed with the ritual She told us that she heard a woman laughing as well as children. The mistake they made was, the doll wasn't put back into the bathtub, they just left it someplace. They claimed to say that the doll walked down the stairs and they clearly heard it coming down. My friend forced her cousin to end the ritual because she absolutely did not want part of this. In the nicest way. :) When they found the doll, it was standing by the front door, with the needle in hand.
    I trust her words, but I can see if everyone else will be skeptical about my response.
    As far as I know, the cousin will not attempt this again. For one, my friend beat her senseless for doing something she shouldn't have as well as her dad. And secondly, I don't think she will ever be skeptical when trying this ritual again.
    Thank you all for reading my comment.
    And thank you Miss Saya, I found your blog to be most interesting and I often visit it for your creepy stories and rituals. Of course I won't try to disturb the paranormal, I'm just merely interested in it is all.

  147. Ok, I'm really curious about these rules. Why not go outside? What is halfway, and why end the ritual before then and spit the saltwater on it? At what point is the spirit in the doll. Can you sit with the doll and keep tabs on it? I know the last one kinda defeats the purpose, but I can find nothing on the specifics anywhere.

  148. I'm guessing you shouldn't go outside because of this:
    +Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too. [sic]
    I think doing this ritual outside would remove the barrier of being indoors and put everyone on the streets in danger. I'm guessing "halfway" just means without doing the finishing ritual. Salt is believed to be a purifying agent and to chase away unwanted spirits. If you sit with the doll instead of hiding, then I guess it'd be super easy for the doll to find you and try to trade your body for the dolls.

  149. Hail, Ms. Saya
    i got some questions:
    1. well since this ritual is too risky and might put someone in danger too. can i use an abandoned house to perform the ritual?
    2. if there's no bathtub can i use a bucket or bowl?
    3. will it work if i use a tv on a mobile phone?
    4. i havent figured out for the hiding place if this ritual requires only a closet. any suggestions for the alternative place? ^^"

    sorry for my english and thank you for your time ^^


  150. @M Rizki Lidwan: Hi!

    I'm not an authority on this ritual so I can't answer these questions to your full satisfaction.

    1. Sure. Why not?
    2. Just try and see.
    3. ditto.
    4. Read the instruction again. Nowhere does it say the hiding place must be a closet.

    Sorry I can't help you much!
    Take care! :)

    1. That's enough for me. Thank you very much sister :)

      Stay well

  151. Dear Ms. Saya
    I wish to perform this ritual with my crush, not at the same time or with same dolls, and had a quick question. He and I both Live In houses with several t.v.s. Do we turn them all on, only one, or just howmany we desire?

  152. I think it's just the TV near your hiding spot?

  153. I'm guessing you shouldn't go outside because of this:
    +Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too. [sic]
    I think doing this ritual outside would remove the barrier of being indoors and put everyone on the streets in danger. I'm guessing "halfway" just means without doing the finishing ritual. Salt is believed to be a purifying agent and to chase away unwanted spirits. If you sit with the doll instead of hiding, then I guess it'd be super easy for the doll to find you and try to trade your body for the dolls.

    vmenplus depok

  154. wow! this ritual is great!i guess i will try it. i wonder if i will come back alive.anyway,saya,how old are you?and have you heard of any scary ritual called the midnight game?

  155. Thank you Saya!
    Actually, earlier on I was watching a short horror film about this game and it aroused my curiosity so I did a little search and came across your blog. It really enlightened me. Thanks again.
    oh by the way the above mentioned short film's called "Playing with the Devil".

  156. +Albert Laia If your comment was a reply to me, then listen, IT IS REAL!!!!! Several people have tried it. Its dangerous! I'm talking about the Midnight Game dude. (like i said before)

  157. Can you please tell me if you can play two at a time

  158. Will anything bad really happen?? I am wondering because myself and my 12 year old are wanting to play it but lord knows I don't want anything BAD TO HAPPEN TO MYSELF MY SON PLAYING WITH ME OR MY YOUNGER SON THATS ONLY 5 AND ALSO MY LITTLE DOG.... PLEASE ANSWER ME.........

  159. this crap is scary don´t do it at all watch some of the youtube


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