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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ronald The Stalker

This video is especially for those who enjoyed reading Mad About McDonald's.
No doubt it will make you love Ronald even more!

The song goes: "Always there for you - McDonald's"


  1. I lol'd.

    Ronald is one creepy fella.

  2. Well this really makes me want to go to Mcdonalds. Although Ive always hated it. And we all knew Ronald McDonald was a pedophile or creeper of sorts, and this just proves it. Yeah he's always there for you... always trying to... get you and do horrible horrible things to innocent girls (like make them obese). I thought the last one of him running was kinda funny though. :P

  3. Hello, Bryan and King Progdor!
    Why do you say horrible things to Ronald! Poor man!
    I think he is the best thing that's happened to the Western World.XD

  4. Oh.

    That scared me way more than it should have.

    ...I'm sticking to Burger King for a while.

  5. I've never seen an asian Ronald McDonald ! ! This is interesting, although I hate clowns, this is definitely hilarious!

  6. I think this is interesting from the comments up there...but since I'm a scaredy cat, I am usually too scared to watch the movies esp.'CURSED'ones.
    Sorry....I think I'd watch them when I'm 13 maybe.=)

  7. The first one in the set is quite creepy.

    The second one makes me think less that Ronald's a stalker, but more of a watcher, a protector. As long as he didn't do what he does in the first clip, I'd have no problem with him calling me and watching me.

    The third is kind of scary to me, only because that woman does not seem to know he's there.

    The fourth is pretty funny.

    Judging by the quality, these are home-made, right? I think these could be great as real McDonald's commercials if they didn't scare the kids. Or adults...

  8. well... uhm.... no means no?

  9. Haha, oh my god! that just made my night. Ronald is pree freaky though jusayying ha


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