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Monday, 29 September 2008

Thank you!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your comments.
I'm sorry that sometimes I can't reply to them, but I appreciate and read all of them nevertheless.
And I thank you when you provide me with useful information relating to the articles I wrote.

Best Wishes,


美B said...

Thank YOU for being dedicated to this site.


William said...

You're the best, Ms. Saya =)

SAYA said...

Thank you William,and,美b!:D

SUGAR said...

Nevermind!take ur time....
I also enjoy reading the stories on this site! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, SAYA.

I exult in the tales you transpose. Such tales are in accordance with my own intents.

I am entertained.

You have my thanks.

SAYA said...

Thank you, Sugar!
Thank you,Mr.Welldone!

How very sweet of you to say those things!

Tiger said...

You have some nice stories here =) wish it was more updated..
I don't mean to advertise but if you get the chance check out
and tell them Tiger sent you..
you'd be a real awesome addition to the site =)
But in all seriousness your stuff is really awesome.
I hope you make more.