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Friday, 3 October 2008

Art Of Silent Hill #2: 兎 (USAGI)

I love bunnies!
And bunnies are bloodier the better!
Bunnies rule!!

I'm not going to translate any more stories until around the end of October (have too many things to do).
BUT I will be posting movies.


美B said...

I'm sad but I will miss you Saya! I hope you're successful with all of your tasks. Please hurry back!

SAYA said...

But no worries, I'll still be posting some movies!

William said...

Ms. Saya... are you heading away? Also... why do you call yourself a loser??

Bryan said...

Thanks saya, these silent hill videos have been most... captivating. And disturbing. I don't know why im watching it but i cant...look...away.

I'm sure you're extremely busy so updating your blog must be tedious. Please take your time with what you have to do, ok? As always, I appreciate that you still find time to post these videos. Thanks again!

SAYA said...

William - No, dear. I'm still updating the blog, but only posting movies, because I have not got much time to spend translating things. I call myself a loser because I'm a masochist - not really, I'm only joking, dear.

Bryan - It's not tedious to update the blog at all. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't like it. But thank you, dear.

Sugar said...

Nooooooo!!!!!!!I luv the stories on this blog!!T_T But anyway,I'll still be glad 2 watch the movies. Dont worry.Anyone who owns a 'terribly' great blog is NOT considerd a loser ^_^

PS.Don't get to stressed getting busy! =)

Catty said...

This video... makes no sense... can't stop watching it, though...
Crud. I have a stomach bug and I'm watching bloody bunnies.