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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Art Of Silent Hill: 袋 (FUKURO)

WARNING - Images of blood!
From the DVD Art of Silent Hill.
It uses images from the playstation game Silent Hill 2.
Fukuro means "sack" in Japanese.


Jeremy said...

What a bizarre video. I wonder if we'll see any more things like this now that the Silent Hill series is being made by an american company?

I just found your blog yesterday and have been reading through it all night, and I'm trying to work up the courage to play "one man hide and seek" D:

Thanks for writing down all these stories!

William said...

Ms. Saya, you're a Silent Hill fan, too? Wow... you're proving to be a veritable grab bag of neat characteristics. Personally, I thought SH2 was one of the best in the series... Thanks! As usual

SAYA said...


Jeremy - Silent Hill is made by a Japanese company, although it's set in U.S. This DVD Art of Silent Hill was given a recommendation by the judges at the 5th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2001, apparently.

Let me know when you've tried the one-man hide and seek! I'll put the report on this blog if you allow me!:)

William - I love Silent Hill but I'm lousy at playing action games.. I gave up playing Silent Hill but I would like to give it a go again!
Yeah I often hear that Silent Hill 2 is the best in the series.
I'm looking forward to Silent Hill 5 and hope it comes out soon!

SAYA said...

Oh and thanks alot for your comments guys!!!

Nana said...

I like the music, and I love Silent Hill...
but MAN! Screwed up!! I was rather disturbed at the whole....rape thing. Oh well, Pyramid Head can like what he likes...I ain't gettin in his way....

I wonder what inspired people to animate this?

Phan-chan said...

Hey Saya!

Rather then being scary or creepy. I think this video is almost sexy, combined with the music and how Pyramid-kun waks.

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